Are You Missing Out on Brand Name Advantage?

If you’ve taken the time to install quality, brand name packaging equipment in your facility, you may think your work is done and you can kick back and watch the day fly by you. But that’s simply not true. Having the best brand names in your workspace won’t mean much if you or your staff doesn’t know how to use the machines to their full potential. So how can you be sure that you’re getting the most out of your investment?

Thoroughly Learn the Machinery Yourself

In order to best use something, you need to be thoroughly versed in what it’s supposed to do, how it works, how to know if something is wrong, and possibly even how to fix problems, provided you have the repair know-how. Failing to understand the ins and outs of any type of used Hayssen equipment or other brand-name machinery may mean that you’re not getting as much work out of it or taking advantage of its capabilities as you could be. Make sure you discuss any issues you have and ask the packaging equipment company your purchased from any questions you may have. Their customer service staff as well as machinery experts will be able to offer you the knowledge you need to truly excel.

Teach Your Staff

Once you’ve learned all about the products in your workplace, it’s time to teach your staff what you’ve learned. You can’t be expected to be around for questioning or repairs at all times, so it’s important that people working for you who are using the equipment know the same things you do. Prepare a booklet for them to keep on hand or to study, or if necessary, ask someone from the place you purchased the equipment from to provide teaching materials.

The more you and your staff know about a product, the better the equipment can work for you.


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