Purchasing Used Bosch Packaging Equipment

Along with many other types of packaging machinery, High Performance Packaging carries used Bosch packaging equipment, particularly horizontal flow wrappers for form, fill and seal applications. Bosch machinery is built to last through years of heavy use, which makes it ideal for recirculation across many different industrial applications. Their experience has made them one of the most reliable manufacturers in the packaging industry, with innovative processing and packaging technology behind every product.

Packaging Machinery for Many Applications

While High Performance Packaging mainly carries Bosch’s flow wrapping machinery, they manufacture many other types of machines for production lines and other facilities. Their list of machinery includes:

  • Vertical packaging
  • Filling and closing
  • Bag sealing and closing
  • Secondary packaging
  • Checkweighing
  • Product protection
  • PET Blowing, filling and closing
  • Thermoforming
  • Labeling
  • Capping
  • Cleaning
  • Sterilization

Bosch’s packaging machinery is designed for several different industries, including pharmaceutical, chemical, medical, food, and other non-food industries. All of their products are made using the latest technology to maximize efficiency and overall productivity in any facility. Some of the specific products that often utilize this equipment include coating and paints, detergents, lawn and garden chemicals, personal care products, pet food, and technical products.

Implementing Used Bosch Packaging Equipment in New or Existing Production Lines

Many companies might feel the need to purchase new packaging equipment to ensure efficiency in their facilities, but used Bosch packaging equipment is potentially as useful if purchased from the right equipment reseller. There are several additional benefits apart from high-quality equipment with a good company, with services available to help make sure you get the most out of your purchase. The most obvious benefit of buying used machinery may be the lowered cost, but there are other advantages that can come with it.

Some of the services that certain companies offer include preventative maintenance programs, operator training and performance improvement. With these services accompanying your purchase, your facility will benefit from increased productivity and see better results from your entire production line. Preventative maintenance programs will help keep every component of your machinery in adequate shape to avoid breakdowns or inefficiency, while operator training educates employees who may be unfamiliar with a certain brand of equipment.

Bosch Packaging Machines at High Performance Packaging

Bosch’s reputation as an authority in the packaging industry has made its equipment ideal for reselling at High Performance Packaging. We make sure that each piece of used Bosch packaging equipment is in working condition prior to selling, and we can fully refurbish equipment at the buyer’s request as well. In addition to Bosch horizontal flow wrappers, we also carry many other top brands of used packaging equipment, including Hayssen, Yamato, Bartelt, Ishida, and many others. Whether you require a packaging line for food or non-food products, we have plenty of packaging machinery available to keep your line running smoothly.

If you want more technical information about any of the packaging equipment in our inventory, contact us at any time. We can also provide a quote for Bosch equipment and any other products we offer.

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