Are You Missing Out on Brand Name Advantage?

If you’ve taken the time to install quality, brand name packaging equipment in your facility, you may think your work is done and you can kick back and watch the day fly by you. But that’s simply not true. Having the best brand names in your workspace won’t mean much if you or your staff doesn’t know how to use the machines to their full potential. So how can you be sure that you’re getting the most out of your investment?

Thoroughly Learn the Machinery Yourself

In order to best use something, you need to be thoroughly versed in what it’s supposed to do, how it works, how to know if something is wrong, and possibly even how to fix problems, provided you have the repair know-how. Failing to understand the ins and outs of any type of used Hayssen equipment or other brand-name machinery may mean that you’re not getting as much work out of it or taking advantage of its capabilities as you could be. Make sure you discuss any issues you have and ask the packaging equipment company your purchased from any questions you may have. Their customer service staff as well as machinery experts will be able to offer you the knowledge you need to truly excel.

Teach Your Staff

Once you’ve learned all about the products in your workplace, it’s time to teach your staff what you’ve learned. You can’t be expected to be around for questioning or repairs at all times, so it’s important that people working for you who are using the equipment know the same things you do. Prepare a booklet for them to keep on hand or to study, or if necessary, ask someone from the place you purchased the equipment from to provide teaching materials.

The more you and your staff know about a product, the better the equipment can work for you.


Benefits Of Buying Used/Refurbished Equipment Instead of New

When you run a plant that focuses on packaging products, you’ll eventually think about ways you can streamline your work processes or make the day more productive. Usually, one solution is to get new equipment for the workplace, but that can be prohibitively expensive for some companies. The option to buy used and refurbished equipment is out there, but you may not be aware of the benefits aside from cost. What else can you gain from buying refurbished?

Training Options

Purchasing refurbished or used Bartelt equipment may sound great in theory, but if you are unsure of how to properly use your new-to-you machine, you’re losing out on productivity. Reading a manual isn’t the same as having someone available to teach you hands-on how to use a product. If you buy from a new-machines-only dealer, you run the risk of purchasing from a company who doesn’t much care about what happens to their product. They may only be interested in their bottom line, and won’t be there if you have any questions. If you purchase used and refurbished equipment, the company will likely be more invested in their product, having spent the time to update, fix and repair, and clean it before reselling it. They want someone else to get use out of it, and will be more willing to show you.

Knowledgeable Customer Service

Likewise, if you have any problems or concerns down the road, a new-machinery seller might simply have you speak with the manufacturer. Depending on the manufacturer’s availability, you may not get answers in a timely fashion. Purchasing used packaging and processing machinery gives you a better chance of dealing with people who will be willing to take the time to help you.

If you’re on the fence and can’t decide whether you want to spring for new machinery or purchase refurbished equipment, keep in mind the educational, and thus productivity, benefits that come along with buying used.


The Importance of Staff Training for Packaging Equipment

You can have top of the line equipment in your facility or factory, but that won’t mean anything if you and your staff don’t know how to properly use it. Staff training for machinery is what really makes having great equipment shine. Educated employees will be able to better utilize the products made available to them, and they may be able to troubleshoot if something goes wrong in your facility. So how do you go about educating your staff as efficiently as you can?

Learn the Equipment On Your Own and Teach Your Staff

Purchasing used packaging and processing machinery from some vendors puts you in the position, sometimes, of having to navigate your way through learning how to use it on your own. This can be difficult, especially if you aren’t the primary user of the machinery. In order to teach your staff how to use the product, though, you should first learn how to do so yourself. You are likely very busy, but it’s still always helpful to have at least one person who is well-versed enough to teach the inner workings of a machine to the staff. If not you, select a few managers who can learn the ins-and-outs of a piece of equipment and can teach employees how to use it. Some machinery suppliers will even provide equipment training to their customers, which is great if you want to learn the machines so you can teach your staff.

Purchase Equipment from Customer-Centered Vendors

One way to avoid having snags in the learning process is to order and purchase your packaging equipment from vendors who make their customers a priority. If you’re interested in equipment from Yamato for sale but aren’t entirely sure how to use those machines, because they’re different from your current equipment, purchasing the machinery from a seller who will take the time to provide customer service and answer questions about the product is best. These vendors will take you through, step-by-step, any issues you have with your purchase, whereas other vendors will simply refer you to the manufacturer.

Once you’re aware of how to use a machine, or you know that the vendor is there to answer any staff questions about it, you’ll be happily getting the most out of your machinery.


What is the Difference Between Used and Refurbished Machinery?

If you’re in the market for used Ishida weighers or other used packaging and processing machinery, you’ve probably come across the option to buy either used or refurbished. You might think that these two classifications mean you’re getting the same quality of product, but that’s not quite the case. There are some things you should know before committing to a purchase, to ensure that you get the best machinery for your money.

