Snack and Chip Packaging Machinery

One of the most important aspects to consider in snack and chip production lines is the installation of reliable packaging machinery. This type of equipment is required for efficient and sufficient packaging of a wide range of snack foods, and you’ll find plenty of dependable machinery here at High Performance Packaging.

Get Dependable Snack and Chip Packaging Machines

We have a wide range of used snack and chip packaging machinery to use for nearly any application. Regardless of the types of snack products you need high-quality packaging for, we have everything needed to complete your systems.

Our selection of equipment includes high-quality HFFS and VFFS machines, bulk product conveyors, labelers, bucket elevators, vibratory feeders, combination weigher scales, code date printers, and many others. We also make sure your packaging lines benefit from consistent quality by only offering machines from the most reputable and recognized brands in the packaging industry. Our selection includes a variety of Yamato, Ishida, Hayssen, Matrix, Bartelt, and Kliklok machines, among many others. Your systems will benefit from reliable machinery that won’t easily break down and malfunction, with reliable construction.

Why Turn to High Performance Packaging?

What sets High Performance Packaging apart from other packaging machine companies is the devotion to selling only the best used snack and chip packaging machines available. We intend to ensure that each of our customers is consistently satisfied with their machinery, which means that all used equipment we carry is in working condition and ready for implementation. We test each machine to make sure it’s entirely functional prior to selling it, and we also offer replacement parts such as forming tubes and sealing bars to make sure your systems continue to run optimally.

Get Additional Services to Keep Your Snack and Chip Packaging Equipment Running Smoothly

To further keep our customers satisfied, we offer a host of services in addition to our high-quality packaging machines. These services include troubleshooting, operator training, performance improvement, an OEE program, line startups, and preventative maintenance programs. Each of these services can make sure you maximize the effectiveness and overall efficiency of your systems and employees. You’ll also be able to further minimize the risk of breakdowns and downtime that could otherwise negatively impact your business.

To find the perfect packaging machinery for your snack and chip production lines, contact High Performance Packaging and we’ll connect you with one of our specialists to get you started. You can also check out our full inventory and request a quote for any of our products online. We’re ready to help you find exactly what you’re looking for to maximize efficiency and profitability, with some of the most dependable machines and services available.

Beverage Packaging Equipment

Beverages require reliable beverage packaging machines that can properly fill and seal various types of products. You’ll find one of the best selections of used beverage packaging equipment here at High Performance Packaging. We have plenty of high-quality packaging machines that can give your facilities what they need to give you the best results.

Get Dependable Used Beverage Packaging Machines

We carry one of the most expansive selections of used beverage packaging equipment for installation in many different types of production lines and facilities. We have plenty of equipment that can meet the needs of any application, customizable for various packaging specifications.

Our inventory includes a collection of reliable HFFS and VFFS machines, conveyors, bucket elevators, combination weigher scales, labelers, and much more. We also help ensure consistent quality by only carrying equipment from the top brands in the industry, including Bartelt, Yamato, Ishida, Kliklok, Matrix, Hayssen, and many others. You’ll never need to be concerned about frequent breakdowns and downtime with high-quality used equipment that can still function for many years.

Why Turn to High Performance Packaging?

What sets High Performance Packaging apart from other companies is our devotion to quality and customer service, only offering the most reliable used beverage packaging machines available. We want to make sure all of our customers are continually happy with the equipment they purchase, with machinery that’s in working condition. We test each piece of equipment to ensure functionality before selling, and we also carry replacement parts such as forming tubes and sealing bars to further make sure your machines work the way they should.

Get Services to Make the Most of Your Used Beverage Packaging Machinery

To leave you even more satisfied with your purchase, we offer several services in addition to top-quality packaging equipment. Our list of services includes operator training, equipment troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, line startups, performance improvement, and an OEE program. Each of these services can help contribute to a fully operational packaging line that maximizes efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability, with minimal risk of breakdowns and costly downtime.

To get started on finding the perfect packaging equipment for your beverage packaging systems today, contact High Performance Packaging and we’ll connect you with one of our industry experts. You can also browse our entire inventory online and request a quote for any of our available products. We’ll help you find exactly what your facility needs to maximize productivity and efficiency with our unrivaled products and services.

