Why Purchase Used Liquid Carbonic Freeze Tunnels

Food processing freezers, including Liquid Carbonic freeze tunnels, are needed to properly store food products to prevent spoilage and help streamline product transportation. Liquid carbonic freeze tunnels use CO2 to keep food products sufficiently cooled throughout storage and transportation. Poultry, vegetables, and many other types of foods rely on Liquid Carbonic CO2 freeze tunnels. Food processing managers may initially seek new freezer products because of their perceived higher quality, but used freezers can provide the same level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Benefits of Purchasing Used Liquid Carbonic Freeze Tunnels

The most obvious benefit of buying a used Liquid Carbonic freezer is the lower price. Buying used equipment doesn’t cost as much as purchasing directly from the manufacturer or a new model supplier, while allowing you to receive machinery that performs optimally for many years in your food processing and packaging line. A reliable packaging machine company such as High Performance Packaging tests and inspects each piece of equipment received prior to reselling, making sure that it’s in working condition and ready for installation.

Another benefit of purchasing used freezers is the supplemental support that a reputable packaging machine company may offer. Some companies offer supplemental services to maximize the longevity of equipment, including preventative maintenance, line start-ups, operator training, troubleshooting, and performance improvement. A combination of these services can help ensure that your facility experiences consistent productivity and functionality for years. Professional technicians can help identify issues with freeze tunnels and other types of food processing equipment, working to improve your facility.

Purchasing from the manufacturer may cause you to miss out on these benefits, potentially leaving you with insufficiently trained operators, unorganized regarding preventative maintenance checks, and vulnerable to mechanical issues and subsequent breakdowns. At the same time, you wind up spending more money on equipment.

Save Money with a Combination of Used Food Processing Equipment

Apart from used Liquid Carbonic freeze tunnels, there are many other types of used food processing machines available in working condition. Combine your used freezing equipment with other machinery to save money while maintaining high production quality for many years. A company with trained technicians can provide additional expertise in the repair and performance improvement of equipment you purchase from them, something you’re not likely to experience when buying new equipment from other retailers.

Choose from Many Types of Food Processing and Packaging Machinery at High Performance Packaging

Used Liquid Carbonic freeze tunnels aren’t the only type of food processing equipment you can find at High Performance Packaging; VFFS/HFFS machinery, conveyors, vibratory feeders, bucket elevators, labelers, case packers, palletizers, combination weigher scales, linear scales, and many other types of food and nonfood packaging machines are available. Consult a packaging expert today to purchase a Liquid Carbonic freezer or other types of equipment for a new or existing production line.

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