Used Auger Fillers for Product Packaging Lines

If you are looking for a more efficient method for packaging powdered products, but need an option that won’t burst your budget, one thing to consider is purchasing used machinery. At High Performance Packaging, we maintain an inventory of used packaging equipment from well-known brands that are easy to integrate into your existing setup and that will last for years to come. Auger fillers are best used for powders and granulated products, and are designed to reduce needless waste in dry filling packaging environments. If you’re interested in adding this functionality to your packaging line, check out HP Packaging’s selection of used auger fillers today.

Why Buy Used?

If you’ve previously shied away from buying used machinery because you were under the impression that buying used meant buying the previous owner’s problems with the machinery, you’ll be reassured to know that at HP Packaging, we thoroughly inspect all of our equipment prior to resale, so you’ll get years of reliable use from any equipment you buy from us. Additionally, if you aren’t sure how to operate the machinery, you’ll have the option to sign up for operator training for you and your employees, where you’ll be able to learn how to most efficiently use the equipment. Purchasing used equipment allows you to save money, as well, which can be the difference between purchasing a new machine from a lesser known brand or a machine from a better brand, even though it’s used.

Brands You Can Trust

High Performance Packaging is dedicated to offering industry-leading name brands at a cost that’s more manageable for many companies. If you’re interested in adding an auger filler to your production line, you’ll be able to choose from manufacturers including All Fill, Mateer Burt and many more. Don’t spend more than you have to when you want to expand your production line. Instead, shop with High Performance Packaging and get quality machinery at affordable prices.

Learn more about our inventory and what we have to offer today. Contact us for more information about used auger fillers and other packaging machinery.