Purchasing Used Pet Food Packaging Machinery

Dry and wet pet food requires top-quality packaging machinery to make sure that the product doesn’t spoil prior to selling. High Performance Packaging carries reliable used packaging machinery for many different products, including pet food. To help avoid costly and frustrating breakdowns, we only carry brands known for manufacturing pet food packaging machines with long-lasting materials and state-of-the-art design.

With one or more of our pet food packaging machines installed in your facility, you’ll benefit from improved productivity for years to come.

Weighing Equipment

One of the most important steps in pet food packaging is weighing the product to ensure consistency of product filling. Some of the reliable brands we carry include Yamato, Ishida, and Woodman. These brands are reputable because of their products’ top-level construction, and their used units can provide for many years of additional use. We offer weighing machines for production lines of varying speeds to improve efficiency and accuracy when weighing products.

VFFS Bagging Machinery

Proper bagging is another vital element in pet food packaging. Pet food products need bagging that can avoid damage and keep products unexposed to contaminants. Some of the brands we carry to provide reliable bagging include Hayssen, Matrix, Ishida, and Woodman. Like our other equipment, different types of VFFS packaging machines are available according to application requirements, including speed and packaging type.

Sealing and Palletizing Machines

Once pet food goes through the weighing and bagging process, sealing is required to further prevent product spoilage. Brands such as 3M Matic are trusted for their sealing capabilities, which is why we carry their used models. For bulk packaging, we also offer several top brands of palletizing equipment to install in your facility, including Orion, ARPAC, and Wulftec.

Benefits of Purchasing Used Pet Food Packaging Machines

Newer models of pet food packaging equipment may seem more appealing, but you can save money and benefit from other services when purchasing used models from a reseller. Buying used equipment from a company like High Performance Packaging can help ensure that your production line gets the attention it needs to give you consistent results.

In addition to reliable used equipment that our experts have determined is in working condition, we offer supplemental services that can improve the performance and efficiency of your entire production line. We offer operator training, performance improvement, OEE programs, preventative maintenance, and line start-up services to make sure you get the most out of your purchases.

If you want a quote for any of our pet food packaging machines or additional technical details, contact us at any time. If you have another application that requires packaging machines, we offer a wide range of used equipment for many types of products. Our inventory includes HFFS and VFFS equipment, inspection equipment, and other types of equipment that can package food or nonfood products. When looking for suitable machinery, our knowledgeable team of packaging experts can help you choose the right equipment for your facility, and assist with installation and operation.

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