What’s the Difference?

The difference between used equipment and refurbished equipment is simple: while both have been pre-owned and used, refurbished equipment has been fixed, cleaned, and readied for a long life, while used equipment is more of a gamble in terms of what you’re getting. Used my offer a slightly lower price than refurbished, but it’s also not a guarantee that what you’re buying is going to be in top-quality condition when you get it. Whether you’re concerned about simply saving a few dollars (generally, the cost difference between used and refurbished products is nominal) or just want the best quality product, one of these conditions is the obvious better choice.

Which One Is Better Than The Other?

In most cases, refurbished machinery from a reliable packaging equipment company will be a better investment than simple used machinery. Generally, companies who take the time to refurbish their machinery before reselling it have a vested interest in keeping their customers happy. Used sellers may only care about making the fastest dollar, and if you ever have problems with the machines you buy, you might be out of luck. Purchasing refurbished equipment means you’re getting a top quality product, probably from a brand name that you know and trust, and you’re getting customer service along with it. If you have any questions, concerns, or issues with the machines you buy, the company you purchased from will be there to help.


Speed Up Your Replacement Process by Buying Refurbished

When you need to eventually replace all of the equipment in your workspace, but don’t have the funds to do it all at once, purchasing used packaging and processing machinery is a way to get the job done sooner. There are plenty of benefits of purchasing used and refurbished machines, aside from the cost difference/money saving aspect. Speed up the process of replacing the equipment in your workspace by purchasing refurbished machines and parts, and enjoy the added benefits of doing so.

Customer Support

When you purchase used Matrix machinery or other recognized brands, you’re not only getting reliable equipment, but support from the company you buy from. When you purchase refurbished packaging machinery, you’re buying from a vendor who has shown they care about the quality of the things they sell, which can be an indication of their willingness to help you with any issues you may have with the product after it is in your facility. Have questions about how something works or a potential problem? The customer support staff will likely have working knowledge of the products they sell, so they’ll be able to help you better than a company whose only concern is turning a profit.

Top-Quality Brands

When you’re trying to replace equipment quickly, you don’t have to settle for lesser brands—purchasing refurbished machinery allows you to stick with the brands you know and trust while staying within your budget. Whether you’re looking for used Matrix machinery, Combi scales or weighers, or any other brand you’re used to working with, you can realize your dream of replacing your old, worn out machinery sooner by choosing refurbished. You still may have to do things one piece at a time, but you’ll be able to do so while still reaping the benefits of having the brand names you prefer in your workshop.


Getting Help With Packaging Equipment Questions

Purchasing packaging equipment doesn’t mean you automatically know everything about the machines. If you have questions about the products you’ve got in your workspace, how do you go about getting them answered? There are a few different ways for shop owners and managers to become educated to the fullest extent, and they reach beyond just reading the machine’s manual or calling the manufacturer.

Attending Workshops and Training Classes

When you want to be well-versed in how equipment like used Bilwinco scales work and how you should use them, as well as how to troubleshoot when there are any problems that come up, attending training classes that teach how to work the machines is helpful. The better you know how to use a machine, the better you can explain the processes to your staff, as well, which of course leads to a team of knowledgeable, productive employees.

Purchasing from Companies Who Provide Customer Support

Another option for being sure you know all you need to about the machinery you’re using is to purchase from a company that’s invested in making sure its customers know what they’re working with. Vendors that sell used packaging and processing machinery, especially refurbished models, will generally take a more vested interest in making sure that their clients are satisfied with their purchase. Customer satisfaction includes knowing how to best use the product they’ve purchased, and when purchasing equipment, make sure that the support staff at the business you’re purchasing from will be available to help you if you need. The packaging equipment company should be willing to provide help and answer any questions you may have about their machines. Making sure that help will be available if you need it is imperative, especially if you’re buying a brand of machine you’re not familiar with, since you may have to learn new processes.

Educating yourself is a great starting point when it comes to getting the most out of your machinery, but it’s also helpful to be able to go back to where you purchased from and ask for their help, as well.


Could You Be Packaging More Product?

We all know the old saying, “Time is money.” In your facility, are you getting the most out of your packaging equipment? Or could your employees benefit from a little bit of training so that they know how to better use the machinery, which might result in higher productivity rates? What are some ways you could be packaging more of your product and turning better profits?

Staff Training and Education

If your staff is slow at using the machinery in your workplace, it could be because they’re not trained well enough to be comfortable with their jobs. You can remedy this situation by sending them to training workshops or by contacting the company you purchased the equipment from to see if they have any training or education tips for their machines. Many vendors want to keep their customers satisfied and as such, will have solutions that help business owners get the most out of their investments. If you’ve purchased used Woodman equipment, but your staff is used to another brand of machinery, these training courses can be especially helpful on getting them up to speed.

