How to Optimize Your Production Line Efficiency

There are several factors production line personnel should consider in order to maximize production line efficiency and minimize downtime. From the packaging equipment itself to the people who operate it, there are steps you should take to ensure that your packaging line is working the way it should at all times.

Keep Packaging Machines Well Maintained

In order to make sure that packaging machinery is performing optimally, packaging line managers should perform routine maintenance checks. Packaging machinery that undergoes heavy use can wear over time, and once a machine fails it can result in detrimental downtime.

To avoid the frustrations, repair or replacement costs, and loss of money from downtime that can result from ill-maintained packaging line equipment, you can optimize production line efficiency by either scheduling a preventative maintenance schedule or sign up for a packaging machine maintenance program. Taking care of packaging machinery is often time-consuming, but with experts available to inspect it periodically there will be a lowered risk of breakdown.

Replace Faulty or Unneeded Packaging Equipment

When a machine is no longer able to meet your packaging line’s standards in performance, you should replace it as soon as possible. Purchasing a replacement may be expensive, but it won’t be as costly as the downtime that can arise otherwise. You can always cut costs by purchasing used packaging line machinery as well. Used machinery helps eliminate the need for the fabrication of newer equipment and consumption of resources, and a reliable packaging equipment company will ensure that the machinery works as if it were new.

Packaging machinery that isn’t required in a facility does nothing to improve production line efficiency. In order to improve efficiency, you should get rid of unnecessary equipment and either sell it for a profit or replace it with a machine that can actually help your production line.

Make Sure Packaging Line Operators are Properly Trained

Operational packaging equipment only works as well as its operators, which is why each operator should understand how every machine in your facility works. They should know about signs of malfunctioning equipment and be able to keep the machinery functioning when the line is operational.

Every part of a production line needs to work cohesively in order to maximize production line efficiency. Any weak point can hold the line back and subsequently harm the business, so it’s important to take these steps to keep your facility running the right way.

Combi: Food-Safe Packaging Leader

Since 1979, Combi Packaging Systems, located in Canton, Ohio, has been providing packaging equipment for their industrial customers across the globe. In 1999, Combi entered into a joint venture with other proven leaders in the industry—the Packaging Systems Division of 3M and Siat SpA, an Italian equipment manufacturer—to better meet the needs of their customers.

Industries Served by Combi

Combi is a truly diverse packaging company. Employing a first-rate team of mechanical and electrical engineers, the company designs and manufactures a variety of packaging solutions including robotic packaging, hand-packing stations, stretch wrappers and case packers. The industries that are served by this company range the gamut of those that are most in demand in the world today and include the following:

  • baking
  • personal care products
  • hardware
  • household consumer
  • automotive
  • pet food and treats
  • chemical
  • beverage
  • contract packaging
  • food
  • nutraceutical
  • medical supplies
  • food service disposables
  • pharmaceutical

Overview of the Types of Packaging Combi Offers

Combi is an innovative thought leader in its industry and understands that not one type of packaging equipment is right for everyone. They offer a range of different types of equipment that help ensure that you can find a solution to your packaging issues including:

  • hand packing stations that rely on ergonomics to protect workers while ensuring that productivity remains high
  • case erectors and loaders help ensure that your product is loaded in a manner that is consistent with its use so that it arrives at its destination in pristine condition
  • robotic packaging that provides options such as an entire palletizing station, a case erector and robotic packing arm

High Performance Packaging Group Chooses Combi

Because High Performance Packaging Group is committed to providing only top quality packaging solutions to their customers, they only carry high-quality used packaging systems including ones from Combi. Schedule a consultation with the experts at High Performance Packaging Group and they can help you find the used packaging solutions for your business today. If you have any questions about these or any of our other machines, contact us anytime—we’re happy to give you more information about any of the equipment we sell.


Top Reasons Why Used Packaging Equipment is the Right Choice for Your Business

Your packaging equipment takes up a sizeable chunk of your business’s budget. Incurring hefty repair fees—along with the necessary parts—can quickly gobble up your profits. This does not even take into account the income you lose while a machine is down due to it needing repairs— again. If you have been thinking about replacing your present equipment—or you find yourself becoming frustrated about yet another packaging machine that needs repair—consider purchasing used equipment.

