Promote Safety and Save Money with Used Code Date Printers

Used Code Date Printers from HP Packaging

When you are in the business of packaging food, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the product you sell is not spoiled or unsafe by the time it reaches distributors and customers. For that reason, printing a use-by or sell-by date on food products is common, standard practice to ensure safety.  Code date printers are one commonly used machine for printing these dates, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck paying top dollar if you need them for your products. Instead, consider purchasing used equipment.

Top Brands and Reliable Machines

Many people think that buying used packaging machinery and accessories is a sort of “get what you pay for” situation, by which saving money means you’re getting an inferior, unreliable or damaged machine. That’s not the case when you purchase from High Performance Packaging, however. Our stock of inkjet and thermal transfer code date printers includes top brands that you can trust, such as Videojet, Markem, Norwood and more. These printers can be easily integrated into your packaging line, and work to promote safety. Having clearly printed dates alerts consumers when the products they are purchasing will expire and when it will no longer be considered safe or advisable to consume. Dates are printed on myriad products, from pharmaceuticals to foods and more, so it’s important to have a reliable machine for printing the dates legibly.

Printing directly on the product or product’s packaging has its own set of challenges, and these machines meet those requirements—for instance, some products like eggs need to be code-date printed with food-grade inks. Some other products and packages that code-date printers are compatible with include:

  • Packaged, prepared food
  • Pet food
  • Canned fruits and vegetables
  • Dairy products
  • Cosmetics and personal care items

Aside from consumable products, code date printers are also used on industrial packaging, for instance on cables and pipes, chemicals and electrical/electronic components. Regardless of your specific application, when you need a reliable code date printer, purchasing used is a great way to get that quality without overspending.

Why Purchase Used?

Used machinery, when purchased from a reputable seller, can give you the option to get a machine that was previously out of your reach due to budget concerns. Used machinery that’s being resold is often in great condition, lightly used with a lot of years left in it. A common misconception is that purchasing used machines just means inheriting someone else’s problems, but a lot of the time, used machinery is just from a user who needed something else to suit their needs a bit better. Purchasing used machines such as code date printers from High Performance Packaging is a great way to get the machines you’ve been looking at and considering purchasing at a lower cost than you’d spend if you were buying new. An additional benefit is that HP Packaging offers training and technical support, perfect for getting your new machine up and running efficiently. We also offer troubleshooting services, preventative maintenance and performance improvement programs to help enhance your packaging line’s overall efficiency.


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