What Are Popular Hayssen Packaging Machines?

Hayssen is one of the most reputable manufacturers in the packaging industry, with several popular packaging machines that they continue to develop. Their machinery is known for its reliability, with options that can maximize the efficiency of your production line. High Performance Packaging carries used and refurbished Hayssen machines of various types to improve production line quality.

VFFS Baggers

Some of the most used packaging equipment from Hayssen is their line of VFFS baggers. Hayssen’s vertical form, fill and seal bagging machines are ideal for high-speed packaging applications for mass production as well as medium-speed packaging lines, with both continuous and intermittent motion baggers available.

Hayssen VFFS baggers are used for various packaging types such as quad packs, flat bottom bags, doy packs and pillow bags, along with other stand-up pouches.

HFFS Flow Wrappers

In addition to vertical form, fill and seal baggers, Hayssen also manufactures a line of horizontal form, fill and seal wrappers. Hayssen HFFS flow wrappers are useful in high-speed packaging applications, with units running at speeds of up to 800 ppm.

HFFS flow wrappers are used for wrapping many different types of products, including fruit, vegetables, chocolates, pastries and other food items, as well as nonfood items.

Packaging Feed Systems

Hayssen also produces a line of packaging feed systems, with many different machines available to incorporate in various types of production lines. Some of their many machines include scales and computer combination weighers, augers, volumetrics, pumps, counters, infeeds, elevators and take-away conveyors.

Production lines can combine the different types of equipment in their facilities to maximize efficiency; production lines can utilize combination weighers, augers and other parts paired with VFFS or HFFS baggers for packaging, or facilities can use them for stand-alone applications.

Applications for Hayssen Packaging Machines

Hayssen packaging machinery is used for many types of packaging lines, for food products such as snack foods, fresh foods, dried pasta, frozen foods, granular and powdered sugar, candy and salads. They are also useful for packaging nonfood products that require smaller packages. Some more specific products that are packaged using Hayssen packaging machines include chips, cookies, cheeses, gum, puppy treats and coffee, while other products include Post-it notes and baby wipes.

Along with equipment from other top brands in the industry, High Performance Packaging carries many used Hayssen packaging machines that are in working condition, and work as efficiently as they did when first manufactured. You can contact us for a free quote for any of our equipment, and we can also fully refurbish our Hayssen machinery at the buyer’s request.

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