Why Purchase Used Schib Packaging Machinery?

Schib Packaging specializes in manufacturing high-quality flow wrapper machinery, which High Performance Packaging carries along with many other notable brands in the packaging industry. They are useful for wrapping both food and non-food products across a wide range of industries, and they are easy to incorporate in existing production lines to improve overall efficiency and quality of product packaging. High Performance Packaging resells used Schib Packaging machinery because of its heavy-duty construction that keeps it fully operational through years of use.

Use Schib Packaging Machinery in Many Industries

The flow wrapping machinery that Schib Packaging fabricates is intended for use in many different types of production lines. The many different types of companies that use Schib Packaging equipment use them for products such as:

  • Dairy and frozen products
  • Bread and pizza
  • Biscuits
  • Flatware and tableware
  • Hard candy and gum
  • Chocolate
  • Lollipops
  • Other food products
  • Chemicals and cleaning supplies
  • Health and hygiene
  • Electric and mechanical parts
  • Construction and furnishing

In addition to individual flow wrapper machines, Schib Packaging machinery is also available in complete Schib Packaging production lines. They carry complete lines for products such as plum cake, chocolate bars, snack bars, biscuits, lollipops, layer cake, and cutlery. If your food or non-food items need top quality and efficient flow wrapping, Schib Packaging manufactures the products you need to keep your facility running they way it should.

Getting Used Schib Packaging Instead of New

Companies are often tempted to purchase new packaging equipment that has never been implemented in a packaging line, but the fact is that used equipment is often just as reliable if properly maintained. There are multiple benefits to purchasing used Schib Packaging machinery over new machinery.

The main benefit packaging line owners can experience with used packaging equipment is lowered costs. Used machines don’t cost as much as new models, but with a packaging machine supplier that restores used models, there is no decrease in quality. Companies like High Performance Packaging can also fully refurbish used equipment at the buyer’s request, making sure the equipment runs for years through heavy use. Manufacturers save money through the repurposing of their equipment as well, helping to reduce the amount of resources required to product new machinery.

Another benefit customers can experience with a used packaging machine reseller is a number of additional services. Some companies like High Performance Packaging offer preventative maintenance services, operator training, and replacement parts to help avoid the need for replacing entire pieces of equipment.

Used Schib Packaging Machinery at High Performance Packaging

Along with many other types of used packaging equipment, High Performance Packaging carries used Schib Packaging flow wrappers. You can purchase this equipment here and choose from a variety of packaging machines in our inventory. Apart from flow wrappers, we offer other form, fill and seal equipment such as bulk bagging lines, HFFS packaging machinery, premade pouch packaging machines, shrink bundlers, thermoform packaging equipment, and more.

Benefits of Getting Used Multivac Packaging Machinery

There are many uses for Multivac packaging machinery. Their thermoforming and vacuum packaging machines help keep food items fresh, and their heavy-duty construction makes them ready for many years of use. Multivac equipment is some of the most reliable in food processing and packaging, which is why High Performance Packaging recirculates models from this manufacturer along with other types of used packaging machines. Their high-quality construction makes them ideal for reselling and repurposing, as many companies rely on them in their production lines.

Top-Quality Thermoforming and Vacuum Packaging Machines

Multivac manufactures thermoforming machines and vacuum packagers that produce packages that effectively contain the fresh food products. Meat, fruits, vegetables and other perishables benefit from airtight packages that are ready for shipping to grocery stores and other locations. Multivac builds its equipment to be as fast and efficient as it should be in food processing facilities, using some of the toughest materials.

Thermoforming machines from Multivac can produce packages that maintain freshness of contained products while allowing customers easy access to the product. For instance, some thermoformed packages can include a corner tab that customers can pull to conveniently open the container. Vacuum packaging machines effectively remove all air from packages containing various types of spoilable foods, maximizing their shelf life. They are capable of packaging products at high rates as well. Many types of companies depend on Multivac packaging machinery for its combination of quality and efficiency.