8 Ways to Prevent Dust Buildup in Packaging Systems

8 Ways to Eliminate Dust in Packaging Systems

Dust and other types of particulate can potentially cause a problem for packaging machines. Products such as protein powders, flour, dry snacks, or ground coffee can generate dust in packaging environments.

You’re most likely to encounter dust when powdered or dry product passes through certain transfer points throughout the packaging system. Any time the product is in motion or starts and stops suddenly, the process may generate dust.

Here are eight innovative features in modern packaging machines that can help prevent or eliminate dust buildup.

1. Enclosed Jaw Drives

If your packaging machines operate in a dusty environment or work with a dusty product, it’s necessary for the components of the sealing jaws to remain protected from particulates.

Packaging machines designed for wet or dusty environments will typically have a completely enclosed jaw drive to keep particulate from building up on the parts.

2. Dust-Proof Enclosures

Enclosures that contain electrical or pneumatic components need to have sufficient protection against dust buildup to function properly. When buying packaging machines for a dusty environment, you should make sure the equipment has an Ingress Protection (IP) Rating that’s intended for your application. An IP Rating is made of two numbers that indicate how dust- and water-tight an enclosure is.

For dust protection, you should get packaging machinery with an IP Rating of 50 or higher. If you need dust-tight enclosures choose machinery with an IP Rating of 60 or higher.

3. Dust Removal Machines

Dust buildup isn’t the only thing you should worry about. Dust can also get into package seams, which can cause inadequate uniformity during the heat seal process that can result in lost product. To avoid this, you can set up dust removal equipment at multiple points throughout a facility to recirculate dust and expel it from the environment.

4. Static Elimination Bars

When plastic packaging film is unwound and fed through the packaging machinery, it can generate static electricity, which in turn causes dust and other particulates to stick to the inside of the film. This can cause product to appear in the package seals, which can compromise the integrity of the package. A static elimination bar can help further avoid these complications.

5. Dust Hoods

Automatic pouch filling machines can benefit from a dust hood placed over the product dispensing station. This can help to collect and remove particulates as the product drops from the filter into the bag.

6. Vacuum Pull Belts

Friction pull belts are standard for vertical form fill and seal machines. They are responsible for pulling the packaging film through the system using friction. However, if the environment is dusty, particulates can get between the film and the friction pull belts, resulting in poor performance and wearing them down over time.

On the other hand, vacuum pull belts use vacuum suction instead of friction, which effectively eliminates the concern over dust buildup. They may be more expensive than friction pull belts, but they’re likely to last much longer and result in less of a risk for production lines.

7. Continuous Motion Packaging

Packaging equipment can function in either intermittent or continuous motion. Continuous motion is more ideal in dusty environments because of the downward airflow that keeps the product-generated dust inside the packaging.

8. Regular Preventative Maintenance

In addition to dust controlling measures, regular preventative maintenance is another great way to further eliminate dust from packaging systems. This includes cleaning and inspecting components for residue or dust.

All of these can help you combat dust in work environments, keeping products and equipment protected.

How to Properly Seal Products with Packaging Machines

How to Effectively Seal Products with Automated Packaging Machinery

Packages with insufficient seals can compromise your product and subsequently hurt your company. Inadequate sealing can result in higher costs for machine reworking, recalibration, scrap, and spill cleanup. For perishables such as food items, a bag without a proper seal can result in shorter shelf life, poor product quality, risk of contamination, and messes for consumers.

Forming Adequate Seals with Heat Sealing

Most versatile packaging machines create seals using heat seal jaws or bars. When heated, these parts close over the portion of the package where the seal will be, causing the sealant layers to melt and fuse together. However, certain factors can result in faulty seals.

Here are some of the preventable issues.

Poor Sealing Jaw Construction and Uniformity

One issue that could happen has to do with poor uniformity. The strength of a packaging seal must be uniform to properly protect the packaged product. Sealing jaws can only create the perfect seal if they operate with consistent force and temperature across the entire sealing area. To make sure your seals are uniform, choose a packaging machine with sealing jaws that have been forged from a single piece of metal. This can help avoid temperature and pressure fluctuations, resulting in a strong seal.

