Best Steps to Take for a Successful Factory Acceptance Test

Before final installation of packaging equipment takes place in a facility, a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) can help avoid frustrations that may arise from inefficient and improper packaging processes. The FAT gives packaging facility managers the chance to make sure their newly purchased packaging machinery is compatible with their products, and can indicate the need for different equipment or modifications.

There are several steps taken for a successful FAT.

1. Develop a Complete Test Plan

The purpose of the FAT is to weed out any potential failures and mechanical issues that may present a severe problem after installation. Customers purchasing new packaging machinery should provide packaging and product specifications when requesting quotes for equipment, which helps packaging machine suppliers determine which equipment is right for their application. Responsibilities, deliverables, and accountabilities should be transparent. Customers should also specify how many packages they plan to produce and at what speed.

2. Use the Same Packaging Materials in the FAT as the Actual Line

During the FAT, equipment should undergo testing using the same packaging materials that will pass through the final production line. Otherwise you may experience a compromise in validity. However, you can also use other noncompliant materials in addition to the final materials to test the machinery’s flexibility of operation. This will also help you understand which operational settings are right for your equipment.

3. Request Input from Operators

Production line operators who have handled equipment for years are qualified to help make decisions about equipment quality. Operators familiar with a certain brand or model of equipment can likely identify issues with equipment prior to installation in the facility, which is why it’s important to include them early in the equipment selection process. If operators are uncomfortable with a certain type of equipment or don’t believe it will perform adequately, it may signify that different equipment is required. When operators are merely unfamiliar with a certain machine, they may benefit from additional operator training to help familiarize them with it.

4. Create a Failure Checklist

If any issues are found throughout testing, customers can take inventory of them to accurately assess equipment performance. Running and dry running equipment can help you identify electronic failures, leakage, worn parts, and other mechanical problems that require fixes before installation. This also allows you to avoid costly repairs that may be necessary after implementation in your facility.

Benefits of Getting Equipment at High Performance Packaging

These steps are some of the keys to a successful Factory Acceptance Test. While High Performance Packaging tests each piece of used packaging equipment to ensure there aren’t any potential weaknesses in performance, we can help you figure out which machines and specifications will work best for your application based on test runs and provided product specs. We work to make implementation of our packaging equipment easy for each of our customers, with a wide range of used packaging machinery available for food and nonfood production lines.

How to Test Metal Detecting Equipment

Many types of companies use metal detectors to pass internal and external audits, but if they aren’t working properly, then the packaging line could be as vulnerable to product contamination as it would be without metal detectors entirely. When starting your packaging assembly, you should take certain steps to test your metal detectors to avoid potential detecting errors or breakdowns.

Here’s a simple guide for testing your metal detecting machinery.

1. Perform a Test Run with Your Product

The first thing you should do when testing your equipment is make sure the product passes through the detector without resulting in a false reject. Whether your product is cereal, cheese, meat, paper, plastic pallets, or other types of food or nonfood items, your owner’s manual should help you with the correct setup to prevent false rejects.


2. Use a Metal Test Part in the Weakest Detection Spot

One of the best ways to test your equipment’s detecting abilities is to place a small metal sample part in the weakest detection area of packaging. This helps make sure that the equipment is able to detect contaminants regardless of their place within product packaging. You can try placing the metal in various areas of the packaging as well, and test it multiple times to determine the equipment’s detection capacity. If you discover that the equipment is unable to locate the metal part anywhere within the packaging, you may need to readjust your metal detector or consider a different model.

3. Allow the Detector to Fully Reject Products

When performing a test run of your metal detector, you should let the equipment complete a full product reject to determine whether or not each part is working correctly. Flap gates, kickers, air blasts, retraction, and other devices may not perform their necessary function, which may indicate that replacements are required. Consult your operation manual to learn the correct settings for your application.

4. Test Equipment 10 Times

If you want to be sure that your metal detector is working the way it should, you should test multiple times. A good threshold for this is the passage of 10 packages through the equipment. If any of them result in rejection, it may either indicate actual product contamination or a potential mechanical problem, warranting investigation.

