Purchasing Used Ishida Machines to Improve Efficiency

Ishida is regarded as one of the best brands of packaging machinery in the industry, with various types of machines available to maximize production line efficiency. Like other top packaging equipment manufacturers, Ishida’s machinery is built to work consistently through years of use, making it ideal for reselling and repurposing. Commonly used Ishida machines include equipment for weighing, packaging, wrapping, labeling, and inline inspection. Their versatility allows packaging line owners to combine them with other types of machines to form complete systems.

Ishida Weighing & Packaging Machines

Weighing and packaging machines are among the most heavily used Ishida machines. They manufacture several types of machines including multihead weighers, cut-gate weighers, case packers, scales, and conveyors. Production lines can combine these with other required machinery to create entire packaging systems for food or nonfood items. For example, Ishida scales are compatible with other brands of VFFS equipment, including Bartelt and Altamat.

Wrapping & Labeling Machines

Ishida equipment is also useful during the final steps of the packaging process, wrapping and labeling products before final inspection and shipping. Automatic wrappers and labelers allow for full automation in a packaging facility. Wrapping equipment applies airtight seals when wrapping products, while an Ishida weigh price labeler can apply high-quality labels to cheese, meat, or other types of food items, along with nonfood products. Each machine is designed to keep the end of the packaging process as efficient as the rest.

Inline Inspection Equipment

Ishida also manufactures state-of-the-art inline inspection machinery to help with the final examination of products before shipping. Their inspection equipment includes checkweighers, metal detectors, X-ray inspection systems, and seal checkers. Their inspection machinery is designed to quickly provide operators with accurate data, using interfaces installed with Ishida’s i-STATION LINK software. This software gives operators the ability to see production status in real-time and further analyze weighing data with other computers. Once Ishida’s machinery has effectively collected inspection data, your products will be ready for shipment.

Buying Used Ishida Machines vs. New Models

Purchasing new equipment may seem ideal to many production line owners, but there are multiple reasons to buy used Ishida machines instead. Ishida’s packaging machinery is constructed using long-lasting materials that can endure years of heavy use. Buying used equipment can help companies save money when revamping their production lines without compromising overall efficiency. Selling used equipment can also help provide companies with additional funds when purchasing replacement equipment or renovating a facility. Recirculating used Ishida machinery and other packaging equipment also helps the overall economy of the packaging industry by reducing the need for expenses on manufacturing new equipment.

Companies like High Performance Packaging can also develop custom preventative maintenance schedules to make sure each machine’s components are working the way it should. High-quality packaging machinery such as Ishida’s uses top-tier construction and parts, allowing for minimal maintenance requirements. Inexpensive replacement parts are often available if you require an individual component instead of an entire replacement machine. Having used Ishida machines implemented in your packaging facility will help reduce installation and operation costs while maintaining efficiency.

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