Save Your Bottom Line By Purchasing Used Combination Scales

When you’re packaging up product and shipping it out to your distributors and other clients, and your product is measured by weight, it’s essential to use combination scales that work accurately. Your product’s packages should all weigh the same. Any discrepancies can cause profit loss, as you’re essentially giving product away for free if your scales aren’t working correctly. If you’re experiencing problems with your current scales, consider purchasing your next combination scale used. Used combination scales can save as well as earn your business money in a couple of ways.

Purchase Price

Of course, a lower sticker price is the most obvious way that refurbished packaging machinery can save you money. While you can purchase new packaging equipment, the truth of the matter is that refurbished machinery is just as efficient and reliable. The refurbishing process includes thoroughly inspecting and repairing a machine so that the difference between it and a new unit is negligible.  In other words, you are not risking purchasing a machine that will break soon after you buy it, nor are you purchasing an inferior product. All you’re doing is spending less—what’s not to love about that? Every business is on a budget, and it never hurts to come in under budget, especially on big purchases such as replacing machinery.

Accurate Distribution

One of the biggest problems when scales get older and wear out is that they don’t weigh things accurately anymore. While this may not be a problem with, say, the scale you have at home that you step on every now and then, it’s a big problem when your bottom line is affected by the mistakes. For instance, if a scale is even a half of an ounce off, that adds up quickly and over time, you’re giving away hundreds or thousands of pounds of your product for free. While a half ounce doesn’t sound like it would impact the amount of money your business can draw in too much, imagine that multiplied by the number of packages you ship out every year—the discrepancy in product sold versus product paid for will have a huge impact on your bottom line, which can obviously affect the rest of the workings of your company. Replace those old, worn out machines with refurbished combination scales that are much more accurate.


Best Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines for Packaging

When you need quality packaging for your products, you’ve likely looked into vertical form fill seal machines to expedite and streamline the process. Vertical form fill seal machines are meant to package products quickly as well as consistently—in other words, each package is the same weight and each package is sealed as well as the last. When it comes to making a purchase, however, you have a lot of options, both with brand as well as buying used/refurbished or new machines. What’s the best option for your company?

Seal Machines for Packaging

Which Brands Are Best?

You have plenty of options for VFFS machines for your packaging line.  Matrix, Hayssen, Rovema, Triangle, Woodman, as well as several other manufacturers make excellent VFFS machines that would fit in perfectly with your line of work.  Different models allow for different types of speeds of filling and packaging, perfect for different industries. Matrix, one of the leading names in the packaging machinery industry, offers machines that allows bag weights up to 110 pounds, short product drops that are ideal for more delicate products, and speeds up to 300 pieces per minute.  With the range of machines available, you’ll have no trouble finding a vertical form fill seal machine that is ideal for both your product and your industry.

Should You Buy Used or New?

You also have the option to purchase new machines or opt for used/refurbished models.  You may feel reluctant to purchase refurbished machinery for fear that it will not last as long as a new machine. However, refurbished machines are put through a rigorous inspection process to ensure that the next buyer is getting a quality, reliable machine. Purchasing refurbished machines can also mean that you’re buying a product from a company that knows a bit more about the machines—since they have to bring them to excellent condition after being used, they will be able to better explain how to use the machines and answer any questions you might have about them.

Whether you’re ready to make a purchase or just want to know more about vertical form fill seal machines and other packaging equipment, contact High Performance Packaging.


Best Packaging Equipment for Bakeries

If you work in the bakery or food industry, you know that there are specific requirements for your packaging. For instance, you need your packaging to keep the product fresh, and you may also need it to be form-fitting to the product so that things like cookies don’t break during shipment. You’ll likely also need machinery to place the packaged products into boxes for shipping, and in turn machines that can weigh out the same amount of product for each package so that the boxes to be shipped are all a uniform weight. So what are the best brands for bakery packaging?

Combi Scales and Other Machinery

Combi scales are some of the best known weighers on the market, and for good reason. They are known for being accurate scales, which not only saves businesses money by not over- or under-filling packages, but also saves time because companies can rely on these machines to get the work done right. Combi also manufactures horizontal case loaders, pick and place case packing machines, and drop packers, for all of your packaging needs. Make sure your freshly baked, made-with-love items get to their end destination in the best condition they can with Combi machinery.