The problem with sealing jaws made with more than one piece of metal is that they can create inconsistent seals because of fluctuating pressure and temperatures.

Misaligned Sealing Jaws

If package seals are weak on one side but strong on the other, this likely indicates that your jaws are poorly aligned. Oftentimes packaging machine technicians and operators will move the jaws into alignment using a small piece of metal. However, this isn’t the safest method.

You’re better off following a preventative maintenance plan that checks for misalignment at various points throughout the machine’s lifespan, such as:

  • Prior to startup
  • Following a material jam
  • Following changeovers
  • Following recent maintenance or upgrades

Dust & Debris in the Seal Area

When product is present in the bag seam throughout the heat sealing process, the areas where the product is present won’t adhere properly. This can have a negative impact on seal integrity, resulting in risk of leaking and contamination. To prevent dust from gathering on the seal area, you should clean it periodically.

Perform Preventative Maintenance

Packaging machine technicians or operators should clean and inspect sealing jaws on a daily basis as part of a complete preventative maintenance plan. This can help ensure that dust and other particulate won’t build up on the sealing bars. This can also help make sure that any small issues with sealing jaw alignment or function are identified and addressed before they can become a major problem.

Impulse Sealing

Rather than heat sealing, another sealing method to consider is impulse sealing. Unlike heat seal jaws that require consistent electricity and heat, impulse sealing bands only need electrical energy, creating heat solely during the heating phase of the sealing cycle. These bands heat up and cool down within a few hundred milliseconds to a few seconds at most. This gives the package seal time to cool prior to being released from the sealing mechanism.

By avoiding the aforementioned issues and implementing preventative maintenance measures and cleaning, you can keep your packaging machines working the way they should.

Why You Should Buy Used Pallet Wrapping Machines

Pallet Wrapping Machines

If you need pallet wrapping equipment for your production line, consider purchasing used pallet wrappers instead of newer models. There are certain additional benefits that can come with buying used pallet wrapping machines that buying directly from the manufacturer won’t enable you to experience, apart from simply lower costs. Like other machinery in your facility, you should make sure that you get the best equipment at the right value.

Applications for Pallet Wrapping Machines

Many different applications require pallets for products toward the end of the packaging process. Bulk products in large boxes typically utilize pallets to make transportation easier, but pallets should have sufficient wrapping that effectively seals the contents. If packaging falls off of a pallet while moving or storing bulk packages, contained products may be vulnerable to damage without wrapping that provides extra support for packaging contents.

Pallet wrapping tools that form complete seals over product packaging pallets can help ensure that the products are secure in the event of frequent movement and potential warehouse accidents. They are used in a variety of industries, with used machines available from top manufacturers such as Orion, ARPAC, and Wulftec.

Save Money with Used Pallet Wrappers

If you see a new pallet wrapping machine for sale, you should consider how much it costs compared to a used model. Used pallet wrappers can give your production lines the desired quality if you purchase models from top manufacturers at the right reseller. You can experience the same level of reliability at lower costs, and purchasing machinery from the right reseller should help you avoid additional expenses on maintenance and replacements.

The best resellers typically examine all equipment in their inventory and test it to make sure that it’s in working condition prior to reselling. In some cases, they may be able to fully refurbish machinery to near-perfect condition. With expert technicians looking over used pallet wrapping machines, you’re more likely to find the right model to give your production line the quality it needs to provide consistent results for years.

Additional Services for Packaging Systems

While a used pallet wrapper in working condition can help keep your production line functioning ideally, you should make sure the rest of your packaging system is working the way it should. This includes both equipment and staff that can remain productive throughout the packaging process. A reputable reseller such as High Performance Packaging will offer a number of services to accompany equipment installation.

Some of those services may include preventative maintenance, OEE programs, operator training, troubleshooting, and line start-ups. These services aren’t often offered from companies selling new equipment. With these services, you can maximize the longevity of your production lines and make sure they meet your demands.