Testing Other Machinery in Your Production Line

Metal detectors are only a small final element of most production lines. To make sure your packaging equipment is performing optimally, you should perform test runs on all of your equipment. Form fill seal machinery, conveyors, freezers, and other types of packaging equipment in your facility may have mechanical issues that remain overlooked until a lack of productivity is noticed or breakdowns occur. Testing equipment regularly can help assure you that you’re production line isn’t suffering from any potential weaknesses in performance.

Integrating Used Meat, Poultry and Seafood Packaging Machinery

Similar to many other types of perishable food products, meat, poultry, and seafood products require airtight packaging that effectively prevents spoilage. To help achieve this, High Performance Packaging carries top brands of used meat, poultry and seafood packaging equipment. There are various types of used packaging machines available depending on the specific stage in the packaging process.

Product Weighing Machines

To properly weigh and label meat, seafood or poultry products with the correct information, reliable weighers are required. Ishida, Woodman, Yamato and other trusted brands of used weighing machinery are available at High Performance Packaging to improve efficiency and accuracy in low- to high-speed packaging lines.

Vacuum Sealing Equipment

To prevent contamination and bacteria buildup, airtight and watertight package sealing is required for sensitive meat products. MTC and Ultravac vacuum sealers in our list of products can effectively remove air from meat packaging, maximizing the product’s shelf life. Our vacuum sealing machines can keep contaminants, oxygen and moisture out of many different shapes and sizes of meat packaging, whether it’s for poultry, seafood, or red meat.

Some meat products may require shrink wrapping, which is why we also carry shrink wrapping and bundling equipment from ARPAC and other top-level manufacturers.

VFFS and HFFS Packaging Machinery

Depending on the type of packaging, different types of used VFFS and HFFS packaging machinery are available. Hayssen and Matrix are simply a couple of the trusted brands that appear in our inventory, and can provide sufficient packaging for a wide range of meat products.

Why Buy Used Poultry, Meat and Seafood Packaging Equipment?

The most apparent reason for buying used packaging machinery is the lowered costs when constructing or improving a production line. What many companies may not realize is that there are many other potential benefits that come with purchasing used equipment, including various services that maximize the longevity of your packaging operation. Buying new models straight from the manufacturer may seem ideal, but taking the time to locate used models in good condition can provide many benefits that you may otherwise miss.

When you purchase used machinery from a company like High Performance Packaging, you’ll be able to trust that each piece of equipment has undergone inspected to make sure it’s in working condition. Our experts examine and test our products to identify and address any technical issues before reselling. Once you select a used model of any of the machines in our inventory, we offer a host of services to help further improve your facility’s overall performance. Services include performance improvement, preventative maintenance programs, operator training, OEE programs, and troubleshooting. When constructing a new production line, we can also provide line start-up assistance to get it started.

For a free quote or technical details about any of our packaging machinery, including poultry, meat and seafood packaging equipment, contact High Performance Packaging today. We can help you select the most suitable models for your production line, with a large selection of machines intended for packaging food and nonfood products.

Purchasing Used Pet Food Packaging Machinery

Dry and wet pet food requires top-quality packaging machinery to make sure that the product doesn’t spoil prior to selling. High Performance Packaging carries reliable used packaging machinery for many different products, including pet food. To help avoid costly and frustrating breakdowns, we only carry brands known for manufacturing pet food packaging machines with long-lasting materials and state-of-the-art design.

With one or more of our pet food packaging machines installed in your facility, you’ll benefit from improved productivity for years to come.

Weighing Equipment

One of the most important steps in pet food packaging is weighing the product to ensure consistency of product filling. Some of the reliable brands we carry include Yamato, Ishida, and Woodman. These brands are reputable because of their products’ top-level construction, and their used units can provide for many years of additional use. We offer weighing machines for production lines of varying speeds to improve efficiency and accuracy when weighing products.

