How to Maintain Packaging Equipment to Reduce Downtime

Whether your production line is stocked with new or used packaging machines, it needs maintenance. With regular use, even a pristine piece of equipment degrades over time, and neglecting to properly service it can easily turn a small problem into a major one. Eventually, decreased efficiency and performance problems turn into forced downtime and major malfunctions—all of which can be prevented with the right care. Don’t wait until something breaks to fix it. Waiting may cost you time that could have been spent working and wastes money in paying wages for downtime and lost product packaging. However, if you don’t have in-house technicians, though, who fixes your packaging equipment?

Finding Packaging Equipment Services with Your Equipment Provider

Finding the right packaging equipment services extends and even saves the performance and lifespan of your machinery. Maintaining equipment appropriately means you need someone knowledgeable about the technology on staff. Production personnel will be more focused on keeping the line running than keeping up with routine maintenance tasks. Instead of hiring dedicated maintenance personnel, consider partnering with your packaging equipment provider.

Brand-specific idiosyncrasies can make two different machines of the same type perform differently, so one-size-fits-all solutions aren’t applicable. Instead, you should seek out a specialist with highly relevant experience—if your equipment is from Hayssen, a company that only services Bartelt won’t necessarily be helpful. Instead, choose a company that offers packaging equipment services for different brands and machine types—and specifically for yours. The more they know about your specific machinery—not just equipment in general—the better they can diagnose and treat your issues. This is why you’re better off working with your specific packaging equipment provider over other manufacturers and maintenance personnel.

High Performance Packaging doesn’t only sell quality, refurbished machinery for your company; we help you maintain your equipment year round so you get the most out of your investment.

The Dangers of Skipping Maintenance

Ideally, if you’re using used packaging machines, they came from a company that refurbished them before resale. Even new equipment breaks down, though, so whether you’re using new or used packaging machines, you can’t afford to skip out on regular maintenance. Parts break or wear down, film jams, product gets caught and electrical problems unexpectedly strike. There’s simply no avoiding it, which is why you need to develop a plan for regular and preventative maintenance.

This type of servicing can prevent the forced downtime that accompanies breakdowns later on, saving you time and money in the long run. It can even prevent the catastrophic failures that threaten to shorten the life of your equipment. If you aren’t investing in packaging equipment services that include repairs, troubleshooting and maintenance, you could be forced to replace your machines much earlier than you expected. While you can order your machines from a company that offers packaging equipment services like these, you can also seek them out from contractors and consulting companies that specialize in improving production lines.

Use a Maintenance Plan

Our Proactive Service Level agreement features preventative, routine maintenance for all the used packaging equipment we sell. Doing so helps you maximize productivity and effectiveness in your day-to-day operations. When you sign up for our maintenance program, we will sit down with you and discuss a custom plan that focuses on your business goals and target efficiency key indicators.

We have more than 25 years of experience working in the refurbishment and maintenance of packaging machinery. We don’t sell anything we don’t know inside and out. You will receive quality assistance in packaging line installation and expertise for the brand and model of machinery you invest in.

Repair Rather than Replace

If you do encounter a problem with your High Performance Packaging equipment, we stock many replacement parts to prevent you from having to invest in new machinery when a system fails. Even with regular maintenance, you will encounter the breakdown of parts over time. Let us help you troubleshoot as soon as a problem arises so we can get you back up and running fast. It’s part of our commitment to quality to ensure that your productivity levels remain high and the packaging equipment maintenance we provide gives you top performance when the equipment leaves our shop.

Why Integrate Used Vacuum Sealers in Your Packaging Line?

Vacuum Sealers from High Performance Packaging

When you’re considering different ways and machines that will seal your product into packages, one such machine to consider is the vacuum sealer. Depending on what you are selling, you may want to get all of the excess air out of the package before shipping, either due to the potential for spoilage or simply taking up excess space that could be better utilized. If you’re on the fence between a vacuum sealer and another way of sealing your packages, consider the benefits of purchasing a used vacuum sealer from High Performance Packaging.

Remove Air Entirely or Replace with Inert Gas

Depending on what you’re packaging, it might be more beneficial to have the package completely devoid of extra air—thus the packaging sealed tightly around the product. The alternative to this option is using a gas flush option, which replaces the air in the package with an inert gas, so that your product is oxygen free, yet the contents are not sucked down with pressure or crushed by the packaging. For example, many food products like potato chips are packaged in this manner.

