Purchasing Used Weighpack Food Packaging Machines

Weighpack is one of the most reputable packaging manufacturers in the packaging industry, offering a wide range of automatic bagging, filling, and wrapping machinery, along with complete engineered packaging systems. They also manufacture a variety of other packaging equipment, including scales and checkweighers, which High Performance Packaging carries. We also have many other brands of used packaging equipment available in our inventory.

A Full Product Line of Packaging Equipment to Meet Your Needs

There are many uses for Weighpack food packaging machines, across a variety of industries. Regardless of the type of food your facility packages, there’s probably a machine that could help package your product. Weighpack equipment is used for many food products, including:

  • Bakery products
  • Bulk
  • Cheese
  • Coffee
  • Confections
  • Fresh produce
  • Frozen food
  • Pet food
  • Powder
  • Snack food

To properly package these types of food products, Weighpack packaging machines are designed to handle several different packaging types, such as containers, flow wraps, pre-made bags, and vacuum-sealed packaging. The solutions they carry to accommodate the various packaging styles include auger fillers, flow wrappers, horizontal and vertical form and seal equipment, conveyors, case erectors, and case sealers. A combination of these machines in a single production line can significantly improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Why You Should Buy Used Weighpack Food Packaging Machines

People who want to start a new production line or revamp an existing one may seek new packaging machinery, but there are multiple benefits that can come with purchasing used equipment. Contrary to what many might believe, used packaging equipment, including Weighpack food packaging machines, can be as efficient and sturdy as new models. At the same time, the price of buying the equipment may be much lower than new models.

When packaging facility managers purchase used Weighpack machinery from companies like High Performance Packaging, they’ll also receive support to ensure they get the most out of their purchases. Used packaging machinery can also come with preventative maintenance services, operator training, performance improvement, and equipment troubleshooting, all of which can improve the quality of your entire production line. With all of these services implemented in addition to the packaging equipment itself, your facility can benefit from longer operation with more knowledgeable staff. You’ll be able to avoid breakdowns and costly downtime with the services that accompany used packaging purchases.

Get Used Weighpack Machinery at High Performance Packaging

Along with many other trusted brands of packaging machines in the food packaging industry, High Performance Packaging carries several models of Weighpack food packaging machines. Our line includes several of their scales, fillers, combination checkweighers, and high-speed packaging machines. Facilities can use them in combination with many other types of packaging equipment to form an efficient production line.

If you would like additional technical information about Weighpack packaging machines available at High Performance Packaging, contact us today. We will also provide free quotes for any of our products upon request. We can also provide additional information about our other services.

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