Repairing Used Packaging Equipment

Whether you’re working with new or used packaging machinery, unexpected problems can cause major frustration while disrupting the operation of your business. Trying to figure out the source of a problem and fix it yourself can prove daunting, especially if you aren’t particularly well-versed in the machine’s internal operations.

There are different ways that you can seek help, though, without resorting to costly equipment replacements. For example, some packaging equipment companies provide maintenance and repairs in addition to the machinery itself. Working with a company like this allows you to more easily maintain the high performance of your used packaging equipment at all times.

Know What’s Wrong

If your equipment isn’t working properly, and you’re not sure what’s wrong, there may be a way to fix it without going through the trouble of selecting and purchasing replacement machines. Some packaging equipment companies will be able to help you discover any problems and advise you extensively on how to fix it. You’ll be able to save much-needed money as well as time when you have hands-on assistance.

Receive Visitations

When you are unsure about which areas you should examine in your packaging system, you can benefit from a professional maintenance visit to your facility. Qualified and highly trained staff from a packaging equipment company can figure out if there are problems of which you are unaware. Not only can equipment be examined, but operators can also receive training in order to expertly use it.

Increase Productivity

Purchasing new equipment can take time, especially when you don’t know where to start. If any machinery malfunctions and you’re not sure if the issue warrants a purchase of used packaging equipment, contact a company that can perform regular preventative maintenance and repairs—you may be surprised at what you can learn about your own machines.


How to Learn About Your Packaging Equipment

When you want to improve your company’s packaging systems, you need a packaging equipment company that can not only supply you with refurbished equipment, but that can also help you properly use it. In the process of searching for and purchasing replacement packaging equipment, you shouldn’t be expected to know everything about the industry from the start. So, who can train you?

Get the Most Out of Your Used Packaging Machines

Good packaging equipment companies can make sure that you fully understand what it is you’re using. When you purchase new or used machines, you run the risk of spending more money on equipment and decreasing productivity if you don’t know how to effectively work with them. Operators should have access to the right professional training, and in some cases, they can receive it from the same company that refurbishes their equipment.

Never Feel Unsure

If there’s something wrong with your equipment, you may not be entirely sure what the issue is, which is why you should work with an equipment provider with the expertise to handle customer questions. If you’re not sure about what’s involved in the operation and maintenance of your used packaging machines, you can wind up disrupting your company’s operations in a way that costs both money and time.

Get in Touch with a Person

Every time you purchase new or used packaging machines, the packaging equipment company you work with should offer personalized service. This may include providing the expertise of knowledgeable staff members, who can help you determine the efficiency of your line and point out any areas that could use improvement. Any aspects of packaging that can be improved upon should be given the attention they need, maximizing the efficiency of your operations. To get full service for your packaging systems, talk with a packaging equipment company that provides not just machinery, but also industry knowledge.


Benefits of Using Refurbished or Used Packaging Equipment

When your company is working on projects that require custom-shaped packaging , you’re faced with purchasing machinery and replacement parts that you need to be efficient but also cost-effective, so as to not cut into your bottom line. One way of accomplishing these goals is by choosing to buy used packaging equipment. Some companies may be nervous about doing so, but in reality, refurbished equipment provides your business with serious, lasting benefits.

Brand Names for Less

One misconception is that purchasing used products means you have to settle for less-than-ideal quality. This is not true. When you buy used, you have the choice to get name brands you trust, like used Hayssen equipment. From combi scales to forming tubes, you’ll save on the parts you need for most projects. You don’t have to sacrifice quality and efficiency when you’re on a budget. Check out what some of the options are for purchasing used machinery parts, and move forward from there. You and your business could save a lot of money by buying used or refurbished parts. The key? Working with a supplier that you can trust, and is staffed by experts in the field.

