Choose the Best Industrial Scale for Your Packaging Line

In the realm of industrial packaging machinery, there are a lot of brands vying for your business.  Thankfully, that simply means you’ve got quite the selection to choose from when buying an industrial scale. Using a high-quality scale is crucial to your bottom line—if scales are inaccurate, your packages could be inconsistent weights and you could be losing valuable product or dealing with unsatisfied customers, depending on whether packages are over- or under-filled. So how do you know which brand and model you should pick?

What Are You Packaging?

industrial packaging machinery.The first and perhaps most important thing to consider when choosing a scale is what you’ll be packaging. You will need to find a model that can handle the amount of weight of product you’ll be dealing with. For instance, some machines can handle only a very small amount—up to just eight ounces of product, while other scales can package up to 55 pounds of product at a time in each compartment. Depending on what you’re packaging in your industry, your scale capabilities will obviously be different.  Some companies manufacture weighers that are better suited for certain environments, as well. For instance, if the area you’ll be packaging in is oily or greasy, dusty, or exposed to corrosive chemicals, there will be different weight indicators that you should use.

Are You Considering Refurbished Machines?

There are a lot of benefits to reap from using refurbished machines instead of solely purchasing new. Most obviously is the difference in cost—whether you are looking for one or multiple machines, you can adjust the type of product you can afford by choosing to by a used and refurbished machine. You could perhaps also afford more than one machine, which can significantly increase your company’s output. Another benefit is that when you purchase packaging machinery from a company whose focus is on refurbished machinery, you’re not just getting a good deal, you’re getting a great service and support team—the company focusing on refurbishing products and reselling them will have the knowledge necessary to answer any questions you may have about their products, which is helpful if you’re having trouble deciding. They will be able to help assess your business situation and advise which machine is the most ideal for your use.


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