Used Canning Equipment

High Performance Packaging is your source for used canning equipment. No matter your product, it’s possible to find an efficient and high-quality canning solution. At High Performance Packaging, we’re dedicated to helping businesses grow by connecting them to a variety of automation solutions at affordable prices.

Used cheese canning line.

Canning equipment is composed of the entirety of machinery used to produce canned products. This is also often composed of finishing equipment needed to prepare the product for canning. In order to produce a high-quality product, you need a high-quality packaging solution as well. HP Packaging is your source for exactly that.

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Used Bulk Handling Systems & Equipment

Bulk handling is no easy task. It requires precise, high-quality equipment designed to take your materials from start to finish. Whether you’re dealing with coal, grain, wood chips, or biomass, you need a bulk handling system solution that can handle your workload.

Oftentimes these systems and equipment are rather expensive and that’s why we recommend buying pre-owned equipment. This equipment is just as high-quality as brand-new equipment, yet it won’t cost you as much.

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Used Food Processing Equipment

Proper function and high-quality food processing equipment is key to a seamless operation. Food processing equipment consists of any equipment used to transform raw ingredients into a food product that is ready to be consumed by either animals or humans. This ranges from fermenting equipment to chopping equipment to packaging equipment.

Since this equipment is so essential to operations, prices can run high. A cost-efficient alternative to spending tens of thousands of dollars on brand new food processing equipment is pre-owned food processing equipment.

High Performance Packaging is your source for exactly that.

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Used Commercial Mixers & Blenders

Commercial mixers and blenders are a common and necessary piece of equipment for restaurants and food production facilities alike. These pieces of equipment are capable of handling large scale food production.

Commercial mixers and blenders are often rather expensive. Used commercial blenders and mixers are an affordable and efficient alternative. Pre-owned equipment can save your restaurant or facility priceless funds that can be put towards more sufficient matters.

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Used Shrink Wrapping & Bundling Equipment

Shrink wrapping equipment is used across a variety of industries. Shrink wrapping is an efficient way to package and secure numerous products. It can be used as primary or tertiary packaging and is a sufficient way to keep products safe and secure.

Although extremely necessary for various industries, shrink bundlers can run on the more expensive side. At High Performance Packaging we provide high-quality, industry-leading used shrink bundlers and shrink wrapping equipment for an array of verticals at reasonable prices.

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Used Candy & Nut Packaging Machines

Candy and nut products need dependable packaging machines that can sufficiently fill and seal a variety of packaging types. At High Performance Packaging, you’ll find a selection of some of the best used candy and nut packaging machinery to integrate into your operations. We have plenty of options to give your facility everything it needs to remain optimal productivity for many years.

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Packaging Equipment for Fats and Oil Products

Fats and oil products require reliable packaging machines that can properly fill and seal a variety of products. You’ll find one of the best selections of used packaging equipment here at High Performance Packaging. We have plenty of high-quality machinery for fats and oils that can give your facilities everything they need to keep the packaging process efficient and effective.

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