Quality Products

Some business owners may be concerned that used packaging equipment won’t last as long as purchasing new equipment. The reality is that when companies offer refurbished and used parts, they’ve been fully inspected and serviced to ensure that they’ll work just flawlessly in your machines. Name brands don’t want their quality put into question, so it’s in the best interest of retailers to offer top-quality products that will live up to customers’ expectations. The company you buy used Hayssen equipment or used equipment by other brands from will be able to direct you in the best way to integrate those parts without compromising the efficiency of your production line.

The next time you have to purchase parts for your machining line, remember the distinct advantages of choosing used packaging equipment. By choosing used and refurbished equipment, you get the quality you’re looking for at a highly competitive price.



Choosing a Knowledgeable Packaging Equipment Company

When you’re looking for a company that can supply your packaging equipment and machinery, you need to know that you can trust the expertise of its staff. When you consider doing work with a company, you can learn more about their industry knowledge by contacting them directly to inquire about their used packaging machinery, equipment and services.

Well-Versed in the Inventory

Packaging equipment companies frequently work with customers who aren’t necessarily sure what products and parts they need, and should be prepared to offer expert advice and instruction accordingly. To do this effectively, the company needs a full staff of highly trained and knowledgeable employees who are well-versed in their inventory.

As a client, you should be skeptical of companies dealing used packaging machinery when they don’t seem particularly familiar with their own product. If a business is unable to advise you on choosing a machine or selecting a part, they are unlikely to be helpful later on when you need assistance with integration or repairs.

Ability to Make Suggestions

The mark of a knowledgeable staff isn’t just familiarity with a business’s inventory—it’s the ability to make recommendations based on each customer’s specific needs and industry. The key to offering valuable help to clients is understanding how used packaging machinery function, and what goes into their construction. Knowing how they work and the differences between their materials, construction, and brand names is essential when it comes to offering guidance to customers who aren’t sure what they and their machines may need. An ability to discuss how to integrate the products into existing machinery is also helpful for people who are buying their products. When you choose a packaging equipment company, look for one that can offer you help when you need it in addition to simply selling you the products you want.


Maximize Efficiency with Used Checkweighers

When you work in packaging and shipping, you’re always on the lookout for faster, more efficient options. If your space allows for machinery, consider purchasing used VFFS packaging equipment—used vertical form fill sealing machines. When used in conjunction with weighing belts, you could find yourself with a lot of time leftover, which can increase overall output and allow you to get more work done.

Combination-Process Packaging

Since vertical form fill sealing machines work by bagging product from a hopper, it makes sense that they’d pair perfectly with used checkweighers—weigh stations that instantly read how much product is in a package to ensure consistency. The combination of the two machines can save your company a significant amount of time and may allow for reallocation of work for employees who manually fill and weigh packages. Itt may also lead to increased output for your business.

Efficiency and Training

Once you’ve decided to use equipment of this nature, you can also save money by purchasing used equipment rather than new. Purchasing used VFFS packaging equipment allows you to save money by working with refurbished, high quality machines that perform virtually as well as new ones. A trusted packaging equipment supply performs full refurbishing on the used machines it sells, so customers shouldn’t be afraid to choose used over new packing equipment, like used checkweighers.

If you decide to implement this equipment in your company, make sure you take the time to fully train your staff, so that all of your efforts toward efficiency aren’t lost because people don’t know how to operate the machinery. Once your employees know how to work with the new machines, you’ll be able to enjoy a more efficient process for packing, and you may even be able to take on more work because it takes less time to package and ship your goods.


Expedite Packaging with Combination Scales and Used Filling Equipment

When you’re in the business of packaging and shipping goods to customers, the faster you can complete the packaging process, the better. If you’ve been doing things manually, using an assembly line or other such inefficient methods, you should consider making the switch to used combination scales and filling equipment. Using equipment to get the job done instead of manpower alone can not only save you time and money, but it can also potentially contribute to the growth of your business.