Preserve Products for a Long Time

When perishables are packaged, they either have a relatively short shelf life, or they are vacuum packed. Vacuum packaging food products like cheeses, tofu, meats and more can extend the length of time they are safe to eat, since they are not exposed to any air. Vacuum sealing protects against bacterial growth and molding, and keeps food fresher longer. If you’re not packaging food, vacuum sealers are still a great option to consider. They prevent the product from bouncing around within a package that has a lot of air in it, which can cause damage or breakage. Using a vacuum sealer can ensure that your package not only stays safe, but that you can pack more of them into one box for shipping. Save money on shipping and preserve your products while keeping them safe and securely sealed by using a vacuum sealer.

Purchasing Used Vacuum Sealers from HP Packaging

Used machinery is often labeled as being an unsure bet—you can’t be sure that the machines you buy will work for as long as you need them to or as well as you need them to, and there’s also the worry that they won’t last long since they’re already used, which would mean you’d have to replace them and spend even more money.

At High Performance Packaging, however, you can trust that the equipment we offer is in excellent shape and will last your business for years to come.

Used Vacuum Packaging Machine For Sale from the Top Brands

We offer used vacuum sealers from such top name brands as:

  • MTC
  • Ultravac
  • And Many More

Additional Training for On the Job Efficiency

When you purchase a new machine for your line, it’s important to know how to use it properly in order to spend less time in limbo and more time producing product. If you don’t have any training, it’s trial by error and that’s not an efficient way to work.

For that reason, we offer our customers training programs for the equipment they buy so that they can hit the ground running when their vacuum sealer or any other machine is installed.

Purchasing a used vacuum sealer from High Performance Packaging will net you a high quality machine at an affordable price. For more information about vacuum sealers or any of the other packaging machines in our inventory, contact us today.

Why Packaging Companies Should Get Used Shrink Bundlers

Shrink Bundlers from High Performance Packaging

In the realm of packaging products, there are a number of machines that are used to complete the task—shrink bundlers are one such machine. They are used to bundle together nearly any flat product, which makes them more ideal than vacuum sealers for certain things, despite doing very similar jobs. Some of the more common products that are used with shrink bundlers can include cans of soda, doors and windows, bulk amounts of boxes (such as unfolded pizza boxes), folding chairs, and stacked cartons.

If you require a shrink bundling machine in your packaging line, High Performance Packaging offers top quality used shrink bundlers and wrappers from some of the most reliable brands in the packaging industry. All of our used packaging line machinery is available at affordable prices to make your production lines efficient while saving money. Our selection of packaging line machines will keep your facility running without issues, with reliable equipment costing little more than models from lesser brand names.

Shrink Packaging: Why?

Shrink bundling is a way to efficiently group multiples of one item into a compact, secure package. It can be done with your unique specifications in mind, including product size, line speed, film gauge, clear or print-registered film, type of side closure, and final packaging appearance. Because shrink bundling is such a customizable and efficient way of packaging many things at once, companies that sell more than one of a product to a client or another company find that packaging the products this way is the easiest way to ship them.

Protecting Products

Shrink bundling can also be used to protect products from being jostled during shipping. For instance, in the case of windows being shipped, if they are bundled then shrink-wrapped, it is harder for one singular window to become broken in transit. The insulation of having the other products packaged together keeps all of the products safer from being damaged.

Purchasing Used Machinery

Used machinery often gets a bad rap from people who have previously purchased things like used cars that were not well maintained before they came into ownership. However, purchasing used machinery for packaging lines is not like buying a poorly maintained used car. When you purchase packaging machinery from High Performance Packaging, you’re getting a piece of equipment that has been thoroughly inspected before resale that will last in your facility for years to come. We are proud to offer our customers top-rated brand names that they can trust, so that they can get the machinery they need to succeed without breaking the bank.