Buying Used Multivac Packaging Machinery

New Multivac packaging equipment may tempt a lot of companies, but there are additional benefits to purchasing used thermoforming and vacuum packaging machines from used packaging machine companies. The most obvious benefit may be the lowered cost of buying used machines, but there is no sacrifice in quality when getting it from the right company. A reliable packaging company will inspect used equipment before reselling it, ensuring that any future customer receives machinery that’s in working condition and ready to ship.

Another benefit is the fact that good packaging companies will offer other services in addition to the used Multivac packaging machinery. Operator training is a service that certain companies provide, helping to make sure that your employees understand how the equipment works as well as what to look for in the event of a malfunction. Preventative maintenance services are also important to maximize the longevity of the packaging equipment, and replacement parts are also often required if a component experiences wear or damage. Identifying a single faulty part and replacing it can save you the costs and frustration of buying an entire replacement packaging machine when you don’t need it.
High Performance Packaging carries used models of Multivac packaging equipment along with many other top brands in the packaging industry. We have supplies that cover a wide range of industries, for both food and nonfood products. Our full inventory includes a selection of VFFS machines, case sealers, label printers, applicators, and many others.

Getting Used 3M-Matic Packaging Equipment

When finalizing product packaging in a production line, efficient case sealers are crucial. 3M-Matic case sealers are among the most used in the industry, capable of securely taping boxes of many shapes and sizes for a wide variety of products. Their top-level fabrication qualifies them for recirculation through High Performance Packaging and other packaging equipment companies. There are several reasons why packaging line managers should buy used 3M-Matic packaging equipment instead of newer models.

High-Quality Case Sealers for Production Lines

There are multiple final steps that go into the packaging process prior to shipping, including labeling and sealing. Boxes should move down the assembly line quickly without any lack of integrity in their seals, and 3M-Matic case sealers are designed to maintain speed and efficiency in packaging lines, applying high-quality seals to various types of boxes. They are designed to handle boxes for most food or nonfood products in high-speed packaging lines. Tapes of different widths are available as well, depending on the size of the box, from 1.5 to 3 inches.

3M fabricates many other types of manufacturing machinery and accessories, including products for the automotive, food and beverage, metalworking, aerospace, and aircraft industries. Each of their products uses innovative technology to meet and potentially exceed industry standards, and case sealers are no exception. They are designed for simple installation in packaging lines, integrating seamlessly in nearly any facility.

Why Choose Used 3M-Matic Packaging Equipment?

Packaging line managers may wish to implement new machinery in their facilities, but the truth is that properly maintained used packaging machines can work as effectively as new models. There is no need to spend more money on newer machines when used equipment is available at lower costs, and manufacturers save money as well when there’s less demand for new machines. You’ll experience no reduction in quality if you purchase used equipment from the right place. A trustworthy used packaging machine company will make sure that each piece of used equipment is ready for shipping before a purchase is made.

Once they receive used 3M-Matic packaging equipment, companies like High Performance Packaging have trained experts who can closely inspect each component and restore the machinery to working condition. Operators may be unfamiliar with 3M-Matic machines or other brands of newly implemented equipment, but you can eliminate this concern through full operator training, which High Performance Packaging also offers. You can further prevent breakdowns in your facility with a preventative maintenance schedule, which ensures that each part of your machine is functioning at maximum efficiency.

Production lines can also combine used 3M-Matic packaging equipment with other types of used machinery to form new lines or replace faulty or unneeded equipment in existing ones. High Performance Packaging carries many types of used packaging equipment from many of the most reputable brands in the industry. Our large selection of products includes VFFS and HFFS machines, label applicators, conveyors, printers, pallet wrappers and metal detectors, along with several other types of machinery from top manufacturers.

