How to Troubleshoot a Packaging Machine

Train with machines to fix it properly
In an ideal world, packaging machinery would never malfunction, jam, break, or stop working unexpectedly. We all know, though, that that isn’t the case when it comes to machines that perform tasks over and over. Parts wear out, products jam, and machinery can simply fail. This is always disappointing, especially because it means that you lose productivity and spend time fixing the machinery. One way you can minimize the time you lose is by knowing how to troubleshoot the machinery you have on your packaging line. There are a couple of different ways you can help yourself learn about the machines you have, and the more you know about the hardware you have, the easier it will be to solve problems when they arise.

Packaging Equipment Training

The first and perhaps most important way to expedite the process between noticing a problem with a machine to fix it is to be adequately trained with the machines in your packing line. Whether that means you yourself are trained with the machines or you hire someone to train your employees, the main takeaway should be that within your business, there should be some people that know how the machines work well enough to be able to tell what is malfunctioning and perhaps even how to fix it. When it comes to getting machines back up and running, knowing the problem is the first and most important step to knowing how to fix it. Some vendors offer training programs that can be helpful for teaching yourself and your staff how to troubleshoot machines. Ask the supplier for your machinery if they offer training classes, and if training is offered, take part in it.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

While not technically troubleshooting, preventative maintenance programs can also be helpful with learning how your machines work. Maintaining machinery so that it doesn’t unexpectedly malfunction or wear out can take a little bit of time, but in the long run is more beneficial than waiting for something to go wrong and hoping it doesn’t take too long to fix. The vendor for your machinery may have preventative maintenance programs offered, so you should take advantage of them to save yourself time later on.

Technical Support Services

Another way to troubleshoot your machinery is, of course, to contact technical support services. If you don’t have the time or desire to learn the machinery on your own, the service staff at the company that you purchased the machinery from will be able to help. Whether this means scheduling a service call or simply making a phone call to explain the problem, the people who are trained on the machinery can assist you with the machines and help you get back on track quickly.


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