With any of our used shrink bundlers in your packaging systems, you will save money while utilizing equipment that is just as reliable as newer models. We carry many of the most trusted brands in the industry, and we inspect each piece of equipment to maximize the efficiency of operation. We also offer operator training prior to installation in order to keep your staff knowledgeable and efficient. To prevent equipment breakdowns and further increase efficiency in your packaging line, HP Packaging also offers preventative maintenance to address potential mechanical issues.

The Most Trusted Brands in the Packaging Industry

In order for businesses to get the most out of their used packaging machinery, only the most reliable machines appear in our inventory. High Performance Packaging carries used shrink bundlers and wrappers from several of the most reputable brands in the packaging industry at prices that accommodate for tight budgets. Some of the top manufacturers you’ll find in our inventory include:

  • Conflex
  • Eastey
  • Extreme
  • Shanklin

For more information about or a free quote for shrink bundlers or any of our other machines, contact us today. We’re happy to discuss any of our machines, and if you do decide to purchase from us, we also offer training programs to ensure your staff is prepared when the machine is installed.

Why is It Better to Buy Used Packaging Machinery from a Vendor?

When you’re in the market for packaging equipment and machinery to add to your production line, you have the option to purchase from a vendor who sells new equipment or one who sells used equipment. While your first instinct may be to purchase from the new vendor, the used vendor may be the better choice. If you’re on the fence as to who you should be buying equipment from, here are some reasons why buying from a used vendor is more beneficial to you and your business.

More Thorough Knowledge of Products

When you purchase from a new machinery vendor, you’re purchasing from people who may not know the ins and outs of either the machinery or the industry you’re in and what your intended use of the machine is. This means that they may not know the best product to suggest for your uses—while it’s important that you do some research on your own, you should also be able to count on sales associates and customer support staff to help you make an informed decision. If someone is simply selling a product and doesn’t necessarily have full working knowledge of it, you may find yourself in a bind.

Enjoy Being Able to Purchase More

Used and refurbished machines are going to cost less than their new counterparts. That not only means that you’ll save money, but also that you have the potential to purchase better machinery—higher end brand names at more manageable prices, due to their refurbished status.  You’ll still be getting the same great product, however, and since you’re spending less per machine, you may even be able to expand your production line. This could lead to additional possible production, which could mean more sales, more success. Being able to purchase more machinery for a lower overall cost puts expanding your business well within reach.

Getting Top Brand Names for Less

When you’re looking at top brand names for your packaging line, you may experience a bit of sticker shock, especially if you’re buying multiple machines. Buying used machinery is a great way to get a deal on machines you both need and want, but it doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing quality—refurbished machinery is brought back to top standards before being resold, which means you’ll be getting a great machine that will serve you for years at a bargain price. What’s not to love about that? You can choose from brands you know and trust, like Triangle, Hayssen, Matrix, Bosch, and many, many more.

Ability to Advise on Potential Problems with Customer Support and Troubleshooting Help

Used machinery purveyors will also be able to help you in times of distress—should, for any reason, the machine you have need repair or maintenance, people who work for a used vendor will better understand how to explain what needs to be done or how to troubleshoot your machine so you can get it back in full working order. When you need replacement parts either for the machinery you already have or the machinery you purchase from a used vendor, they’ll be able to confidently ship the correct product so that your downtime is as small as possible.

Rather than simply selling you a machine and being done with the transaction, your vendor will be able to help you in the future should you need support, troubleshooting, or employee training. And, what’s better, is that because used packaging machinery is usually refurbished in-house by the company you purchase from, their staff is likely to have a thorough understanding of how their products work. If you have trouble or need help on figuring out a problem with the machines, they may have encountered that issue before and can advise you on what to do. In the same vein, they may also be able to offer knowledge for your employees in regards to learning how to operate the machines.

Isn’t Buying Used Packaging Equipment Risky?

Manufacturers may want to expand their packaging lines in order to do more, but may be discouraged by high prices attached to packing machinery. Used options are available, but a lot of people are put off by the word “used,” writing the machines off as being rife with problems or needing mechanical work or repairs. The truth of the matter is, while some companies may sell used equipment as-is, we’re committed to only offering our clients refurbished equipment that is ready to go, running properly, and that will last your company for years to come.

Creating a continual business relationship is just one of the perks of dealing with a used packaging equipment vendor. If you’re on the fence between buying new or used, you should absolutely consider buying used. Used packaging machine suppliers are generally more invested in the products they sell since they took the time to bring the machines back to full working condition; they’ll usually be more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you might have.