More Equipment, If Possible

If you have the room and budget for it, purchasing more equipment for your facility can be another, albeit more obvious way to increase your output. Buying used packaging and processing machinery may not be as cost-prohibitive as you think. With refurbished machinery and parts, can still get the brand names you know and trust, as well as the customer support you need when you buy packaging equipment. If you’re looking for the best way to significantly increase productivity within your facility, having the machinery available to work on multiple projects at once is the most effective way. Of course, this isn’t an option for everyone, but if you have the space and room in your company budget, the difference in output can be significant.

Making sure your staff has adequate resources, from knowledge to machinery, can make a big difference in how much product gets packaged in your facility.


What to Do When You Have Problems With Your Packaging Machinery

When you work in a packaging plant, productivity relies on the machinery within the space working smoothly and without issue. As many business owners know, however, that’s not always the situation. When there are problems with machines, work can all but come to a halt—so what do you do when you have a problem and need answers now?

Contact Your Machine Supplier

When you have a problem or need troubleshooting help, a great first step is to contact the company you purchased the machinery from. Whether you need help with used Combi scales, Yamato scales, or any other brand, the packaging equipment company you purchased machinery from should be able to help you with any issues that come up. After all, they likely want to keep you satisfied as a customer, and helping you with troubleshooting, repairs, or even further training with something they sold you. Making sure you purchase equipment from vendors who provide great customer support and who will be willing to help you with problems, repairs, training, or any other questions you might have about a product after your purchase.

Consider Refurbished Parts and Machines

If a product you currently own and use is beyond repair and you have to replace it, a smart thing to do is to purchase used or refurbished equipment. Refurbished machinery has been used, yes, but the company selling it has also taken the time to clean, fix, and restore it to excellent quality. So even though the price is lower and it has been pre-owned, you’ll still get a reliable, top-quality piece of machinery. What’s better, companies that specialize in selling refurbished packaging machinery are usually invested in their products, since they spent the time refurbishing them, as well as their customers’ satisfaction and thus will want to help you out if you have any questions about the purchase.


What to Do with Used Packaging Equipment

When your used packaging equipment no longer performs as well as you need it to, it’s not entirely useless. Just about any piece of equipment—no matter how old or damaged—can be refurbished at a packaging equipment company. Not only can you sell your old equipment, then—you can also save money by purchasing replacements that are fully refurbished by professional technicians.

Sell Equipment in Any Condition

When it’s time to upgrade, you can sell a wide variety of used packaging equipment, including conveyors, box tapers, forming tubes and sealing bars. Fully trained experts can refurbish your materials to near-original condition, so old equipment doesn’t have to go to waste. This gives you options when you’re looking to buy new or used packaging equipment later—you’ve already worked with a company that you know you can trust.

All Used Products Should Be Refurbished

When you buy used packaging machinery, you should first make sure that it has been professionally refurbished. At refurbishing facilities, technicians repair and restore used machines before they are sold in packaging equipment facilities. Whether it’s a small part of a large, complex machine, comprehensive refurbishing can make a long-term difference.

Whether you are trying to dispose of a single machine or completely overhaul your entire packaging line, a packaging equipment company can help you by purchasing your unwanted equipment. Companies like these will inspect your equipment and provide a quote, helping you plan your machinery replacement options and prevent you from being blindsided before a transaction. If you decide to sell your used machines, you can make the equipment replacement process faster and easier by working with a reputable reseller.


Important Product Packaging Equipment Parts

Your packaging equipment operators should be well-versed in the machines with which they work, because if a part fails, they may need to be able to identify and replace it. There are many different mechanical aspects to an efficient packaging system, and replacing the occasional part extends the overall life of your machine. From used sealing bars to forming tubes, there are a wide variety of parts inside every machine that the right packaging equipment services provider can help you replace.

Check Your Sealing Bars

The one element of a packaging system that keeps all of your products perfectly airtight is the sealing bar. When any new or used sealing bar isn’t working the way it should, it decreases company productivity and can potentially damage products. Sealing bars should work as well as the rest of your packaging equipment, which is why you may consider enlisting a packaging equipment services provider to help you check for weak product sealing and other costly system malfunctions.

Maintain All Forming Tubes

Yet another crucial part in your packaging systems is the forming tube. Forming tubes are responsible for ensuring the proper containment and distribution of particularly loose product. Just as with any other area of your packaging system, you should address problems with forming tubes immediately to prevent product loss and other issues with other equipment. Packaging equipment services can make sure that functioning replacement forming tubes are installed, using the top brands in the industry.

These are simply a few of the many packaging system parts that an industry authority can help you maintain. Because there are so many codependent mechanical processes at work in your production lines, it’s critical to know where to look for any inadequacies as soon as you suspect a problem. The right packaging equipment companies can provide maintenance checks for your machinery, helping your company to be as efficient as possible.