Save Time and Money

Of course, profit margins are a priority for most businesses. Making money while maintaining a good output are two reasons why used combination scales and filling equipment are a good method to switch to. Purchasing packaging equipment used is also a great way to save money upfront—you still get a high-quality product, you just pay less for it. This way, you can load your product into the scale, punch in how much of it you want in each package, and let the filling equipment do the rest. Naturally, you’ll need employees to supervise this process, but in the long run, you may be able to reassign other work to employees who, before the machinery, had to spend their days slowly packaging goods.

Remain Efficient and Productive

Keeping your packaging process at its optimal efficiency means not only implementing the fasted methods of packaging, but keeping your employees knowledgeable and trained on the equipment you’re using. If you have fast-packing used filling equipment in place but your staff doesn’t know how to operate the machines and has to revert to old methods, the machinery is of no use. Maintain maximum efficiency by installing the correct machinery, like used combination scales paired with used filling equipment, and training your staff on it—once you do that, you can reallocate work for maximum efficiency. Expediting the packaging process also gives your business new potential to grow, since you’ll be able to keep up with higher demand and may be able to take on more clients.


Conserving Floor Space In Your Facility

You should be excited when your company is successful enough to expand, but growth comes with its own complications. This is particularly true of packaging operations, because expansion is something that happens literally—when your sales and volume increase, so must the size of your packaging line. If your facility is already packed with machinery from wall to wall, then, you may be left wondering where your new equipment can go. Since you can’t very well pack up and move every time your company expands, you may find that a custom mezzanine and efficiency-increasing packaging equipment services solve your space issues.

A Multi-Level Packaging Line

A custom mezzanine expands your facility vertically instead of horizontally. By building stair-accessible platforms the house your new and used packaging machines, you can increase the size of your facility by nearly two times—packaging equipment can go both above and below the new level. Because a packaging line is so large, custom mezzanines professionally installed are the best option—this is not something you should try to engineer yourself. Adding a mezzanine is less costly than relocating your facility, and it gives you the space that you need. If you aren’t sure if your facility is conducive to mezzanine integration, a consulting company that plans and installs them can identify the best locations and options for you.

Properly Integrating Your New and Used Packaging Machines

Whether or not you use a mezzanine to increase the size of your facility, you can increase the efficiency of your packaging line with the right packaging equipment services. Every time you add new equipment to your existing, used packaging machines, you risk losing efficiency. After repeatedly increasing the size of your operation, then, you may have a packaging line stocked with machines that aren’t well-integrated. Rearranging your line can increase its efficiency while reducing wasted space in your facility. If your don’t know how to best integrate your new and used packaging machines, contact a packaging equipment services consultant that can identify where you have room for improvement. Creating a more efficient facility enables you to maintain production speed and quality standards as your business grows.


How Efficient Is Your Packaging Line?

When you operate a packaging line, efficiency is everything. Do you know how efficient your line is? If you don’t know, or you don’t know how to tell, you’re left with guesswork—and that isn’t a sustainable business strategy. There are plenty of ways that your production line’s efficiency can suffer, be they improper equipment use, poor integration of new machines or simply equipment with lackluster performance. Working with a production consultant or packaging equipment company can help you improve your line’s performance, even if you aren’t sure what’s holding you back.

Identifying Room for Improvement

The signs of an imperfect packaging line aren’t always clear. It could be as apparent as frequent downtime or as subtle as below-average personnel speed. If you know that your line’s performance is suffering but you aren’t sure of the cause, a consulting company trained to increase efficiency can find your weak spots. Even if you don’t know whether your line is meeting its potential, an equipment training company can observe your equipment and your crew to determine if there’s room for improvement, and where you may be underperforming.

What a Packaging Equipment Company Does to Improve Your Line

If you decide to work with a consultant or packaging equipment company to improve the efficiency of your packaging line, ideally, they will take a customized, hands-on approach. This means that you can expect them to visit your facility, observe your crew, inspect your equipment and find ways that you can maximize your potential. For example, in many cases, the crew working on the packaging line hasn’t been adequately trained for the specific machines that they use—teaching them the intricacies unique to those machines, however, can improve their efficiency using them.