Choosing Commercial Food Packaging Machines for Production Lines

If your company produces, sells, and ships food, packaging is one of the most important aspects of to consider toward the end of the production process. Shipping food with damaged packaging can potentially result in costly spillage or spoilage that presents a health risk to consumers.

The packaging equipment used in your facility will also affect the quality of the product along with the integrity of the packaging. There are several different types of food packaging machinery that you should use in your food packaging applications, including a selection of high-quality fillers and sealers.

Here are some of the more common types of packaging machines that you’ll use in food packaging systems.

VFFS Food Packaging Machines

Vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machines allow the product to be fed into a specific type of package to a predetermined level prior to sealing. Nearly any application can utilize these machines, with multiple settings and changeover parts that enable facilities to customize them for a wide range of products.

HFFS Equipment for Food Packaging

Horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) machines are frequently used for many different types of applications, but they are used specifically for horizontally sealed items in the food industry. These products require thermoformed solutions, which entail heating plastic to create the necessary shape for products. This equipment is also often used to create blister packaging for certain food items in single-serving trays.

Other Types of Food Packaging Equipment

In addition to VFFS and HFFS machinery, food packaging systems will make use of several other types of food packaging machines to complete the production process. These machines can include conveyors that move the product down the production line at different speed settings, inspection machinery such as metal detectors and seal testers, and labelers that apply custom labels to packaging. Using a combination of this machinery can help maximize the efficiency and productivity of your food packaging systems.

Commercial Food Packaging Equipment

Based on the requirements of your specific application, you’ll be able to find new and reliable used VFFS or HFFS machine available to meet them. Used food packaging machines can help you save money while increasing profitability. Used machinery that’s undergone refurbishment will be inspected for quality assurance, and companies such as High Performance Packaging will also offer maintenance programs and other services to make sure you get the most from your equipment. Vibratory feeders, bucket elevators, code date printers, combination weigher scales, and many other machines are also integrated in food packaging systems to keep them consistently productive and cost-effective.

Here are some of the specific applications that can benefit from used food packaging equipment.

Meat Products

Meat products will require a wide range of food packaging systems depending on the specific product. Products could require either VFFS or HFFS machines, and many products such as chicken fingers will require freezer tunnels that prevent the product from spoiling. Products such as hamburgers and others requiring thermoforming will benefit from HFFS machines, while dry meats such as beef jerky are typically filled using VFFS equipment.

Dairy Products

There is a wide variety of dairy products that will require specific types of dairy packaging machinery. Certain products such as shredded cheeses are often packaged in vertical bags using VFFS machines, while others such as cheese wheels will require thermoformed packaging through HFFS machines.

Frozen Fruit and Vegetables

These products will typically require either HFFS or VFFS machines for packaging, while freeze tunnels can be used at the end of the packaging line to preserve them.

Snacks and Chips

Snack products and chips often use VFFS machines to fill vertical bags, along with bulk conveyors.


VFFS machinery is typically used to fill vertical packaging for juices and other types of beverages in vertical packaging throughout the packaging process.

Candy and Nuts

Certain candy and nut products will require the use of VFFS or HFFS machinery for high-quality packaging.

Coffee and Tea

Tea and coffee products are normally filled vertically in cans or bags, requiring the use of VFFS machines.

Bakery Products

Depending on the type of packaging system that your bakery products require, you’ll want to use VFFS for more generic vertical packaging for cookies or other products that are typically packaged in bulk. However, larger cookies, pastries, and other products that need packaging shaped specifically for them will need to use HFFS machines.

High Performance Packaging is a Top-Rated Food Packaging Machine Supplier

If you need reliable food packaging equipment for your production lines, consider implementing a system of High Performance Packaging machinery in your facility. We can give you the results you want with the help of our used equipment that’s in working condition and ready for installation. With one or more of our machines at work in your operations, you’ll benefit from optimal efficiency and productivity. We can also help customize each piece of equipment to meet the space requirements and other specifications of your application.