Cost Effective

Of course, your bottom line is important when it comes to ensuring that your business is successful. This is a key reason why purchasing used VFFS packaging equipment or used HFFS packaging equipment is such a fantastic idea. You can get clean, high-performance packaging equipment that has been fully tested while paying only pennies on the dollar when compared to the price of new.

Modern Equipment

While the equipment that High Performance Packaging Group sells is used, it is never outdated. Instead, the well-known brands that are on the forefront of cutting edge technology are the materials that they specialize in. Computer-based interfaces, precision components and proprietary equipment ensure that you have the latest machinery that has been proven—time and again—to deliver high performance and increased productivity.

Rigorously Tested

Each piece of equipment that High Performance Packaging Group sells has been thoroughly analyzed to determine its condition. After this process has been completed, the necessary equipment is replaced and put through a regiment of rigorous testing before being offered for sale.

You are Never Alone

Once you contact High Performance Packaging Group, you have access to their superior customer service. They spend time consulting with you, analyzing your most challenging packaging issues and providing you with a range of solutions that are designed to increase your profits and productivity while lowering your blood pressure and stress level. High Performance Packaging Group also provides extensive training and fine-tuning to ensure that your used packaging equipment is meeting your needs.

For an efficient and valuable addition to your packaging line, consider used equipment from High Performance Packaging. If you have any questions about our machines, contact us anytime—we’re happy to give you more information about any of the equipment we sell.

Matrix Packaging Machinery: Industry Leader Profile

Matrix Packaging Machinery got its start in 1988 as a part of Pro Mach Brands. In addition to Matrix, the Pro Mach family provides innovative packaging solutions that are applicable to the beverage, food, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries. Pro Mach Brands provides this through an extensive array of world-renown brands that are known for their reliability and cost effectiveness.

Matrix Overview

Matrix Packaging Machinery is a worldwide leader in the industry of packaging systems that are rugged, easy-to-use, precision engineered and cost effective. Specializing in VFFS packaging equipment, Matrix systems rely on simplicity when appropriate and embrace sophistication in actions and mechanisms when the circumstances demand it. They offer a range of different systems that are designed to provide customers with the equipment they need to reduce down time while increasing productivity. These includes:

  • FLtecnics Rollstock Pouch Packaging which offers multiple package styles and sizes that run on a single machine
  •  Inever Stickpack and Sachet Packaging Equipment specializes in packaging for the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Toyo Jidoki Pre-Made Pouch Machines provides companies worldwide with the best in flexible pouch packaging

The Matrix Philosophy And Why It Works

Using components that are non-proprietary allows Matrix VFFS equipment to be quickly and easily repaired to reduce downtime. The integrated user interface that is included on many Matrix systems allow for the seamless, hands-on training of employees and can be manipulated to meet the changing needs of any plant. Stainless steel construction ensures that even the strictest of sanitation codes will be met while the Smart Jaw technology is quick, precise, responsive and cost effective.

High Performance Packaging Group Offers Used Matrix Systems

High Performance Packaging Group is proud to offer used Matrix equipment, including used VFFS packaging, to its customers as a way for them to experience the efficiency of the company in an affordable environment that allows for packaging line improvements. HP also services all Matrix systems in order to keep your business running smoothly.

For more information about Matrix equipment or any of our other machines, contact us today. We’re happy to discuss any of our machines, and if you do decide to purchase from us, we also offer training programs to ensure your staff is prepared when the machine is installed.

Thinking of Upgrading Your Packaging Machinery? Here’s How to do it Right

Your packaging machinery is the backbone of your business. Without the right equipment, the productivity of your employees plummets dramatically, cutting into your profits. The same can be said about using equipment that is hopelessly outdated or that keeps breaking down, requiring downtime as well as pricey repairs. Whether your business is meeting its profitability targets as planned or you want to give it the extra push to reach those goals, upgrading your plant floor with used VFFS packaging equipment or used HFFS packaging equipment can help you do so.

