Buying Used Ilapak Packaging Equipment

Ilapak is among the most trusted manufacturers in the packaging industry, with many different types of equipment available for a wide range of applications. Their consistent reliability makes their products ideal for recirculation, and High Performance Packaging carries their machinery along with many other brands of used packaging machinery. Certain facilities can use a combination of used Ilapak packaging equipment to form an efficient production line for various types of products.

Multiple Kinds of Machinery to Meet Packaging Needs

Ilapak manufactures several types of packaging solutions for form, fill and seal applications. Their versatile machines include horizontal, vertical, weighing and dosing, end of line, and turnkey packaging equipment. Their packaging systems are used for products in many industries including:

  • Bakery foods
  • Biscuits
  • Cheese
  • Chocolate
  • Meat and poultry
  • Produce
  • Pizza
  • Coffee and tea
  • Fish and seafood
  • Pet food
  • Snacks
  • Wet wipes
  • Medical devices

There are many uses for Ilapak packaging machines, and they are easily implemented in lines with other brands of equipment. Ilapak equipment can produce packaging types including pillow bags, doy style packages, quattros, and three-sided seals, among others.

Why Purchase Used Ilapak Packaging Equipment?

Newly manufactured machinery may help guarantee maximum efficiency in a production line, but used Ilapak packaging equipment is potentially as efficient if it’s well maintained. There are also certain additional benefits that can come with purchasing used machinery instead of newer equipment. While the most obvious benefit might be the reduced overall cost of buying the machinery, there are other services available from companies like High Performance Packaging. Repurposing used equipment also benefits the manufacturer, helping to reduce the amount of resources consumed and the subsequent expenses associated with manufacturing new machinery.

Apart from lowered purchasing costs, production line managers can benefit from effective preventative maintenance programs, troubleshooting, performance improvement, and operator training services. Each of these services can prevent breakdowns and subsequent costly downtime, making sure your production line is running with minimal risk of compromise. It’s important to have machinery that works well, but this equipment requires consistent maintenance checks and knowledgeable operators to make sure there is no drop in productivity. Replacement parts are also often available to help further avoid breakdowns.

Used Ilapak Packaging Equipment at High Performance Packaging

Ilapak is one of many top manufacturers in High Performance Packaging’s inventory. We carry several models of used Ilapak packaging equipment, including their VFFS machinery, flow wrappers, and baggers. We even have them available in complete packaging systems in combination with other top brands such as Ishida. You can also purchase used machinery from brands such as Matrix, Yamato, ARPAC, Loma, SpeeDee, 3M-Matic, Cryovac, and Bosch. Our experienced technicians make sure each piece of equipment is in working condition before reselling.

For additional technical information about Ilapak packaging machines available at High Performance Packaging, contact us at any time. We can also provide a free quote for any product in our inventory.

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