Buying Used Norwood Printers for Production Lines

One of the final steps in the packaging process is labeling. Packaging facilities need printing equipment that can efficiently produce high-quality labels for product packages, preparing them for application. Norwood is a printing equipment manufacturer that is known for its reliable machinery, which is why High Performance Packaging carries used Norwood printers along with many other top brands in the packaging industry. Norwood manufactures two types of printers depending on companies’ needs: thermal transfer printers and hot stamp printers.

Hot Stamp and Thermal Transfer Printing Equipment

Norwood printers use state-of-the-art, high-resolution printing technology to print labels that effectively express the product brand. Both hot stamp and thermal transfer printers are easy to install in many types of packaging lines. Use them in VFFS, converting, blisterpack, cartoning, thermoforming and custom packaging lines to print logos, barcodes, serialization, prices, expiration dates, and other text or images. They are useful for printing labels for food and nonfood items across a wide range of industries. Printers’ user interfaces are also easy to use, giving operators the ability to quickly perform functions and troubleshooting tasks.

These printers are also economical, costing pennies for thousands of imprints. They are easy to install in packaging lines, and companies can even use hot stamp printers off-line for semi-automatic or manual operations. Thermal transfer printers also come with a precise advanced control for ribbons to maximize their accuracy. All printer parts are constructed using some of the toughest materials available, helping ensure that they serve packaging lines for years with minimal decrease in efficiency.

Purchasing Used Norwood Printers vs. Newly Manufactured Models

The top-quality fabrication that comes with Norwood printers makes them ideal for recirculation in the packaging industry. There are several benefits to purchasing used Norwood printers instead of shopping for new ones. A reliable packaging machine reseller makes sure that used packaging equipment is as effective and efficient as new models, while saving customers money whether they’re building a new packaging line or improving an existing one. Hot stamp and thermal transfer printers are among many types of reusable packaging machines.

Buying used packaging machinery costs considerably less than new equipment, and prior to reselling, trained technicians at companies like High Performance Packaging thoroughly inspect each machine to make sure it’s in working condition. A trustworthy packaging company will also offer operator training services, preventative maintenance and replacement parts to further prevent any inefficiency in production lines, making used equipment as effective as machinery that comes straight from the factory.
Because of their consistent reliability, used Norwood printers are among the many types of used packaging machinery that High Performance Packaging buys and resells. We make sure that each model of hot stamp or thermal transfer printer is ready for immediate integration in your new or existing packaging line and offer operator training to make the implementation process even smoother. Apart from Norwood printers, we also carry code date printers, label applicators, vertical and horizontal form, fill and seal equipment, conveyors, case sealers, auger fillers, and volumetric fillers, as well as many other used packaging machines to meet your needs.

Purchasing Used Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery

Spee-Dee is known for its top-quality used packaging equipment, including a selection of auger and volumetric cup fillers that High Performance Packaging carries. Spee-Dee packaging machinery is used for measuring and filling dry products in a variety of containers such as bottles, bags, cans, pouches, and cartons. The pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical industries, among others, rely heavily on this equipment to keep their production lines running. There are several types of packaging machines that Spee-Dee manufactures.

Use Auger and Volumetric Cup Fillers for Dry Food and Nonfood Items

Spee-Dee produces several different models of auger fillers and volumetric fillers. These machines can accurately measure and fill many types of containers of various shapes and sizes, maintaining efficiency in packaging lines. Spee-Dee fabricates their equipment using the best materials in the industry, which helps ensure machinery stays in working condition after years of use in production lines. As the company name would suggest, Spee-Dee packaging machinery is known for its ability to operate well in high-speed packaging lines.

Many top-tier businesses have utilized Spee-Dee’s packaging equipment in their product packaging, including Kraft, McCormick & Company, General Mills, Keebler, Dow Chemical, Pfizer and more. Spee-Dee has been manufacturing packaging machines for over 20 years, and has installed over 1,400 direct drive auger fillers and 6,200 volumetric cup filling machines in the packaging industry. The average employee at Spee-Dee has over 10 years of experience with the company, helping maintain consistency in manufacturing quality. Nearly any dry product packaging line can benefit from an installed Spee-Dee filler.