A Hefty Investment

There is no doubt about it—upgrading your packaging equipment can be a large expense for your business—especially if you purchase all new equipment. You can cut down considerably on the amount that you spend by replacing all or even part of your equipment with used equipment. With the technological advances of today, used equipment is able to be restored to the same high standards—or better—that ensure its continued peak performance for you and your business.

Make Your Old Equipment Continue to Work for You

Even when you are ready to upgrade, you can continue to make your investment in your old equipment work for you. By selling your used equipment to High Performance Packaging Group, you can recoup some of your capital and use it toward upgrading your equipment. Not only will you have packaging equipment that is more timely and cost effective, you won’t be taking a total loss on your used equipment either. It is a winning solution that can enable you to make your budget work more effectively for the betterment of your company.

High Performance Packaging Group specializes in providing top-quality used equipment for today’s cutting edge industries. Their technicians specialize in the support and installation of the packaging equipment that best suits your needs. In addition, they offer assessments of your current operations so that you can enjoy PEAK performance and top-notch employee training.

Purchasing used VFFS packaging equipment or used HFFS packaging equipment from High Performance Packaging will net you a high quality machine at an affordable price. For more information about used VFFS OR HFFS or any of the other packaging machines in our inventory, contact us today.

Does Your Packaging Line Need Shrink Bundling Machinery?

In today’s day and age, the safer a product is—especially food products—the better. When it comes to choosing packaging methods for food products, utilizing shrink bundling is often a choice for many companies, simply because it ensures a higher level of safety when shipping off products for retail sale. Additionally, it is a less expensive method of packaging, and protects products from harmful environmental conditions, thus improving the products’ marketability. If you’ve been looking for a way to make your production line more efficient and your products safer for your customers, shrink bundling machinery may be the way to do both.

Types of Shrink Bundling Machines

There are a variety of different machines that fall under the category of shrink bundling, including shrink tunnel machinery, shrink wrappers and more. Some of the brands offered at High Performance Packaging include Conflex Shanklin, Eastey, Extreme, Shanklin, Preferred Packaging, Arpac, and more. In addition to shrink-wrapping individual item, these machines can wrap boxes, trays and bundles of multiple products. Bundlers are available in many different styles and configurations, including inline flow, right-angled infeed, horizontal Z-flow, vertical Z-flow and flight bar, to name a few.

Industries that Utilize Shrink Bundling Equipment

Shrink bundling machinery can collate bottles, bags, stacked cartons, cans, paper products, building supplies and much more. Shrink bundlers can be custom designed to package a range of different products across many different industries such as:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Personal care
  • Household care
  • Automotive products
  • Roofing and building materials

If you’re unsure of what type of shrink bundling equipment would work best in your packaging line, High Performance Packaging can help. Our associates can give your more information about the inventory of used shrink bundler machines we offer, and you’ll be pleased to get a great deal. At HP Packaging, we sell used packaging machinery because we believe that every company should have the chance to own and use high quality, reliable machinery. Contact us today to find out more about our inventory of shrink bundling machines.

Best Brands to Consider for Combination Scales

Combination scales are an essential machine for many companies’ packaging lines. These scales are able to weigh out different components of product and package them into the same container or bag. Combination weighers facilitate the process of packaging a combined assortment of goods into the same package, so it’s important to use one that does so efficiently. In the packaging machinery industry, there are a number of companies that manufacture these machines. Learn more about some of the leading manufacturers before you make your decision on which to buy.


Bilwinco offers a range of scales that cover portion sizes from 10 grams up to 500 kilograms, for a total output of up to 300 kilograms per minute. Ideal for dry foods, these weighers are known for being some of the best in the business. Bilwinco has been a market leader in weighing and packaging industries since 1955 and is headquartered in Denmark. The company also develops and builds custom-made solutions for its clients.


