Packaging Solutions for Electronic Devices: 5 Tips for a Perfect Package

If you are reading this from your computer, there is a good chance your cell phone is sitting next to the keyboard. If you live in the United States, there is a 56 percent chance your home includes a gaming console. In Britain, that number rises to 80 percent. Electronics are ubiquitous. They pervade every aspect of our daily lives.

Electronics are also delicate. Shipping and protecting electronics requires taking many different factors into account. To deliver the perfect package, all those specifications need to be addressed.

  • Theft Protection. Quality packaging is not just about shipping. Retailers that offer electronics enjoy additional packaging protections because video games, SD cards and cameras are small and easy to steal. Without cumbersome packaging, they lay flat against your chest. Some retailers require magnetic strips or other alarm-compliant features. Meeting with the retailer to understand their needs is the best way to responsibly address their approach to theft protection.
  • Double Over. Double over packaging is the practice of placing a box within a box. This will protect the most sensitive devices. The first box should be packed tightly to correct product shifts in transit.
  • Protect the On Button. A tablet or phone that turns on during an airplane flight will generate a lot of heat. Excessive heat on a long flight may lead to a shorted product or a cabin fire.
  • Follow Safety Regulations. Items shipping internationally are subject to a variety of packaging laws, especially with more volatile products like batteries. Ensure total compliance with the laws for a successful transit.
  • Shield Electronics. Changes in temperature, air pressure and humidity can seriously damage electronics. Static electricity can easily build with enough friction and air pressure changes. Airtight packaging protects against oxidation in humid climates and provides dust protection from loose particles that can compromise device efficiency. Some electronics are light-sensitive, but with opaque, sealed packaging, most environmental problems can be eliminated.

High Performance Packaging works closely with clients to meet their needs by utilizing MultiVac methods in innovative ways. They have shielded packaging for electronics and offer theft protection and package tracking so clients can safely deliver their products.

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