VFFS Bagging Machinery

Proper bagging is another vital element in pet food packaging. Pet food products need bagging that can avoid damage and keep products unexposed to contaminants. Some of the brands we carry to provide reliable bagging include Hayssen, Matrix, Ishida, and Woodman. Like our other equipment, different types of VFFS packaging machines are available according to application requirements, including speed and packaging type.

Sealing and Palletizing Machines

Once pet food goes through the weighing and bagging process, sealing is required to further prevent product spoilage. Brands such as 3M Matic are trusted for their sealing capabilities, which is why we carry their used models. For bulk packaging, we also offer several top brands of palletizing equipment to install in your facility, including Orion, ARPAC, and Wulftec.

Benefits of Purchasing Used Pet Food Packaging Machines

Newer models of pet food packaging equipment may seem more appealing, but you can save money and benefit from other services when purchasing used models from a reseller. Buying used equipment from a company like High Performance Packaging can help ensure that your production line gets the attention it needs to give you consistent results.

In addition to reliable used equipment that our experts have determined is in working condition, we offer supplemental services that can improve the performance and efficiency of your entire production line. We offer operator training, performance improvement, OEE programs, preventative maintenance, and line start-up services to make sure you get the most out of your purchases.

If you want a quote for any of our pet food packaging machines or additional technical details, contact us at any time. If you have another application that requires packaging machines, we offer a wide range of used equipment for many types of products. Our inventory includes HFFS and VFFS equipment, inspection equipment, and other types of equipment that can package food or nonfood products. When looking for suitable machinery, our knowledgeable team of packaging experts can help you choose the right equipment for your facility, and assist with installation and operation.

Buying Used Candy Packaging Equipment

Along with other types of dry food packaging machinery, High Performance Packaging carries high-quality used candy packaging equipment to help production lines maintain optimum performance. For quality assurance, we only carry the most reliable brands in the packaging industry, without the high costs of purchasing new machinery directly from the manufacturer. We offer a variety of machines intended for the packaging of candy products.

Our team of experts can help you select the right used packaging equipment, making sure your candy packaging facility has an assembly that can function with a consistent level of quality in the long term.

VFFS Bagging Machines

One type of equipment commonly used in candy packaging is the VFFS bagger. Your packaging assembly could benefit largely with one or more used VFFS baggers from top brands including Ishida, Hayssen, Matrix and Woodman. We carry models intended for applications requiring low to high speeds, with other options available depending on your facility’s needs.

Multihead Weigher Machines

In-line multihead weighers are also used in candy packaging lines, and used models are available from trusted brands such as Ishida, Woodman and Yamato to improve your production lines’ efficiency and accuracy when weighing products. Various models are available for low- or high-speed production lines.

Product Conveyors

Candy packaging facilities require conveyors to move products down the line from one step of the packaging process to the next. Our inventory includes conveyor brands such as Deamco, Key Technologies, and Kamflex, with Z-bucket, bulk packaging, vibratory feeder, code date conveyors, and others.

With a complete conveyor system installed in your packaging line, candy products of varying size and shape can travel through your facility with equal ease.

Why You Should Buy Used Candy Packaging Machines

Many companies may consider purchasing new candy packaging machines before searching for previously used models, but there are potential benefits that can come with selecting used machinery. Choosing a reseller like High Performance Packaging can ultimately improve your packaging line’s performance with high-quality packaging machines combined with other helpful services.

All of the packaging machinery in our inventory is in working condition and ready for shipping and installation. Our packaging experts make sure that the equipment we receive is capable of operation in packaging lines for years before replacements are required. Along with long-lasting packaging equipment, we also offer several technical services to make sure your candy packaging line avoids mechanical issues or poor operation. Our list of services includes preventative maintenance, OEE programs, troubleshooting, performance improvement, and operator training. With these services backing your facility, you’ll see maximized efficiency and reduced expenses.

If you would like more information about our candy packaging machines or other types of packaging machines we carry, contact High Performance Packaging today. We can also provide a quote for any of our products. Apart from candy packaging equipment, we offer a variety of sealers, inspection machines, HFFS packaging equipment, and more in our inventory depending on the specific application. We can help you determine which of our machines are ideal for your facility, and help with installation and line start-ups.