Why Buy Used Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery Instead of New Equipment?

Packaging line managers may initially want to purchase new packaging machines to implement in their facilities, but many don’t know that used equipment is often as efficient and long-lasting as newer models. Companies don’t need to spend more on new machinery when work-ready used models are on the market at lower costs. Professionals restore used auger and volumetric fillers to top condition before reselling, and many used packaging companies provide additional services to help properly integrate the machinery. Recirculating used packaging machinery also helps reduce spending for the manufacturers, who don’t need to spend as much on the resources needed for producing new equipment.

High Performance Packaging offers used Spee-Dee packaging machinery in addition to many other brands of used equipment. We carry auger fillers along with volumetric cup fillers, including all of the components they need to operate effectively. Our technicians carefully inspect each machine to make sure each part is in working condition, and we can assist with installation. We can also provide technical support to keep machinery working efficiently, and if your operators are unfamiliar with any Spee-Dee equipment, we offer operator training services as well.

If you would like to install a used Spee-Dee packaging machine in your facility, you can find them in our full list of used packaging equipment, which includes many other top brands of machinery. Our inventory contains a wide variety of VFFS and HFFS machines, palletizers, shrink wrappers and many other types of equipment to keep your packaging line running smoothly.

Implementing Loma Systems Metal Detectors, Checkweighers and X-ray Machines

Loma Systems is known as one of the top engineering and manufacturing companies in the packaging industry. Their metal detectors, checkweighers and X-ray inspection machines are used in many different types of packaging facilities for a wide variety of applications. Their equipment complies with international product safety standards and other regulatory requirements, and can accurately identify defective products and eliminate contaminants. Companies like High Performance Packaging restore and recirculate Loma Systems metal detectors and other used packaging equipment because of its sustainability through years of use.

Loma Systems Metal Detectors

Many types of production lines rely on Loma Systems metal detectors for final product inspection before shipping. Their award-winning IQ3 and IQ3+ metal detectors can operate between 40 to 900 kHz, making them ideal for slow-, medium- and high-speed production lines. They are also both UL and CUL approved, the first and only models in the industry to claim this. They are made of some of the toughest materials in the industry as well, which makes them suitable for use in harsh packaging environments. They also use intuitive controls to allow for user-friendly operation.

High-Quality Checkweighers

Loma Systems checkweighers are designed to help maximize the overall efficiency of production lines. Operators have access to a color touch-screen display with easy-to-use menus, with an optimum reject mechanism for defective products. Their networking capabilities can make them a crucial element of packaging facilities, providing detailed technical information that can help companies improve their operations. Like Loma Systems metal detectors, these checkweighers are designed for use in harsh environments.

X-ray Inspection Equipment

If your packaging line needs reliable contamination detection equipment, Loma Systems manufactures x-ray inspection machinery that is useful for many types of products. This X-ray equipment can detect contaminants in packaging, food, and pharmaceutical products, properly identifying unsafe levels of glass, metal, plastics, stone, and other hazardous materials. These machines can also provide final quality checks for packaged products, including counting components, identifying damaged or missing products, measuring product mass, monitoring fill levels, inspecting seals, and more. They are equipped with adaptive array technology to calibrate for optimal detection performance.

Purchasing Used Loma Systems Machinery

The reliability of Loma Systems packaging machinery allows them to last for many years. Packaging companies like High Performance Packaging recirculate used Loma Systems equipment by purchasing, checking, and restoring used machines before reselling them for future use. Trained technicians can inspect used equipment to help ensure that it works efficiently in any facility. Packaging facilities can integrate Loma Systems metal detectors and other machines with many other types of equipment to form an optimal production line. Used equipment from a reputable company is less expensive than buying newer models as well, and there is no reduction in quality after implementing them. A preventative maintenance program can also help ensure that equipment works in your facility for years without breakdowns.