In addition to high-quality commercial food packaging equipment, we offer a selection of services to help keep your machinery running the way it should. These services include troubleshooting, operator training, preventative maintenance programs, performance improvement, line start-ups, and OEE programs. With a combination of used food packaging equipment and our services behind your operations, you’ll benefit from a system that can give you the results you want.

Contact Us to Find Food Packaging Machines for Sale

If you would like to learn more about any of the products we offer for food packaging systems, including our wide selection of VFFS and HFFS machinery, browse our inventory online or contact us today. We’ll help you find the perfect machinery to enhance your production lines today, regardless of the type of food products you need to package.

Dairy Packaging Equipment

Dairy products require reliable packaging machinery that can adequately fill and seal various types of packaging. You’ll find one of the most extensive and high-quality selections of used dairy packaging machinery here at High Performance Packaging. We have plenty of reliable equipment that can give your operations what they need to give you optimal results.

Get Dependable Used Dairy Packaging Machines

We carry one of the most extensive selections of used dairy packaging equipment for installation in nearly any facility and production line. We have plenty of machinery that is capable of meeting the needs of your application, with customization available for various packaging specifications.

Our full inventory includes a variety of dependable VFFS and HFFS machines, bucket elevators, bulk product conveyors, labelers, combination weigher scales, and many other reliable products. We also make sure each of our customers benefits from top-quality packaging equipment by carrying only the most dependable brands in the industry. You’ll find some of the most reputable manufacturers in our product line, including Yamato, Bartelt, Ishida, Hayssen, Matrix, Kliklok, and more. With this machinery in your facility, you won’t need to worry about frequent breakdowns and downtime with machines designed to last for many years.

Why You Can Rely on High Performance Packaging


Unlike other packaging companies, High Performance Packaging places emphasis on customer service, as we only offer the most durable and long-lasting used dairy packaging machines available. We want to ensure all of our customers are continually satisfied with their purchases, with machinery that’s in working condition. We test each machine to make sure it’s functional prior to selling it, and we also offer replacement parts including sealing bars and forming tubes to further ensure your machines work the way they should.

Get Services in Addition to Dairy Packaging Equipment

To further make sure you’re happy with your purchase, we offer several services along with high-quality packaging machinery. Our list of services includes equipment troubleshooting, operator training, preventative maintenance programs, an OEE program, line startups, and performance improvement. Each of these services can help keep your systems fully operational and maximize efficiency and profitability, with minimal risk of breakdowns and subsequent downtime.

If you want to find the perfect dairy packaging equipment for your facility today, contact High Performance Packaging and we’ll connect you with one of our packaging specialists. You can also browse our full selection of products here today. We’ll help you find exactly what your production line needs to maximize efficiency and productivity with our dependable products and services.

Snack and Chip Packaging Machinery

One of the most important aspects to consider in snack and chip production lines is the installation of reliable packaging machinery. This type of equipment is required for efficient and sufficient packaging of a wide range of snack foods, and you’ll find plenty of dependable machinery here at High Performance Packaging.

Get Dependable Snack and Chip Packaging Machines

We have a wide range of used snack and chip packaging machinery to use for nearly any application. Regardless of the types of snack products you need high-quality packaging for, we have everything needed to complete your systems.

Our selection of equipment includes high-quality HFFS and VFFS machines, bulk product conveyors, labelers, bucket elevators, vibratory feeders, combination weigher scales, code date printers, and many others. We also make sure your packaging lines benefit from consistent quality by only offering machines from the most reputable and recognized brands in the packaging industry. Our selection includes a variety of Yamato, Ishida, Hayssen, Matrix, Bartelt, and Kliklok machines, among many others. Your systems will benefit from reliable machinery that won’t easily break down and malfunction, with reliable construction.

Why Turn to High Performance Packaging?

What sets High Performance Packaging apart from other packaging machine companies is the devotion to selling only the best used snack and chip packaging machines available. We intend to ensure that each of our customers is consistently satisfied with their machinery, which means that all used equipment we carry is in working condition and ready for implementation. We test each machine to make sure it’s entirely functional prior to selling it, and we also offer replacement parts such as forming tubes and sealing bars to make sure your systems continue to run optimally.