Finding the Right Used Cereal Packaging Machinery

Like other dry foods, cereal requires top-quality packaging equipment that can properly handle and package it while maintaining efficiency throughout the packaging process. To meet the needs of various types of cereal products, there are several types of packaging machines you should install in your facility. High Performance Packaging carries used packaging machines intended for this application, with some of the most reliable brands appearing in our inventory.

In-Line Multihead Weighers

One of the common types of cereal packaging equipment is a multihead weigher. With the right model installed in your facility, your production line will benefit from additional accuracy in when weighing product packaging. Whether you require weighing at higher or lower speeds, High Performance Packaging carries top multihead weigher brands, including Ishida, Combi, and Yamato.


For larger applications, integrating a system of multiple multihead weighers with other cereal packaging machines–including VFFS baggers–can maximize efficiency.

VFFS Bagging Equipment

Another type of machinery cereal packaging lines often utilize is a VFFS bagger. With trusted brands such as Hayssen and Ilapak integrated in your production line, your facility can experience consistent quality in the bagging process, with options for low- to high-speed production lines.


Used VFFS bagging machinery available at High Performance Packaging is compatible with other types of equipment we carry, giving you the ability to form a complete, long-lasting packaging assembly.

Vacuum Sealing Machinery

To prevent cereal from going stale in its packaging, an effective vacuum sealer is needed to remove air from cereal bags. Along with weighers, VFFS baggers, and other types of dry food packaging machines, we carry used vacuum sealers from top brands such as MTC and Ultravac.

Benefits of Used Cereal Packaging Equipment

When looking for top-quality cereal packaging machinery, buyers may look for new models because of their perceived better quality. However, used cereal packaging machines from the right reseller can give your production line the efficiency and speed that it needs at lower costs. Companies like High Performance Packaging will ensure that your packaging assembly avoids breakdowns and potentially costly downtime, with high-quality equipment and additional services.

Each piece of equipment in our inventory is assured to be in working condition. Our experts closely inspect and test machinery to make sure you receive equipment that can provide years of service. To help further avoid technical issues, we offer a selection of services to supplement your purchase. Our services include operator training, preventative maintenance scheduling, performance improvement, and line start-ups to keep your production line in prime condition.

For additional technical information about our cereal packaging machinery along with a free quote for any of our products, contact us today. We also carry a wide range of equipment for other applications, with a selection of conveyors, fillers, inspection machines, and more. We can help you combine multiple pieces of equipment to form a cohesive assembly that keeps your packaging facility efficient and inexpensive.

Why Purchase Used Cheese Packaging Equipment?

Similar to other types of perishable food products, cheese needs effective airtight packaging to keep it fresh until the consumer opens it. The key to high-quality packaging is effective packaging equipment, and while many people may believe that new machinery is ideal for integration in production lines, used cheese packaging equipment can provide the same level of efficiency and quality.

Spend Less on Used Machinery

The main argument for purchasing used cheese packaging machines instead of new equipment is simple: It costs less for equal quality. Many top brands of machinery are available at lower prices when you purchase used units, including Hayssen, Ishida, Ilapak, Woodman, Matrix, Yamato, and more. Oftentimes despite their previous use, these machines are as efficient as new models, undergoing inspection for quality assurance prior to resale.

Combinations of used packaging machines can dramatically save on the cost of your entire production line, allowing you to redirect expenses to other areas of your business. There are several other benefits that can come with used cheese packaging equipment, too.

Technical Services for Increased Productivity

In many cases, companies selling used packaging machines will offer a number of technical services that can help maximize the longevity and effectiveness of each piece of equipment in your production line. Some services that a good company will offer could include operator training, production line start-ups, performance improvement, and preventative maintenance, among others. Specifically, operator training can help keep your facility’s staff educated and productive, while other services such as preventative maintenance can help you identify any efficiency-reducing issues in the machinery itself that require addressing.

These services can help ensure that your production line is more efficient in the long run, making more profitable than it would if you simply purchased new equipment.