Because of its consistent quality, Loma Systems is one of the many top-level manufacturers that High Performance Packaging trusts. Their machinery is useful for quality assurance in a wide variety of packaging applications, and is available in our product inventory.

Using ARPAC Packaging Machines for Wrapping and Palletizing

If your production line needs a shrink bundler or case palletizer for product packaging, ARPAC manufactures some of the best wrapping and palletizing equipment in the industry. ARPAC packaging machines are ideal for finalizing packaging for both food and nonfood products, and are designed for use in both slow- and high-speed packaging lines. High Performance Packaging sells used shrink wrapping and palletizing machines from ARPAC because of their high-quality construction, which allows them to last for years. Here is some more information about the machines in their product line.

ARPAC Shrink Bundlers

Packages that require the application of transparent shrink wrap over products will benefit from ARPAC shrink wrapping machines in packaging lines. Their equipment is compatible with many package sizes, and packaging line owners can implement them in facilities with other types of machinery to customize their production lines. These machines can accommodate for both slow- and high-speed packaging lines, providing consistent quality and efficiency. They are useful for wrapping many types of products in the food, beverage, household care and personal care industries, among others.

Palletizing Equipment

Along with shrink wrappers, ARPAC manufactures conventional palletizing equipment for packaging systems. Their palletizers are capable of running cases, bags, trays, bundles, and rolled products at speeds of up to 60 products per minute. They are potentially fully automated, requiring minimal operator control. These palletizing machines are also available with customizable options including product turning, row forming, corner boards, and layer sheets. Like other ARPAC packaging machines, production facility managers can integrate them in complete packaging lines with other brands of equipment.

Case & Tray Packing Machines

ARPAC carries case and tray packing machinery that’s useful for packaging small to large products. This equipment can package products at a rate of 45 cases or trays per minute, and they can package products in many different industries. Along with other ARPAC packaging machines, case and tray packers can process a wide range of products including cereal boxes, ice cream, cartons, canned food, bottled water, soft drinks, shampoo, cosmetics, juice, deodorants, and many others. ARPAC also manufactures top-quality case erectors that can form and seal many types of corrugated cases, boxes, and trays.

Buying Used ARPAC Packaging Machines

Because of its high-quality construction, ARPAC’s packaging machinery can resist wear for many years, making them ideal for recirculation in the packaging industry. Companies like High Performance Packaging purchase ARPAC equipment in working condition for reselling and repurposing in many different types of production lines. Experienced technicians make sure that used equipment is in good enough condition to provide the same level of efficiency and quality as newer models, while helping packaging line owners save money. Reselling used packaging equipment also helps manufacturers reduce expenses on newer equipment.

If you feel that your packaging line could benefit from integrating used ARPAC equipment with other types of packaging machines, speak with a packaging expert to help you find the right models for your facility. High Performance Packaging also carries many other top brands of packaging equipment.

Implementing Parsons Eagle Packaging Equipment to Improve Production

Parsons Eagle manufactures top-quality packaging machinery in the industry, including a line of vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machines, scales, and automatic bag filling and closing systems. Like other top manufacturers that appear in High Performance Packaging’s inventory of used packaging machinery, this equipment is built using reliable materials that resist wear through periods of heavy use. Here’s a closer look at some of the specific Parsons Eagle packaging equipment that various industries use. Production lines can easily combine Parsons Eagle machinery with other types of equipment to form cohesive and efficient assemblies.

Parsons Eagle VFFS Machines

To fulfill the needs of different types of packaging lines, Parsons Eagle manufactures two series of VFFS packaging machines: the Phaser XP series and the Infinity series. Phaser XP machines are designed for shorter packaging runs at medium speeds, capable of running up to 60 bags per minute, while Infinity machines are intended for high-speed applications, handling up to 120 bags per minute. Depending on the application, different options are available to meet specific packaging requirements. Both machines are made of stainless steel, making them ideal for wash-down environments.