Get Additional Services to Keep Your Snack and Chip Packaging Equipment Running Smoothly

To further keep our customers satisfied, we offer a host of services in addition to our high-quality packaging machines. These services include troubleshooting, operator training, performance improvement, an OEE program, line startups, and preventative maintenance programs. Each of these services can make sure you maximize the effectiveness and overall efficiency of your systems and employees. You’ll also be able to further minimize the risk of breakdowns and downtime that could otherwise negatively impact your business.

To find the perfect packaging machinery for your snack and chip production lines, contact High Performance Packaging and we’ll connect you with one of our specialists to get you started. You can also check out our full inventory and request a quote for any of our products online. We’re ready to help you find exactly what you’re looking for to maximize efficiency and profitability, with some of the most dependable machines and services available.

Beverage Packaging Equipment

Beverages require reliable beverage packaging machines that can properly fill and seal various types of products. You’ll find one of the best selections of used beverage packaging equipment here at High Performance Packaging. We have plenty of high-quality packaging machines that can give your facilities what they need to give you the best results.

Get Dependable Used Beverage Packaging Machines

We carry one of the most expansive selections of used beverage packaging equipment for installation in many different types of production lines and facilities. We have plenty of equipment that can meet the needs of any application, customizable for various packaging specifications.

Our inventory includes a collection of reliable HFFS and VFFS machines, conveyors, bucket elevators, combination weigher scales, labelers, and much more. We also help ensure consistent quality by only carrying equipment from the top brands in the industry, including Bartelt, Yamato, Ishida, Kliklok, Matrix, Hayssen, and many others. You’ll never need to be concerned about frequent breakdowns and downtime with high-quality used equipment that can still function for many years.

Why Turn to High Performance Packaging?

What sets High Performance Packaging apart from other companies is our devotion to quality and customer service, only offering the most reliable used beverage packaging machines available. We want to make sure all of our customers are continually happy with the equipment they purchase, with machinery that’s in working condition. We test each piece of equipment to ensure functionality before selling, and we also carry replacement parts such as forming tubes and sealing bars to further make sure your machines work the way they should.

Get Services to Make the Most of Your Used Beverage Packaging Machinery

To leave you even more satisfied with your purchase, we offer several services in addition to top-quality packaging equipment. Our list of services includes operator training, equipment troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, line startups, performance improvement, and an OEE program. Each of these services can help contribute to a fully operational packaging line that maximizes efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability, with minimal risk of breakdowns and costly downtime.

To get started on finding the perfect packaging equipment for your beverage packaging systems today, contact High Performance Packaging and we’ll connect you with one of our industry experts. You can also browse our entire inventory online and request a quote for any of our available products. We’ll help you find exactly what your facility needs to maximize productivity and efficiency with our unrivaled products and services.

8 Ways to Prevent Dust Buildup in Packaging Systems

8 Ways to Eliminate Dust in Packaging Systems

Dust and other types of particulate can potentially cause a problem for packaging machines. Products such as protein powders, flour, dry snacks, or ground coffee can generate dust in packaging environments.

You’re most likely to encounter dust when powdered or dry product passes through certain transfer points throughout the packaging system. Any time the product is in motion or starts and stops suddenly, the process may generate dust.

Here are eight innovative features in modern packaging machines that can help prevent or eliminate dust buildup.

1. Enclosed Jaw Drives

If your packaging machines operate in a dusty environment or work with a dusty product, it’s necessary for the components of the sealing jaws to remain protected from particulates.

Packaging machines designed for wet or dusty environments will typically have a completely enclosed jaw drive to keep particulate from building up on the parts.

2. Dust-Proof Enclosures

Enclosures that contain electrical or pneumatic components need to have sufficient protection against dust buildup to function properly. When buying packaging machines for a dusty environment, you should make sure the equipment has an Ingress Protection (IP) Rating that’s intended for your application. An IP Rating is made of two numbers that indicate how dust- and water-tight an enclosure is.

For dust protection, you should get packaging machinery with an IP Rating of 50 or higher. If you need dust-tight enclosures choose machinery with an IP Rating of 60 or higher.

3. Dust Removal Machines

Dust buildup isn’t the only thing you should worry about. Dust can also get into package seams, which can cause inadequate uniformity during the heat seal process that can result in lost product. To avoid this, you can set up dust removal equipment at multiple points throughout a facility to recirculate dust and expel it from the environment.