Find the Best Selection of Pallet Wrapping Machines for Sale at High Performance Packaging

For some of the best used pallet wrapping machines available, visit High Performance Packaging. We have equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry, including ARPAC, Orion, and Wulftec, which construct machinery using long-lasting materials that make them viable for reuse in many types of packaging systems. Each machine is ready for shipping and installation. We also carry other machinery for pallets, including conveyors and Gantry palletizers to form complete pallets.

Our inventory also includes a wide variety of other packaging machinery, including a selection of conveyors, VFFS and HFFS packaging machines, metal detectors, checkweighers, bucket elevators, vibratory feeders, case sealers, code date printers, and many other units that can vastly improve your production line’s productivity. We can also provide replacement parts for equipment if you don’t need to replace entire units.

If you would like additional services, you can speak with the experts at High Performance Packaging to discuss operator training, preventative maintenance programs, and other services that we offer to improve your staff and machinery’s performance and maintain efficiency. A combination of our top-quality equipment and services can give your new or existing production line what it needs to thrive.

To find the right pallet wrapping tool for your facility, contact High Performance Packaging and speak with a knowledgeable expert today about your project. We can also provide additional technical details about any of our equipment.

Why Purchase Used Stand-Up Pouch Machines?

Stand-Up Pouch Machines

Many products use stand-up pouches for packaging, including food and nonfood items. However, many companies that want to set up a new packaging system search for new machinery, believing it to be a more worthwhile purchase than used equipment. What many businesses may not know is that they can save money and receive additional services by purchasing used stand-up pouch machines from a reliable reseller without any reduction in quality.

We carry used equipment from some of the top stand-up pouch machine manufacturers, giving your production line the means to meet your expectations consistently. With a system of used machinery in your facility from a company like High Performance Packaging, you’ll benefit from a production line that gives you the results you want for many years.

What Types of Products Utilize Stand-Up Pouch Machines?

Stand-up pouches provide efficient and customer-friendly packaging for many different products, including foods and many other types of items such as:

  • Cereal
  • Nuts
  • Popcorn
  • Candy
  • Grains
  • Dried fruit
  • Fertilizer
  • Pet food
  • Chips and crackers
  • Ready meals

These products use stand-up pouches because of their reliability and ability to save storage space on shelves and racks in stores. There are several kinds of machines that are used for filling products in stand-up pouch bags.

Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal Machinery for Stand-Up Pouches

Vertical form, fill, and seal (VFFS) machines are typically used to fill and seal stand-up pouches, and used equipment is available to install in facilities for pouches of various heights and widths, fulfilling simple or complex orders that require consistent levels of efficiency. VFFS machines can handle custom packaging with unique brands and images. Depending on the needs of the application, VFFS machines are available in various forms including piston fillers, liquid pump fillers, auger fillers, net weight fillers, volumetric cup fillers, and tablet counters.

Checkweighers for Stand-Up Pouches

Another common piece of equipment used in stand-up pouch applications is a checkweigher. The checkweigher makes sure that packages are filled at the accurate levels prior to the final steps of the packaging process.

Packaging Conveyor Systems

Along with VFFS machinery and checkweighers, conveyors are important to include in a packaging system. Many resellers such as High Performance Packaging carry conveyor models with fully programmable settings that make it easy to customize them according to application. Conveyors are available for both bulk product systems and smaller applications, carrying products from one station at custom speed settings.

Purchasing used equipment, including VFFS, checkweighing, and conveying equipment can help businesses remain productive while saving them a lot of money on production line installation.

Added Benefits of Buying Used Machinery

Lowered costs might be the most apparent benefit of purchasing used stand-up pouch machines, but with the right company there won’t be any decrease in quality when installing them in your production line. Reliable resellers have technicians who are trained to identify any potential mechanical issues in new equipment and address them. Once technicians determine that the equipment is in working condition, it’s ready for implementation in production lines. Leading stand-up pouch machine manufacturers use materials in their equipment that makes them ideal for reuse.

Services for Used Packaging Machinery

Another huge benefit you may otherwise miss out on with new packaging machinery is the numerous services that certain companies like High Performance Packaging offer. Packaging services can include pouch machine operator training to make sure your staff are equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle newly implemented machinery, preventative maintenance scheduling, troubleshooting, performance improvement, and OEE programs.