Hayssen VFFS Baggers

Hayssen also makes integrated packaging lines that include vertical baggers
You should also look into the Hayssen brand for your packaging needs.  Their vertical form fill seal machines are some of the best on the market, and they are designed to package product both quickly and efficiently, for optimal production rates.  Hayssen also makes integrated packaging lines that include vertical baggers, different wrapping options, and a wide range of package styles, such as recloseable features, pillow bags, and much more. No matter what your bakery product is, Hayssen machinery can help you find the best way to get it to your customers in the best shape possible.

To expand your bakery packaging machinery line, contact High Performance packaging to learn more about the best brands for your applications and to learn more about used and refurbished packaging machinery.


How Can Buying Used Packaging Machinery Save Your Company Money?

When you’re trying to save money in your budget, it can be hard to find places you can cut costs, especially if you need to purchase new machinery for your packaging line. Thankfully, though, buying used machinery can save your company thousands of dollars, and not just at the time of purchase. There are a few different ways that purchasing used equipment can save your company money over the long term.

Initial Purchase Price

Of course, the most obvious way that purchasing used equipment can save you money is at the outset—spending less money to outfit your production line is a straightforward method of cutting costs when you need new machines. Used machinery will still provide your business with years of reliable service, but at a fraction of the cost that purchasing all new machines would. Furthermore, since you save by buying used, you may be able to purchase more than one machine, which, while it may not reduce your costs, can increase your output.

Refurbished May Work Better

When you’re working with a budget, you may not be able to afford the newest model of a certain machine. If you choose a refurbished or used model, however, you may be able to get a newer model, which, theoretically, will work more efficiently than older models that are brand new. When you work with more efficient machines, you’ll save the company money since the refurbished packaging machines will likely be better at doing their jobs than older models. That means fewer mechanical failures, less downtime, and less time spent fixing problems and troubleshooting. This not only saves you money with the purchase of the product itself, but with time wasted spent trying to fix issues you are having with a particular machine .

As the years go on, you’ll find that used machinery will work just as well as new machinery—refurbished means that the machines have been fully inspected to ensure their efficiency and durability.

You know that packing machinery is an integral part of the way your company makes money, so why not use the most efficient method of doing so? Choose used and refurbished models and save money while you make money.


How Can You Improve Packaging Line Performance?

Boosting your profit margins can be as simple as improving the efficiency of your packaging line. If that statement seems vastly oversimplified, it’s because improving your packaging line’s efficiency may not be as easy as it seems.  Even if all it means for your particular business is getting new machinery, that alone has its own stipulations—things like finding room in the budget to do so, training employees on the new machinery, waiting for things to be delivered. Those aspects of purchasing new machinery are a big part of the entire process, and can’t be ignored. That being said, there are a couple other obvious ways to improve the efficiency of your packaging line.

Analyze Your Line

In order to make sure you’re getting the most out of your packaging line, you’ll want to perform an analysis of both the machines and the people working on them. What that means is you should monitor the line carefully for a period of time and take notes of where the slow spots are. Are there problems with packaging materials? Do the employees look like they’re handling the machines with ease? If not, more training should be administered so that your staff is as efficient as they can be.  If it’s the machinery itself, you’ll need to either troubleshoot your existing hardware or work on creating a plan to replace it sometime soon. If money is tight, you can find used and refurbished equipment that is in your price range that is still high quality.

Know When to Replace Machines

Figuring out which machines are the slowest can be as easy as timing them or measuring the output. Your perception of how fast it produces packages may be different than its actual output. For instance, if you think a machine is producing 120 packages per minute but it only produces 117 per minute, that’s 3 packages per minute that you aren’t getting the benefit of having produced. That’s 180 pieces per hour, or 1,440 pieces per day (based on an 8-hour day, more if your facility operates longer hours). While 3 pieces per minute may not seem like it would make much of a dent in your productivity, 1,440 per day puts your loss per week at anywhere between around 7,000 to 10,000 pieces. Over time, those loses add up both rapidly and significantly. You’ll want to weigh the cost of new machinery against the cost of missing out on that amount of productivity.


What Is the Best VFFS Bagger?

