Conserving Floor Space In Your Facility

You should be excited when your company is successful enough to expand, but growth comes with its own complications. This is particularly true of packaging operations, because expansion is something that happens literally—when your sales and volume increase, so must the size of your packaging line. If your facility is already packed with machinery from wall to wall, then, you may be left wondering where your new equipment can go. Since you can’t very well pack up and move every time your company expands, you may find that a custom mezzanine and efficiency-increasing packaging equipment services solve your space issues.

A Multi-Level Packaging Line

A custom mezzanine expands your facility vertically instead of horizontally. By building stair-accessible platforms the house your new and used packaging machines, you can increase the size of your facility by nearly two times—packaging equipment can go both above and below the new level. Because a packaging line is so large, custom mezzanines professionally installed are the best option—this is not something you should try to engineer yourself. Adding a mezzanine is less costly than relocating your facility, and it gives you the space that you need. If you aren’t sure if your facility is conducive to mezzanine integration, a consulting company that plans and installs them can identify the best locations and options for you.

Properly Integrating Your New and Used Packaging Machines

Whether or not you use a mezzanine to increase the size of your facility, you can increase the efficiency of your packaging line with the right packaging equipment services. Every time you add new equipment to your existing, used packaging machines, you risk losing efficiency. After repeatedly increasing the size of your operation, then, you may have a packaging line stocked with machines that aren’t well-integrated. Rearranging your line can increase its efficiency while reducing wasted space in your facility. If your don’t know how to best integrate your new and used packaging machines, contact a packaging equipment services consultant that can identify where you have room for improvement. Creating a more efficient facility enables you to maintain production speed and quality standards as your business grows.


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