One or more of these services can significantly increase the longevity of your production line, helping you get as much use out of your equipment as possible and maximizing productivity.

Top-Quality Stand-Up Pouch Machine Manufacturers

If you buy used stand-up pouch packaging machinery from a reseller, you should make sure they carry top manufacturers for quality assurance. High Performance Packaging has a selection of leading brands including:

  • Hayssen
  • Ishida
  • Ilapak
  • Masipack
  • Matrix
  • Rovema
  • TNA
  • Triangle
  • Weighpack
  • Woodman
  • Deamco
  • FMC Food Tech
  • Eriez
  • American Food Equipment Company
  • PPM Technologies
  • FPEC Equipment

With used models of these and other top brands implemented in your production line, you’ll benefit from a reliable system that provides consistent quality packaging.

Consult a Packaging Expert Today

If you would like to get started on installing a complete system of used packaging machinery today, contact High Performance Packaging to speak with an expert. We can assist with the selection of stand-up packaging machines along with installation. You can also choose from our list of services to further enhance your production line to give you the results you want.

Robotic Packaging Machines for Medication

Packaging Machines for MedicineIn the pharmaceutical industry, automated packaging is a necessity when packaging prescription medication. Robotic packaging systems keep the process fast and accurate, filling and sealing containers for mass production of pharmaceutical products. The use of this equipment during the packaging process will help eliminate human error and ensure that packages are of consistent quality.

There are several types of robotic packaging machines that are available for use in pharmaceutical applications. This equipment includes horizontal form fill and seal equipment, checkweighers, and palletizers that can successfully package many types of medications in various container styles.

Form, Fill, and Seal Equipment for Pharmaceutical Packaging Lines

When packaging medications in tablet or capsule form, automated form fill seal equipment can easily meet these products’ packaging requirements. This robotic equipment can keep the form, fill, and seal process efficient from beginning to end, making sure that pharmaceutical products are accurately filled in containers of various shapes and sizes.

Pharmaceutical form, fill, and seal equipment is intended to comply with FDA standards, keeping product orders consistently in adherence to industry regulations. Both vertical and horizontal form fill seal machinery are used for pharmaceutical products.

Robotic Pharmaceutical Checkweighers

To ensure the accuracy of medication packaging, checkweighers are among the important equipment to integrate in robotic packaging systems. Checkweighers measure the weight of filled packages to make sure the weight is consistently accurate during the packaging process. These machines are also designed to meet FDA standards.

Label Applicator Machines

Label applicators are also used in pharmaceutical packaging applications, applying labels to pharmaceutical packages of all kinds including bottles and boxes. Labels can include product information along with branding. Label applicators make sure that all packages are efficiently labeled prior to final packaging processes, including sealing. Printers are also used for printing labels before application. A system of printers and label applicators can keep the finalization of the packaging process

Bulk Product Conveyors

When packaging bulk supplies of medication, bulk conveyors can carry products from one station to the next at consistent speeds. Conveyors are programmable with custom settings, allowing conveyers to carry products at varying speeds throughout the production line. Each conveyor system includes an

Robotic Packaging Machines for Other Applications

Apart from medication, robotic packaging systems are used for a wide variety of products across many industries. Packing robotics are useful for food items such as:

  • Frozen foods
  • Cereal
  • Candy
  • Dairy products
  • Fats and oils
  • Coffee and tea
  • Meat, poultry, and seafood
  • Pet food

Robotic packaging machinery is also used for the packaging of many nonfood items.

Benefits of Buying Used Robotic Packaging Systems

Buying new packaging machinery may be the first decision for many companies that want to create new robotic packaging systems, but purchasing used equipment can come with benefits you won’t find with new machines, apart from lower prices.

Lower costs may be the most obvious benefit of purchasing used packing robotics, but there are other reasons to buy equipment from a reseller. Working with a company that sells used robotic packaging systems can benefit you with a number of services that make sure your production line remains in top condition for many years. Some of these services include:

  • Preventative maintenance scheduling
  • OEE programs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Operator training
  • Performance improvement
  • Line start-ups

These services can maximize the longevity of your packaging equipment, helping you maintain a consistent level of efficiency and effectiveness in your operations.