Combi is another company known for its high-quality scales and weighers. They are behind the PrimoCombi, the first open frame combination scale with an electronic control panel that can be conveniently placed anywhere. Typically, other brands’ scales have the scale located at the base of the scale, which can make cleaning the machinery more difficult. Combi was founded in 1991 and has since delivered packaging systems to more than 30 countries. It has facilities in Las Vegas, Montreal, Toronto and Miami.


With a network extending to 70 countries, Ishida is a leading manufacturer of weighing and packaging machinery. The company is currently celebrating its 120th anniversary, so they’re a company you can rely on to be here when you need them. In addition to manufacturing high-quality combination scales and multihead weighers, they also make conveyors, snack food bag makers, automatic wrappers, platform scales, and a number of other machines.


At Multipond, the focus is on producing some of the best known multihead weighers out there. Serving both food and non-food companies, these machines are designed to deliver individual computer combination weigher abilities that companies can trust for accuracy. Multipond has been in business since 1987, and is positioned as one of the market leading innovators in the industry.

Parsons Eagle

With more than 90 years of experience, Parsons Eagle serves specific markets including pet food, pet treats, fresh fruit, cereals, confections and more. Parsons Eagle Packaging Systems is a division of Campbell Wrapper Corporation of De Pere, WI, and is also a leading supplier of horizontal flow wrapping and form/fill/seal packaging solutions. They offer dependable, high performance packaging equipment for a variety of industries.


Another leader in this business is Yamato. With roots dating back to 1922, this company is here to stay. Yamato offers an array of different packaging machines, and their combination scales and weighers are available in more than 100 different models with varying features. The company is headquartered in Mequon, Wisconsin, and the line of products address virtually any packaging needs.

Want to learn more about any of these brands? Contact High Performance Packaging today!


How Can a Bucket Elevator Benefit Your Packaging Line?

If you’re in the business of packaging goods into bags or packages, chances are you are always looking for ways to make your packaging line work harder for you and get more done in less time. If you’ve optimized most of the line in your workplace but still want more results, it may be time to consider adding a bucket elevator to your packaging line. Bucket elevators are machines that haul bulk materials (often powders, grains, or similar products) vertically. They can move products from light to heavy, from fine to large pieces, making them ideal for a variety of different products across a range of different industries. Its main purpose is to carry materials from one place to the next, allowing for an efficient process of packaging.

How Can they Speed Up Packaging?

Bucket elevators work to transport materials from one place—for instance, the overall supply stores—to the next station in the packaging process, like the weigher or bagger. They speed up packaging by picking up a designated amount of product in each bucket, then conveying the product up an incline to the next piece of machinery. These help speed up the packaging process as you no longer have to measure out each batch of product, and you also don’t have to worry about wasting product, since bucket elevators are meant to be used with products such as floury or small-sized bulk materials (cement, grits, sand, etc.) as well as coarse, highly abrasive materials—heavy-duty bucket elevators can transport pieces of material up to 120mm in size. In essence, they optimize the way that the products are handled, minimize waste, and ensure speedy delivery to the next packaging machine in the line.

Types of Bucket Elevators

There are a variety of different bucket elevators that are used for different types of materials. For example, there are high-capacity belt bucket elevators, heavy-duty bucket elevators, chain bucket elevators, and high capacity chain bucket elevators. These different machines offer the option of high conveying heights (greater than 175 meters, depending on the type of machine and material), are resistant to wear and to abrasive materials, and make the process of transporting bulk material quicker and easier. At High Performance Packaging, we are proud to offer our customers an array of bucket elevators from some of the industry’s top brand names, such as:

  • Kamflex
  • Key Technologies
  • Meyer
  • Unitrak
  • Smalley
  • FMC Food Tech
  • Allen Systems
  • Deamco

Purchasing used equipment is an ideal way to add top quality machinery to your packaging process without going over your company’s budget.

Contact High Performance Packaging today to learn more about the variety of used bucket elevators available for your packaging line.

Hayssen: What You Should Know about this Industry Leader

In the packaging machinery industry, there are a lot of different manufacturers that are well known for different reasons and for building different machines. Hayssen is one of these industry leaders, and what better way to find out what your line might be missing than by learning about what Hayssen stands for and what they’re known for?