Get Used Cheese Packaging Equipment at High Performance Packaging

For efficient cheese packaging equipment and other food packaging machinery, consider High Performance Packaging for all of your needs. Our expansive selection of equipment includes a variety of flow wrappers, VFFS and HFFS machines, baggers, scales, and many other machines. Top brands of cheese packaging machines include Ishida, Triangle, and more. We can help you find the ideal piece of equipment to install in your facility.

Along with packaging machinery, we also offer several technical services to maximize the longevity and efficiency of your production line. Our team of experts will work with you to optimize your facility’s equipment and keep employees knowledgeable about how to operate it. With our help, you’ll be able to save money on fully functioning equipment and maximize the effectiveness of your production line.

For additional technical details regarding any of our machinery, along with a free quote, contact us online today. We can help you determine which equipment is best suited to your facility and get the results you want from your packaging operations.

Buying Used Frozen Pizza Packaging Machines

Like other types of frozen foods, frozen pizza requires high-quality packaging that maintains freshness until the consumer accesses the product. Contrary to what some may initially believe, used frozen pizza packaging machines can provide the same efficiency and level of quality as new equipment. Equipment that has seen prior use can still offer years of additional utilization if properly restored and maintained.

Reduce Expenses on Frozen Pizza Packaging Equipment

When building a new frozen pizza production line or improving one that already exists, purchasing new packaging equipment can consume much of your budget depending on how many units you need in your facility. Used packaging equipment, including packaging machines used for frozen pizza, can lower these costs and provide the same productivity as newer machines. Production line managers can use money saved to improve other areas of the facility or expand it to meet space requirements.

In many cases, top brands of used packaging equipment are available at the same prices as new units from lesser-known brands. This way you can get machinery from brands known for high-quality, long-lasting products instead of choosing less reliable equipment simply to save money.

Additional Benefits of Used Machinery

Other than reduced costs, there are other benefits that come with used frozen pizza packaging machines. If you turn to the right company, you can get machinery that has undergone thorough inspection at the hands of trained technicians for quality assurance, along with a host of other services to make sure your production line remains consistently productive.

Some of the available technical services a company may provide include machine operator training, preventative maintenance programs, OEE programs, performance improvement, and line start-ups. High-quality machinery combined with these services can help ensure that your facility is as profitable as it can be, with minimal risk of breakdowns and expensive downtime. For instance, operator training can give your staff the knowledge needed to effectively control and monitor each piece of equipment, while preventative maintenance schedules help make sure that worn parts are caught before mechanical malfunctions. Line start-ups can get your facility up and running quickly to give you the results you want from your production line.

Get Used Machinery at High Performance Packaging

If you want used frozen pizza packaging equipment that can contribute in your production line for years, consider getting used machines from High Performance Packaging. We carry several types of equipment that is commonly used for frozen pizza products, such as flow wrappers and vacuum sealers. Many different industry-leading brands are available in our inventory at low prices, including Ilapak, Ultravac, Ishida, Hayssen, and Arpac. Prior to putting units up for sale, our team of experts inspects each unit we receive to make sure it’s in excellent working condition.

We offer a selection of technical services to further improve your production line beyond installation of newly units. If you would like to learn more about these services, get technical information for any of our products, or receive a free quote, contact us today.

Benefits of Purchasing Used Fruit and Vegetable Packaging Machinery

There are many reasons why companies are better off purchasing used fruit and vegetable packaging machinery instead of newer equipment. Because of the sensitivity of food products and the requirement for reliable packaging, people may seek new models of equipment, but older equipment can provide the same level of quality in packaging at lower prices. There are also other benefits that can come with purchasing used packaging equipment.

Experience Lower Costs and High Quality with Used Packaging Machines

The most obvious benefit that you’ll see with used fruit and vegetable packaging machines is a potentially significant cost reduction. When looking for packaging equipment to install in a new facility, or revamp an existing one, used equipment can bring the same quality and longevity as new machinery. Many companies that sell used machinery make sure that the equipment is in working condition before putting it up for sale.