Companies that sell used packaging machinery also typically make sure that each piece of equipment is in working condition prior to reselling, which means that used machines from the right company are as reliable as new models. A company like High Performance Packaging ensures that machines in used condition don’t indicate a decrease in quality.

Buying Robotic Packaging Machines from High Performance Packaging

If you would like to fully automate your packaging line, High Performance Packaging offers a complete selection of used equipment for a wide variety of applications. Integrate our equipment for use in pharmaceutical packaging lines along with many other products, including both food and nonfood items. If you’re unsure of which type of equipment is ideal for your facility, our expert technicians can help you select the right machines for your application.

If you would like to get started on designing a custom system of packaging machinery in your facility, contact High Performance Packaging today.

Why You Should Purchase Used Dairy Product Packaging Machinery

Dairy product packaging for milk and yogurtDifferent types of dairy products require different systems of reliable packaging machinery. To reduce costs and build a long-lasting system that works for your specific application, consider purchasing used dairy product packaging machinery instead of new models. Trusted companies like High Performance Packaging offer used fillers and other types of packaging equipment without any decrease in quality.

Used Dairy Product Fillers

One type of packaging machinery that many dairy products require is a filling machine. Milk, yogurt, butter, and other liquid dairy products need efficient filling machinery to handle the varying levels of viscosity with each product. Auger and volumetric fillers are used for various types of dairy products, and are capable of filling uniquely shaped containers. Used dairy product fillers can potentially provide the same level of efficiency as new models, with reduced prices.

Other Types of Used Dairy Product Packaging Equipment

Fillers are only one type of machinery that dairy products utilize throughout the packaging process. Dairy products require a complete packaging system consisting of conveyors, inspection equipment, and wrappers, all of which are available used in working condition from the right resellers. A packaging company such as High Performance Packaging can help install a complete system with this equipment while helping packaging facilities save money.

Trained technicians must determine if used equipment is operational prior to reselling, identifying and addressing any mechanical issues that may otherwise inconvenience buyers. This measure helps make sure that machinery is capable of giving production lines the same level of reliability as newer counterparts.

Other Benefits of Buying Used Dairy Product Packaging Machinery

The lowered cost associated with purchasing used and refurbished packaging equipment is the most obvious benefit of choosing used over new, but the right company can also offer other benefits to keep your production line in optimal condition. A company like High Performance Packaging offers supplemental services including installation, line start-ups, operator training, preventative maintenance scheduling, performance improvement, and OEE programs that can improve your equipment’s overall efficiency and increase your staff’s productivity.

With a combination of equipment and services, your production line can serve you with consistent quality through long periods of use. Trained technicians can advise you on which equipment to use in your facility and provide appropriate services to keep your production line running the way it should.

Save Money and Improve Performance with a System of Used Packaging Equipment Today

To receive additional information about our used dairy product packaging machinery along with a free quote, contact High Performance Packaging to speak with an industry expert. We can develop a custom solution consisting of our used packaging equipment, with many different choices available in brand name and specific options to meet your application’s needs. Our services also give your facility what it needs to give you the best results. You’ll be able to see a better return on investment with the affordable packaging machines in our inventory.

Why Buy Used Oil and Fat Filling Equipment?

oil product packaging on shelves


Edible oil and fat products require reliable filling machinery during the packaging process, along with other packaging machinery. High Performance Packaging carries a range of used auger and volumetric fillers that are in working condition and ready for use in these production lines. We have all the used oil and fat filling equipment that your facility needs.

With a combination of our machinery installed in your facility, you can benefit from equipment that offers both reliability and affordability.

Volumetric and Auger Filling Systems

Oils and fats utilize many different types of packaging, depending on the specific type of product. Oils made with soy, corn, rapeseed, sunflower, olives, and fatty food products such as margarines and spreads each have different filling requirements. The right selection of oil and fat fillers can sufficiently fill many types of containers with these products.