4. Static Elimination Bars

When plastic packaging film is unwound and fed through the packaging machinery, it can generate static electricity, which in turn causes dust and other particulates to stick to the inside of the film. This can cause product to appear in the package seals, which can compromise the integrity of the package. A static elimination bar can help further avoid these complications.

5. Dust Hoods

Automatic pouch filling machines can benefit from a dust hood placed over the product dispensing station. This can help to collect and remove particulates as the product drops from the filter into the bag.

6. Vacuum Pull Belts

Friction pull belts are standard for vertical form fill and seal machines. They are responsible for pulling the packaging film through the system using friction. However, if the environment is dusty, particulates can get between the film and the friction pull belts, resulting in poor performance and wearing them down over time.

On the other hand, vacuum pull belts use vacuum suction instead of friction, which effectively eliminates the concern over dust buildup. They may be more expensive than friction pull belts, but they’re likely to last much longer and result in less of a risk for production lines.

7. Continuous Motion Packaging

Packaging equipment can function in either intermittent or continuous motion. Continuous motion is more ideal in dusty environments because of the downward airflow that keeps the product-generated dust inside the packaging.

8. Regular Preventative Maintenance

In addition to dust controlling measures, regular preventative maintenance is another great way to further eliminate dust from packaging systems. This includes cleaning and inspecting components for residue or dust.

All of these can help you combat dust in work environments, keeping products and equipment protected.

How to Properly Seal Products with Packaging Machines

How to Effectively Seal Products with Automated Packaging Machinery

Packages with insufficient seals can compromise your product and subsequently hurt your company. Inadequate sealing can result in higher costs for machine reworking, recalibration, scrap, and spill cleanup. For perishables such as food items, a bag without a proper seal can result in shorter shelf life, poor product quality, risk of contamination, and messes for consumers.

Forming Adequate Seals with Heat Sealing

Most versatile packaging machines create seals using heat seal jaws or bars. When heated, these parts close over the portion of the package where the seal will be, causing the sealant layers to melt and fuse together. However, certain factors can result in faulty seals.

Here are some of the preventable issues.

Poor Sealing Jaw Construction and Uniformity

One issue that could happen has to do with poor uniformity. The strength of a packaging seal must be uniform to properly protect the packaged product. Sealing jaws can only create the perfect seal if they operate with consistent force and temperature across the entire sealing area. To make sure your seals are uniform, choose a packaging machine with sealing jaws that have been forged from a single piece of metal. This can help avoid temperature and pressure fluctuations, resulting in a strong seal.

The problem with sealing jaws made with more than one piece of metal is that they can create inconsistent seals because of fluctuating pressure and temperatures.

Misaligned Sealing Jaws

If package seals are weak on one side but strong on the other, this likely indicates that your jaws are poorly aligned. Oftentimes packaging machine technicians and operators will move the jaws into alignment using a small piece of metal. However, this isn’t the safest method.

You’re better off following a preventative maintenance plan that checks for misalignment at various points throughout the machine’s lifespan, such as:

  • Prior to startup
  • Following a material jam
  • Following changeovers
  • Following recent maintenance or upgrades

Dust & Debris in the Seal Area

When product is present in the bag seam throughout the heat sealing process, the areas where the product is present won’t adhere properly. This can have a negative impact on seal integrity, resulting in risk of leaking and contamination. To prevent dust from gathering on the seal area, you should clean it periodically.

Perform Preventative Maintenance

Packaging machine technicians or operators should clean and inspect sealing jaws on a daily basis as part of a complete preventative maintenance plan. This can help ensure that dust and other particulate won’t build up on the sealing bars. This can also help make sure that any small issues with sealing jaw alignment or function are identified and addressed before they can become a major problem.

Impulse Sealing

Rather than heat sealing, another sealing method to consider is impulse sealing. Unlike heat seal jaws that require consistent electricity and heat, impulse sealing bands only need electrical energy, creating heat solely during the heating phase of the sealing cycle. These bands heat up and cool down within a few hundred milliseconds to a few seconds at most. This gives the package seal time to cool prior to being released from the sealing mechanism.

By avoiding the aforementioned issues and implementing preventative maintenance measures and cleaning, you can keep your packaging machines working the way they should.