Hayssen offer both continuous motion baggers as well as intermittent motion.
When you’re looking for a new vertical form fill and seal machine for your packaging line, you’ve definitely got a lot of options. If you’re torn between some of the name brands you’ve seen, here is a quick rundown of just a few of the best VFFS packaging machine producers on the map today.


Hayssen is one of the most widely know producers of VFFS baggers. They offer both continuous motion baggers as well as intermittent motion baggers. Continuous motion baggers are designed for high-speed packaging, but intermittent baggers are also very fast, with some models producing up to 120 packages per minute. By comparison, continuous motion baggers can package up to 200 pieces per minute with machines from this maker. Depending on the product you are packaging, Hayssen may have the right kind of machine for your needs, such as models that allow for different bag shapes.


Matrix is another well-known name in the packaging industry. Their VFFS machines are ideal for many different applications, but they do provide options that allow for bag weights of up to 110 pounds. This brand is also very fast, with some Matrix VFFS machines offering the possibility of packing up to 300 pieces per minute. Currently, the brand offers a variety of VFFS machines, and should this brand be appealing to you, you will end up with a high-quality, durable machine.


Masipack currently offers a range of different models of VFFS machines. Some of their machines are continuous motion, others are automatic or activated by servomotors. They also offer a model that is ideal for 4-side seal packages, caklled the Ultra Sachet. If you’re trying to package heavy materials, they also have models that accommodate for that. Masipack offers machinery that is tailored to somewhat more specific products, so if you are in the business of packaging something a little bit less common than a simple bag, this may be the brand for you.


Rovema offers machines that include options for Stabilo Seal, Zipper Reclosure, Peelable Seal, Hole Punch, and Impulse Sealing packages. They offer models that provide features such as vacuums, drawdown belts, and touchscreen integration.

One thing that is consistent about all of these brands is that used or new, their machines are high quality, long-lasting VFFS machines. Depending on the specific product you need packaged, one of these brands may be the right fit for your needs.


What Supplies Does a Packaging Machine Need to Run Properly?

Benefits from ordering from the vendor you purchased you machines.
If you’re in the packaging industry, you know quite well that there are a few different things that your packaging machinery needs to run properly and efficiently. While you may be getting the packaging materials you need from different vendors, you could be simplifying your whole operation and ordering the supplies you need from the same place you get your machinery from. Having the proper materials in stock for your production line is essential for achieving maximum productivity, so it’s ideal to order from the vendor you purchased your machines from. There are several benefits to doing so, but first let’s just briefly go over the types of materials these machines need.

Materials Needed

In order to keep your packaging line moving swiftly along, you’ll need to keep on hand things like packaging film, bags, cartons, and any other packing materials that your products require to make it from one point to the next. It’s important to have enough of these in your inventory at all times, because once you’re out, it could take at least a day or two—but with many vendors, even longer—to restock. When you have to sit out of the game for that long, you lose time and money from the sacrificed productivity. Don’t let that happen—keep an accurate and updated inventory list of the products you need, the products you have, and when you’ll need to reorder. A little bit of planning can prevent big headaches down the road.

Benefits of Purchasing from Your Machinery Supplier

As mentioned, with some vendors it may take a significant amount of time to get the products you need for your packaging line delivered to you. Even if it’s just a few hours, the productivity lost can’t be easily regained. When you purchase your packaging supplies and materials from the same vendor that supplied your machinery, however, you can trust that they will not only have the exact product in stock, but they will be able to get it to you when you need it, and they may even be able to keep your business on a schedule so that you receive regular shipments of the materials you need most. When you purchase machinery from one vendor and materials from another, there’s always the risk that the materials vendor won’t have the exact product that’s compatible with your machinery. Don’t take the risk of losing productivity.


How to Troubleshoot a Packaging Machine

Train with machines to fix it properly
In an ideal world, packaging machinery would never malfunction, jam, break, or stop working unexpectedly. We all know, though, that that isn’t the case when it comes to machines that perform tasks over and over. Parts wear out, products jam, and machinery can simply fail. This is always disappointing, especially because it means that you lose productivity and spend time fixing the machinery. One way you can minimize the time you lose is by knowing how to troubleshoot the machinery you have on your packaging line. There are a couple of different ways you can help yourself learn about the machines you have, and the more you know about the hardware you have, the easier it will be to solve problems when they arise.