Other Oil and Fat Packaging Machines

Apart from used oil and fat filling equipment, High Performance Packaging offers used conveyors, wrappers, and inspection equipment to finalize the packaging process for these products. Reliable metal detectors and X-ray inspection machinery can properly assess product packaging to detect potential contamination from metal or other types of particles that can sometimes end up inside final packaging contents. Flow and shrink wrappers can provide top-quality wrapping for many types of containers at the end of the production line.

Why Buy Used Oil and Fat Packaging Machines?

While purchasing new oil and fat fillers and other types of equipment, there are certain benefits that come with purchasing used machines. A company like High Performance Packaging can help make sure that there isn’t a compromise in quality with used equipment, inspecting each piece of machinery before recirculation. Reliable packaging machine resellers offer top brands of used equipment to for quality assurance, while allowing customers to utilize this equipment at lower prices.

Another benefit that can come with used oil and fat filling equipment is a host of services that production line managers may otherwise remain without. Some of the services certain companies offer may include operator training, performance improvement, OEE programs, installation, preventative maintenance, and line start-ups to simplify the launch of a new production line. These services can add many years to a packaging facility, giving equipment and staff the tools they need to thrive in many types of applications.

Want additional information and a free quote for used oil and fat packaging machines available at High Performance Packaging? Contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to discuss our products and services. We also carry equipment for many other applications involving food and nonfood item packaging. Our inventory includes state-of-the-art used packaging equipment from top manufacturers in the packaging industry, including Yamato, Ishida, Hayssen, Kliklok-Woodman, and Matrix, among many other trusted brands. We can assist with machine selection and provide services that can significantly help with the upkeep of your facility. We are dedicated to helping customers get the most out of their production lines on a long-term basis.

Buying Used Coffee and Tea Packaging Machines

self-serve coffee and tea packaging


Coffee and tea products require reliable packaging equipment for quality assurance throughout the packaging process. These products are among the many types of food and nonfood products the machinery in our inventory can package. We carry some of the top brands of used coffee and tea packaging machines in the industry that’s used for packaging these products in a variety of packaging designs.

Installing a combination of our coffee and tea packaging machinery can help your production line reach its full potential in productivity.

Auger and Volumetric Fillers

Both auger and volumetric fillers from top brands such as SpeeDee, All Fill, and Mateer Burt can meet the needs for filling single-serve packages or larger containers. Their construction allows them to serve packaging facilities for many years, with high-quality parts that won’t wear down as easily as other models of coffee and tea packaging machinery. Used auger and volumetric filling equipment can provide the same accuracy and precision levels in filling as newer models.

Accommodating for Different Coffee and Tea Packaging Designs

Like other types of food products, coffee and tea often come in different types of packages depending on whether or not they’re intended to be single-serve products or part of a larger order. Our selection of filling machinery can fill most orders, including small uniquely shaped packages and larger cartons. Certain applications may include three-in-one powder packets, which include powdered coffee, sugar, and cream, but a system of used coffee and tea packaging machines can meet these needs.

Benefits of Used Coffee and Tea Packaging Equipment

Certain companies may wish to buy new coffee and tea packaging machines instead of used models, but the quality that companies can receive with used equipment can be the same as their newer counterparts. A reliable packaging equipment company such as High Performance Packaging makes sure that each piece of equipment is in good condition prior to selling. Trained technicians can inspect equipment and determine if there are any faulty parts, replacing them to ensure the machinery is in working condition. With these measures, used coffee and tea packaging equipment can provide the same effectiveness at lower costs.

Along with reliable equipment, we offer several services that can help further improve your packaging line. Our services include operator training, OEE programs, preventative maintenance, performance improvement, and line start-ups to assist with the launch of a new production line. These services can significantly expand the lifespan of equipment and help you achieve what you want to with your packaging systems.

To get a free quote for used coffee and tea packaging machinery along with additional technical details, contact us online and speak with an expert today. We also carry used packaging machines for a wide range of other packaging applications. Our expansive selection of equipment includes VFFS and HFFS equipment, inspection machinery, and more for applications involving food and nonfood products. If you’re in need of compatible packaging machines in your facility, our team of industry experts can assist with machine selection along with installation and initial operation.