The Medical Professional’s Guide to Packaging Equipment

The medical profession involves several instruments, machines, and tools that must be packaged carefully to serve personnel and patients. Safeguarding equipment sterility is of the utmost importance. Medical products and medications have especially stringent packaging requirements.

Quality packaging should deliver a complete order without complications, be ready for storage, and meet all regulatory requirements. High Performance Packaging’s MultiVac packaging is one of the medical field’s top choices for a number of reasons:

  • Clinical Trials. Sometimes clinical trials require individual attention to each of the study’s participants. Labeling, package content and clean equipment are very important, especially in double-blind studies.
  • Medications and Supplements. Lifestyle products, like supplements and medications, need to remain fresh yet easily accessible. Pain medications can be abused, or the medicine can be compromised. MultiVac ensures these issues can be prevented. With clearly written labels and individual wrapping, portions can be controlled by patients or their caretakers.
  • Vials, liquids and ampoules are often very sensitive to a variety of outside sources. For instance, many medicines need to avoid light exposure, otherwise they break down.
  • Sterilization Control. MultiVac packaging keeps devices sterile and ready for immediate use. Sterile products allow for medical vending options, too. Vending machines are excellent for inventory control, but without a guarantee that the product’s quality will be safeguarded, they are unreliable.
  • Safeguarding Diagnostic Products. Doctors and nurses expect tests to be extremely accurate; otherwise their diagnosis might be incorrect. Diagnostic equipment needs to remain precise. MultiVac ensures proper handling of the manufacturer’s product.
  • Transportation Protection. Catheters, needles and sensitive electronics are all susceptible to damage during transport. Improperly sealed equipment may not calibrate correctly or might be broken upon arrival.
  • A number of products are needed to keep hospitals and other medical facilities running smoothly, so the transition between transportation and storage should be quick and easy. With proper labeling and organization, you can save precious man-hours that would otherwise be spent carefully sorting incoming materials.

MultiVac can meet custom packaging needs to give the medical field an edge. High Performance Packaging works to pinpoint the essential parameters around your product needs to design safe and reliable packaging solutions. We handle individual wrapping, multi-component products, diagnostic kits, pharmaceuticals and more.

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