Packaging Equipment Training

The first and perhaps most important way to expedite the process between noticing a problem with a machine to fix it is to be adequately trained with the machines in your packing line. Whether that means you yourself are trained with the machines or you hire someone to train your employees, the main takeaway should be that within your business, there should be some people that know how the machines work well enough to be able to tell what is malfunctioning and perhaps even how to fix it. When it comes to getting machines back up and running, knowing the problem is the first and most important step to knowing how to fix it. Some vendors offer training programs that can be helpful for teaching yourself and your staff how to troubleshoot machines. Ask the supplier for your machinery if they offer training classes, and if training is offered, take part in it.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

While not technically troubleshooting, preventative maintenance programs can also be helpful with learning how your machines work. Maintaining machinery so that it doesn’t unexpectedly malfunction or wear out can take a little bit of time, but in the long run is more beneficial than waiting for something to go wrong and hoping it doesn’t take too long to fix. The vendor for your machinery may have preventative maintenance programs offered, so you should take advantage of them to save yourself time later on.

Technical Support Services

Another way to troubleshoot your machinery is, of course, to contact technical support services. If you don’t have the time or desire to learn the machinery on your own, the service staff at the company that you purchased the machinery from will be able to help. Whether this means scheduling a service call or simply making a phone call to explain the problem, the people who are trained on the machinery can assist you with the machines and help you get back on track quickly.


Benefits of Buying Machinery and Packing Supplies from the Same Vendor

Buying packaging machinery and packaging supplies from two different vendors has been the way a lot of companies have been doing things for a long time. While it stands to reason to do so, as you’d imagine one company would specialize in machinery while another would specialize in the supplies, some companies sell both. It’s often beneficial to purchase both from the same vendor if you can, too.

Cutting Out the Middle Man

When you rely on packing supplies like film in order to get your work done, it can cause a problem if you run out, are sent the wrong kind by accident, or need a different type to suit your needs. If the vendor who supplies the film is out of the kind you need, you’ll be out of luck until you find a vendor who has what you need. You potentially also run the risk of dealing with vendors who can’t advise you on the best supplies to use for your particular machine. When you purchase from the same vendor, they’ll not only be able to supply you with the products you need, but they’ll be able to give you tips about which products will be best for your manufacturing needs, including new products that may be applicable to your industry.

Creating Lasting Business Relationships

Another benefit to purchasing machinery and supplies from the same vendor is that you’ll be able to build a lasting relationship with the people you work with. When you work with the same vendor for multiple facets of your business, it becomes easier to keep everything organized and in one place. Additionally, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that the vendor is there to help you when you need them, versus a vendor that you work with once and done, who doesn’t know much about your business or your product needs.


Is Buying Used Packaging Equipment Risky?

In today’s fast-paced economy, it’s never surprising that people are always looking for a less expensive way of getting things done. Manufacturers may want to expand their packaging lines in order to do more, but may be discouraged by high prices attached to packing machinery. Used options are available, but a lot of people are put off by the word “used,” writing the machines off as being rife with problems or needing mechanical work or repairs. The truth of the matter is, while some companies may sell used equipment as-is, we’re committed to only offering our clients refurbished equipment that is ready to go, running properly, and that will last your company for years to come.

Getting Top Brand Names for Less

When you’re looking at top brand names for your packaging line, you may experience a bit of sticker shock, especially if you’re buying multiple machines. Buying used machinery is a great way to get a deal on machines you both need and want, but it doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing quality—refurbished machinery is brought back to top standards before being resold, which means you’ll be getting a great machine that will serve you for years at a bargain price. What’s not to love about that? You can choose from brands you know and trust, like Triangle, Hayssen, Matrix, Bosch, and many, many more.

Continual Customer Support

Perhaps even better than getting a great price, though, is getting continued customer support from the vendor you purchase machinery from. Many used packaging equipment sellers are once-and-done sellers, meaning they will sell equipment to manufacturers, but if those buyers have questions about how to use or troubleshoot their new machinery, they’re pretty much out of luck. Purchasing used equipment shouldn’t feel like a gamble, which is why we’re proud to provide our clients with the help they need to maintain, operate, or even fix their equipment. You should not need to worry about whether you’re trading quality for price when you purchase used equipment. With HP Packaging, you won’t have to.