Why You Should Purchase Used Kliklok-Woodman Packaging Machinery

Along with other top manufacturer brands in the packaging industry, High Performance Packaging carries used Kliklok-Woodman packaging machinery. Known for their reliability, they manufacture some of the best machinery available for packaging many different types of products, including food and nonfood items. Their solutions are flexible, fast, and easy to use, making them ideal for high-speed applications that need consistent efficiency levels. You can combine them with other used packaging equipment in our inventory to maximize productivity in your facility.

Use Kliklok-Woodman Packaging Machines for a Variety of Products

Many types of products have utilized Kliklok-Woodman equipment in the packaging process. Some of the food and nonfood items that Kliklok-Woodman machines handle include:

  • Bakery products such as donuts, snack cakes, and cookies
  • Frozen foods
  • Snack foods
  • Confectionary products
  • Nuts
  • Cereals
  • Razor blades
  • Home storage bags
  • Containers
  • Air-fresheners
  • Votive candles
  • Greeting cards
  • Food wrap

There are many other products that Kliklok-Woodman machines are designed to package. This machinery is used to form cartons and bags that keep products fresh and safe from contamination or damage. The different types of equipment used to package these products include topload cartoners, endload cartoners, wraparound cartoners, and bagmakers. Implementing this machinery in a complete production line can help maximize efficiency and quality of packaging.

Why Buy Used Kliklok-Woodman Packaging Machinery?

The main reason for purchasing used packaging equipment instead of newer models is the reduced price. Used equipment is less expensive, but there is typically no reduction in quality if you purchase machinery from the right company. In addition to the lower cost of buying used machines, many companies such as High Performance Packaging offer a variety of other services to further improve production lines.

Some of the services a company may offer include preventative maintenance, performance improvement, line start-ups, OEE programs, troubleshooting, and operator training to make sure your staff understands how to properly handle newly purchased equipment. These services help ensure that your production line functions the way it should for years, at maximum efficiency. Your facility will be less likely to suffer from expensive breakdowns and downtime with restored used machines and the services that can come with them if you go through the right company.

Get Used Kliklok-Woodman Machines at High Performance Packaging

While used packaging machines can be highly efficient and just as operational as new equipment, it’s important to get them from a company you can trust. Functioning Kliklok-Woodman equipment is available at High Performance Packaging, along with many other top brands of used packaging machines. Some of the Kliklok-Woodman machines in our inventory include Commander scales, Polaris E baggers, Pacer baggers, Cyclone packaging machines, and the Quasar bagging machine system. Our technicians make sure each piece of equipment is in working condition prior to selling.

For additional information about used Kliklok-Woodman packaging machinery available at High Performance Packaging, contact us at any time. We can also provide a free quote for this and any other equipment we currently carry.

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