Why Do Packaging Companies Use Shrink Bundlers?

Shrink Bundlers from High Performance Packaging

In the realm of packaging products, there are a number of machines that are used to complete the task—shrink bundlers are one such machine. They are used to bundle together nearly any flat product, which makes them more ideal than vacuum sealers for certain things, despite doing very similar jobs. Some of the more common products that are used with shrink bundlers can include cans of soda, doors and windows, bulk amounts of boxes (such as unfolded pizza boxes), folding chairs, and stacked cartons.

Shrink Packaging: Why?

Shrink bundling is a way to efficiently group multiples of one item into a compact, secure package. It can be done with your unique specifications in mind, including product size, line speed, film gauge, clear or print-registered film, type of side closure, and final packaging appearance. Because shrink bundling is such a customizable and efficient way of packaging many things at once, companies that sell more than one of a product to a client or another company find that packaging the products this way is the easiest way to ship them.

Protecting Products

Shrink bundling can also be used to protect products from being jostled during shipping. For instance, in the case of windows being shipped, if they are bundled then shrink-wrapped, it is harder for one singular window to become broken in transit. The insulation of having the other products packaged together keeps all of the products safer from being damaged.

Purchasing Used Machinery

Used machinery often gets a bad rap from people who have previously purchased things like used cars that were not well maintained before they came into ownership. However, purchasing used machinery for packaging lines is not like buying a poorly maintained used car. When you purchase packaging machinery from High Performance Packaging, you’re getting a piece of equipment that has been thoroughly inspected before resale that will last in your facility for years to come. We are proud to offer our customers top-rated brand names that they can trust, so that they can get the machinery they need to succeed without breaking the bank.

For more information about shrink bundlers or any of our other machines, contact us today. We’re happy to discuss any of our machines, and if you do decide to purchase from us, we also offer training programs to ensure your staff is prepared when the machine is installed.


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