Fewer expenses on packaging machinery also allows facility owners to redirect their funds to other areas of their business, or perhaps additional space to house complete production lines. Many top brands of equipment are often available used at costs that rival new models from less reputable brands, which helps further ensure that you receive high quality at a fair price.

While lower prices may be enough to lure people into purchasing new equipment, there are other reasons to choose old machinery over new models. These benefits can give your production facility the resources it needs to thrive for years. With increased efficiency and productivity and consistent quality in packaging, you’ll see clearly how used packaging machinery benefits your production line.

Experience Other Benefits with Used Equipment

In addition to lower prices, certain companies will offer supplemental services to keep your production line running optimally. Some of these additional services may include troubleshooting, operator training, preventative maintenance, line start-ups, OEE programs, and performance improvement. These services can help make sure your production line doesn’t experience breakdowns and that your employees are knowledgeable about how to use each piece of equipment in the line.

If any part of your production line is faulty, regular preventative maintenance checks can help identify any issues your production line may experience, and some companies carry specific replacement parts to help maximize your production line’s efficiency. With these benefits in mind, used fruit and vegetable packaging machinery can keep your facility running longer than it might if you simply purchase new equipment.

Get Used Fruit and Vegetable Packaging Machinery at High Performance Packaging

Along with other types of food packaging machinery, High Performance Packaging carries used fruit and vegetable packaging equipment. Some of the equipment in our inventory includes vacuum packaging machines, shrink bundlers, flow wrappers, HFFS machinery, VFFS machinery, and many others. We also offer a variety of additional technical services to help you effectively maintain your production line.

For additional information about any of our machinery along with a free quote, contact us at any time. We can get you started on starting a new production line or improving an existing one.

Why Buy Used Zipper Bag Form Fill Seal Machines?

When looking for zipper bag form fill seal machines, many facility managers might immediately consider buying new models, but production lines can save money by purchasing used equipment. In addition to lowered costs, used machinery comes with multiple benefits if purchased from the right company. At the same time, there is no sacrifice in quality with used machinery, as used equipment is often restored to work in production lines for many years before being resold.

Low-Priced Zipper Bag Form Fill Seal Machinery

The main benefit of purchasing used zipper bag form fill seal machines and other types of used packaging machines is the reduced cost. New machinery fresh from the factory is often more expensive than used machines, but with the same functionality as used equipment. Buying multiple units of used machinery can save production lines a large amount of money, allowing them to invest money in other areas of the facility. For instance, if a larger facility is required to house an extensive production line, a larger space may be required, but with a line primarily comprised of used machines, more expenses are available to meet those space requirements. Used machinery also saves money on revamping or repurposing an existing production line.

Unlike what many packaging line owners may think, used packaging machines are often just as reliable as newer models. Many companies have knowledgeable experts who make sure that machinery is in working condition prior to reselling, and may even fully restore them if it’s needed. Any faulty parts are replaced to keep the machine as efficient as possible.

Other Benefits of Buying Used Plastic Zipper Bag Machines

Apart from the lower costs, there are other benefits that can come with purchasing used machines. Depending on the company, you can get additional services that help make sure your production line is as efficient as it can be. Some of these services may include operator training to familiarize staff with newly purchased equipment, preventative maintenance, performance improvement, troubleshooting, line start-ups, and OEE Programs.

Each of these services can not only keep your machinery from breaking down, but also help maximize the productivity of your entire production line. New equipment doesn’t often come with these services, requiring production line managers to take care of maintenance and training when they could spend more time focusing on other aspects of business that need attention.

Get Reliable Used Plastic Zipper Bag Machines at High Performance Packaging

When searching for low-priced zipper bag form fill seal machines and other packaging machinery, consider visiting High Performance Packaging for top-quality products. Each machine in our inventory is in working condition and ready for installation, and can also fully refurbish equipment to restore it to almost new condition. We also offer several services to keep your production line running effectively, including preventative maintenance scheduling and operator training.

If you would like more information about any form fill seal equipment we carry, along with a free quote for any of our products, contact us at any time.