Similarly, servicing your machines with preventative maintenance can eliminate problems now and in the future. If it seems like a particular piece of equipment on your line is causing a domino effect of problems throughout the rest of your machines, the problem could be as simple as a small part that needs to be replaced. Having the right technician, then, can get your packaging line moving again. Whether or not you think your line is reaching its full potential, semi-regular inspections and training can improve performance drastically.


Tips for Choosing a Packaging Equipment Company

You have a lot to think about when you’re buying new and used packaging machines. Which packaging equipment company has the best prices, or the most convenient delivery options, or the biggest catalog? Compared to the other investments you may make for your company, though, your machinery requires extra attention and care—it has to last for years, maintaining its current quality as best as possible. Choosing the right packaging equipment company can help you make that a reality, so don’t just think about the equipment’s cost as the price of the machine—it’s the price of the peace of mind that accompanies it.

Experts and Salespeople

There are two types of packaging equipment company: Those working for the sale, and those working for the customer. Salespeople don’t always understand their own products, let alone know what’s best for you and your production line. An expert, however, knows all about new and used packaging machines—especially the ones they offer. This is why companies with enormous inventories aren’t necessarily better—their people may not know as much about each machine as they need to. If a packaging equipment company doesn’t seem to know its own equipment, they won’t be any more reliable down the road.

Services, Maintenance and More

Your packaging equipment company should offer more than just machines. Used packaging machines should be completely refurbished, and your equipment should come with options for installation and training services. Unlike products of other industries, packaging machines aren’t just commodities—they require a combination of careful integration, comprehensive training and regular maintenance to keep them working as well as they should. If your packaging equipment company only sells machines and doesn’t service them, you can’t be completely sure that they believe in their own products. A company that sells and services, however, holds itself accountable for the quality of your machines, so you always know where to turn.

More Than a Product

Ultimately, your best machinery supplier is one that treats the equipment like you do: Not as a product, but as an investment. By understanding what makes these machines tick and knowing how to keep them performing, you and your supplier can work together to improve your line’s performance for the short-term and the long-term.


Who Fixes Your Packaging Equipment?

Whether your production line is stocked with new or used packaging machines, it needs maintenance. With regular use, even a pristine piece of equipment degrades over time, and neglecting to properly service it can easily turn a small problem into a major one. Eventually, decreased efficiency and performance problems turn into forced downtime and major malfunctions—all of which can be prevented with the right care. If you don’t have in-house technicians, though, who fixes your packaging equipment?

Finding Packaging Equipment Services

Finding the right packaging equipment services extends and even saves the performance and lifespan of your machinery. Brand-specific idiosyncrasies can make two different machines of the same type perform differently, so one-size-fits-all solutions aren’t applicable. Instead, you should seek out a specialist with highly relevant experience—if your equipment is from Hayssen, a company that only services Bartelt won’t necessarily be helpful. Instead, choose a company that offers packaging equipment services for different brands and machine types—and specifically for yours. The more they know about your specific machinery—not just equipment in general—the better they can diagnose and treat your issues.

The Dangers of Skipping Maintenance

Ideally, if you’re using used packaging machines, they came from a company that refurbished them before resale. Even new equipment breaks down, though, so whether you’re using new or used packaging machines, you can’t afford to skip out on regular maintenance. Parts break or wear down, film jams, product gets caught and electrical problems unexpectedly strike. There’s simply no avoiding it, which is why you need to develop a plan for regular and preventative maintenance.

This type of servicing can prevent the forced downtime that accompanies breakdowns later on, saving you time and money in the long run. It can even prevent the catastrophic failures that threaten to shorten the life of your equipment. If you aren’t investing in packaging equipment services that include repairs, troubleshooting and maintenance, you could be forced to replace your machines much earlier than you expected. While you can order your machines from a company that offers packaging equipment services like these, you can also seek them out from contractors and consulting companies that specialize in improving production lines.