An Overview

Hayssen is a member of the Barry-Wemiller family of companies. As a global manufacturer of flexible packaging systems, they create machinery that fills and bags thousands of food products including candy, coffee, frozen foods, cheese, produce, snacks, bakery goods, pet food and much more, as well as non-food products. Their goal is to “design and manufacture [systems that] maximize the efficiency and lifetime value of your packaging line,” and based on their longevity in the industry, it’s apparent they’re meeting that goal on a regular basis.

Where Do They Work?

With state-of-the-art facilities in the USA, UK and Italy, Hayssen is able to distribute their machinery to businesses globally. Their product line currently includes a variety of equipment, including continuous motion baggers, intermittent motion baggers, horizontal form fill seal machines, flow wrappers, and integrated packaging systems. They have a diversified product line that allows them to offer a range of different solutions to different industries and companies.

Industries They Serve

In addition to providing machinery for the food packaging industries, they also create equipment that can be used by the pharmaceutical and medical industries, cleaning and other general-product industries. They offer packaging solutions for a range of different package types, including vertical bags, horizontal bags, pillow bags, C-fold packaging, and much more.

A Dedication to Producing Efficient Machinery

Hayssen manufactures machinery that can produce many units per minute—up to 220 bags per minute when filling a VFFS pillow bag, or up to 250 bags per minute for HFFS bags, for instance. Machinery can also be customized to meet your business’ specific requirements, whether that’s a custom bag style, a high-speed production need, or anything else. Hayssen has proven over the years to have the know-how and dedication to providing their customers with excellent quality, reliable packaging machinery.

Why High Performance Packaging Sells Used Hayssen Machines

At High Performance Packaging, we believe that every business should have access to machinery that will help them succeed. For that reason, we believe in offering a way for businesses to get high quality machinery at a lower price than buying new equipment. We sell used, fully inspected equipment at prices that businesses can afford, and the machinery we offer is reliable and will last for years to come. We don’t just stock Hayssen, either—we offer machinery from the top brand names in the packaging industry.

Contact HP Packaging today to learn more about the brands we offer and the types of machinery available for your packaging line.

How Accessible Packaging Opens More Than Products

Most of us see opening a package as an easy task. Yet for some, like seniors, people with disabilities, or young children, opening a package takes more time and effort. Especially as safe packaging proliferates the food and medical industries, senior citizens are increasingly left behind. Seniors make up the largest and fastest-growing market demographic, so easy-to-open products are a forefront issue for High Performance Packaging.

Easy Packaging Solutions

There is a variety of options open to packaging manufacturers. MultiVac products can implement any one of these to increase product accessibility while still keeping contents fresh and sterile.

  • Base Film Cuts. This is an incision that goes partially into the packaging, but not all the way through, giving the consumer a weak point to exploit.
  • Tear Flaps. An unsealed area extends across the entire package, and the tear flap covers this opening. This is one of the easiest-to-open methods.
  • Thumb Holes. This is another type of tear flap, but a thumb-sized impression is punched into the tear flap. This is great for those with poor vision and muscle control.
  • Peeling Corners. Commonly seen on pre-prepared and frozen food containers, one of the edges sticks up without compromising the contents.
  • Serrated Edges. This is often located above ziplock or zipper bags. The length of the packaging is easily torn, keeping the product safe until its first use.
  • Tear Slit. Similar to the serrated edges, a tear slit has a single weak point on the edge. This is a great method for helping seniors open individually-wrapped medication.
  • Chevron Seals. This is another type of tear flap that is commonly used in wider packages. A V-shaped chevron seal is at the top of the package, so when the consumer pulls on the edge, the brunt of the force is located at the V’s tip. There is no question about the location of the opening flap, which is perfect for medical equipment.

High Performance Packaging provides solutions that address all of our client’s needs. We deliver answers to unique problems and have a range of easily-opened products to address the growing concern of difficult packaging.