Implementing Parsons Eagle Packaging Equipment to Improve Production

Parsons Eagle manufactures top-quality packaging machinery in the industry, including a line of vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machines, scales, and automatic bag filling and closing systems. Like other top manufacturers that appear in High Performance Packaging’s inventory of used packaging machinery, this equipment is built using reliable materials that resist wear through periods of heavy use. Here’s a closer look at some of the specific Parsons Eagle packaging equipment that various industries use. Production lines can easily combine Parsons Eagle machinery with other types of equipment to form cohesive and efficient assemblies.

Parsons Eagle VFFS Machines

To fulfill the needs of different types of packaging lines, Parsons Eagle manufactures two series of VFFS packaging machines: the Phaser XP series and the Infinity series. Phaser XP machines are designed for shorter packaging runs at medium speeds, capable of running up to 60 bags per minute, while Infinity machines are intended for high-speed applications, handling up to 120 bags per minute. Depending on the application, different options are available to meet specific packaging requirements. Both machines are made of stainless steel, making them ideal for wash-down environments.

Linear & Combination Net Weigh Scales

Along with high-quality VFFS machines, Parsons Eagle also manufactures linear scales and combination net weigh scales for many types of production lines. Like other types of Parsons Eagle packaging equipment, these scales are made of stainless steel with smooth welded seams to last for years. Combination scales in their product line include 10-head, 14-head, or 20-head models, meeting the requirements of small-to-large production lines. In addition to both types of net weigh scales, Parsons Eagle also produces load-out scales.

Automatic Bag Filling & Closing Machines

For packaging lines that need reliable equipment for picking, placing and filling pre-made bags or pouches, Parsons Eagle offers automatic bag filling and closing machines. They manufacturer different model series of varying speeds and sizes to meet the demands of many different industries. Similar to their other packaging machines, automatic filling and closing equipment is compatible with food and nonfood production lines. This type of machinery is also constructed with stainless steel.

Benefits of Purchasing Used Parsons Eagle Packaging Equipment

While new Parsons Eagle machinery is available, there are multiple reasons to purchase used equipment from packaging companies such as High Performance Packaging. One of the main benefits is the lowered cost of replacing equipment, while receiving the same quality of equipment. Reliable packaging companies check each piece of used machinery and restore it to maximize its longevity, without allowing for any compromise in efficiency. Another benefit of recirculating used equipment is the reduced expenses and need for resources associated with manufacturing new machines. Packaging companies can also fully restore used equipment if customers request the service.

Certain packaging companies like High Performance Packaging also provide other services, including preventative maintenance program development and operator training services to help maintain overall efficiency in facilities. However, manufacturers like Parsons Eagle build equipment that uses some of the most innovative designs and long-lasting parts in the industry, eliminating the need for frequent extensive maintenance.

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