Linear & Combination Net Weigh Scales

Along with high-quality VFFS machines, Parsons Eagle also manufactures linear scales and combination net weigh scales for many types of production lines. Like other types of Parsons Eagle packaging equipment, these scales are made of stainless steel with smooth welded seams to last for years. Combination scales in their product line include 10-head, 14-head, or 20-head models, meeting the requirements of small-to-large production lines. In addition to both types of net weigh scales, Parsons Eagle also produces load-out scales.

Automatic Bag Filling & Closing Machines

For packaging lines that need reliable equipment for picking, placing and filling pre-made bags or pouches, Parsons Eagle offers automatic bag filling and closing machines. They manufacturer different model series of varying speeds and sizes to meet the demands of many different industries. Similar to their other packaging machines, automatic filling and closing equipment is compatible with food and nonfood production lines. This type of machinery is also constructed with stainless steel.

Benefits of Purchasing Used Parsons Eagle Packaging Equipment

While new Parsons Eagle machinery is available, there are multiple reasons to purchase used equipment from packaging companies such as High Performance Packaging. One of the main benefits is the lowered cost of replacing equipment, while receiving the same quality of equipment. Reliable packaging companies check each piece of used machinery and restore it to maximize its longevity, without allowing for any compromise in efficiency. Another benefit of recirculating used equipment is the reduced expenses and need for resources associated with manufacturing new machines. Packaging companies can also fully restore used equipment if customers request the service.

Certain packaging companies like High Performance Packaging also provide other services, including preventative maintenance program development and operator training services to help maintain overall efficiency in facilities. However, manufacturers like Parsons Eagle build equipment that uses some of the most innovative designs and long-lasting parts in the industry, eliminating the need for frequent extensive maintenance.

How to Troubleshoot VFFS Packaging Machine Sealing Issues

Like other pieces of packaging equipment, vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machines require occasional preventative maintenance to avoid breakdowns. If your VFFS machine malfunctions or operates inefficiently, it’s important for packaging line operators to accurately identify and address the issue before it can result in avoidable downtime. There are many components that keep VFFS machines functioning the way they should, which can make diagnosing an issue difficult. Here are some common sealing issues, along with possible causes, that can give you an idea of how to troubleshoot VFFS packaging machines. In cases where issues are more extensive, packaging lines may benefit from replacement new or used packaging machines, which we can provide with a wide selection of reliable equipment.

Poor Seal Integrity

One problem that can arise is a lack of seal integrity. VFFS machines should be able to form seals that consistently meet industry standards. When these seals aren’t as tight as they should be, there are several steps that operators should take to fix the issue:

  • Make sure sealing jaws are parallel, which you can test by sealing on a sheet of A4 paper and examining the trace.
  • Keep temperature settings consistent, and ensure that they apply to the sealing jaws. If you need to increase or decrease the temperature, adjust both time and pressure as well.
  • Clean sealing tools that look even mildly dirty.
  • If a machine has gusset areas, leakage may be present, in which case you should check the gusset area pressure.
  • If contamination is too prevalent to allow for proper cleaning, you may need to replace the sealing components.

Seal/Peel Weaknesses

Another potential problem is a weak seal or peel. The most common solution for both is to adjust temperatures to the correct settings. However, problems with seal strength may involve the thickness of the base film and the specific type of seal layer. Normally, thicker base films result in stronger seals, but at the same time, thicker materials allow for a shorter temperature range.

Hot-Tack Problems

If the packaging material at the bottom seal cannot hold the packaged contents while heated, there are several ways you can fix this:

  • You may need to increase the temperature of the sealing area to create a stronger seal. Operators should perform regular checks to make sure that the temperature settings are where they need to be.
  • If necessary, cooling air blasts may help increase hot-tack strength.
  • If a lack of pressure is the problem, increase the pressure of the sealing jaws.
  • Replace the current sealant design with a new one if needed.

