Used Kliklok-Woodman Equipment

Machines required to run a packaging line
At High Performance Packaging, our goal is to offer our clients high quality machinery at great prices. That’s why we stock used equipment from some of the most well-known, reliable manufacturers in the industry, including Kliklok-Woodman.

High Performance Packaging’s Supply of Kliklok-Woodman Machines

In our inventory, we’re offering the bread and butter of Kliklok-Woodman’s machinery, their VFFS machines and their cartoning machinery.  These machines, while used, will last and work efficiently for years to come. Our stock of Kliklok-Woodman machinery also includes filling systems as well as bagmakers, both of which contribute greatly to any packaging line. They also produce three different cartoning machines—topload, endload, and wraparound—so you’ll have the option to choose which one will be most beneficial for your production line. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Industry Applications

While the machinery we offer from at Kliklok-Woodman has been developed with the food industry in mind, non-food applications are also an option with these machines. Cartoning machines handle special carton shapes easily and can be integrated with other machinery to create customized packaging systems. As for the food industry, these machines can be used for snack foods, frozen/prepared foods, dairy products, bakery goods, confectionery treats and contract packaging. To learn about the different products these machines can be used to create, contact High Performance Packaging today for more information.

Benefits of Purchasing Used Packaging Equipment

Building a quality packaging line means sourcing efficient, reliable machines. Unfortunately, the cost can sometimes be a hindrance to some companies. Thankfully, used equipment can help businesses purchase top-quality, well-known brands of machines without breaking the bank. At High Performance Packaging, we’re proud to offer our customers machinery from Kliklok-Woodman and many other manufacturers. Learn more about our inventory—browse today.

About Kliklok-Woodman

Kliklok-Woodman is a noted name in the packaging machinery industry, producing machinery for clients all over the world. When it comes to cartoning and vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machines, Kliklok-Woodman has been a trusted business for the past several decades. Kliklok-Woodman is a collaboration of the businesses Kliklok, which pioneered automated top load cartoning, and Woodman, which focused more on automated weighing and bagmaking for snack foods.

Available Kliklok Woodman Packaging Equipment