Of course, there are many other types of problems that can occur with VFFS equipment. Performing regular preventative maintenance checks will allow operators to determine which type of issue the packaging line is experiencing, and subsequently make it easier to troubleshoot VFFS packaging machines and other machinery. If you require the expertise of experienced technicians, packaging companies like High Performance Packaging can send packaging machine experts to your facility who can identify technical problems and also further train your operators.

Replacing VFFS Machinery

If your VFFS machines are damaged beyond repair or won’t be able to perform to your project specifications, you may need to replace the equipment. In addition to assistance for troubleshooting VFFS equipment, we offer a selection of reliable used VFFS machines and much more. You can find some of the best packaging equipment available anywhere when you browse our full inventory of products, with VFFS machinery from some of the top brands, and we also carry many other top-quality packaging machines, including complete form fill and seal systems.

Connect with High Performance Packaging for All of Your VFFS Machine Needs Today

We can make sure you get everything you need to keep your packaging systems operating optimally. You won’t need to worry about inefficiency or a lack of productivity with our preventative maintenance services, along with the other services we offer. You’ll see a difference when you work with High Performance Packaging for all of your VFFS machinery needs. If you would like to benefit from our maintenance services or learn more about our VFFS equipment, contact us today.

Using Cryovac Liquid Filling Machines for Production Lines

Cryovac liquid filling machines are among the best in the packaging industry. Sealed Air manufactures them to provide high-quality packaging for many liquid food items, across a variety of industries. They have both one- and two-phase VFFS packaging machines to contribute to many different types of facilities. The different models they manufacture can accommodate for the specific needs of various liquid packaging applications.

One-Phase Liquid Filling Machines

Certain packaging facilities may benefit from implementing one-phase Cryovac liquid filling machines, depending on the type of product they’re intended to handle. Cryovac has different models based on the type of packaging a product requires. Their equipment can handle food products that may or may not contain particulates, as well as hot or cold fluids. They are designed to maintain efficiency in nearly any type of facility, requiring minimal maintenance because of their top-quality construction. Some of the products they can package include:

  • Soups
  • Sauces
  • Processed vegetables and fruit
  • Jams and jellies
  • Oils
  • Condiments
  • Dairy Products

Two-Phase Machines

For other food products that are mixtures of liquids and solids, Cryovac manufactures a two-phase machine. This equipment can either combine liquids and solids into a single product, or keep them separate. Like the one-phase models, the two-phase packaging machine is efficient and built to last through years of operation. Applications for two-phase Cryovac liquid filling machines handle include:

  • Vegetables in liquid
  • Meat and poultry in sauces or marinated liquid
  • Fruits in syrup
  • Olives in brine

Combine with Other Used Food Packaging Equipment

Along with Cryovac liquid filling machines, food packaging lines often require many other types of machinery. Facilities are able to implement Cryovac equipment with other brands of packaging machines to form a complete, efficient production line. To help save money, packaging line operators can invest in used Cryovac machines and others, without experiencing any compromise in efficiency. Like Sealed Air’s Cryovac machines, other top manufacturers fabricate machinery with materials that aren’t as vulnerable to wear as others, maximizing their longevity.

Purchasing used packaging equipment can save money for packaging line owners who want to renovate or move their packaging facilities. Used machinery also reduces the need to consume resources and spend money on manufacturing new equipment. Companies can also sell any used equipment they no longer need to help fund the purchase of other equipment or the setup of a new facility. Recirculating used machinery lowers costs for both manufacturers and customers, and with high-quality, well-maintained equipment, there is minimal risk of breakdowns.

Buy Used Machinery from Reliable Companies

A good packaging company makes sure that all used packaging equipment for sale is in working condition and ready for immediate installation. Cryovac liquid filling machines and many others should undergo inspection and restoration until they are suitable for operation, and reliable packaging companies such as High Performance Packaging perform these tasks. Companies should also develop preventative maintenance programs to make sure each component is in good shape, avoiding potential costly breakdowns.

In addition to Cryovac VFFS machines, Sealed Air is also a leading manufacturer of other products that assist in food processing, medical device manufacturing, infection prevention, and more.