Used KHS Bartelt Packaging Equipment

Hayssen offer both continuous motion baggers as well as intermittent motion.
High Performance Packaging wants every business to have access to reliable packaging equipment that can enhance production lines. That’s why we offer used packaging machinery from leading brands like KHS Bartelt. Learn more about the processing systems and packaging equipment we offer from this top machinery manufacturer.

KHS Bartelt Packaging Machinery Available at High Performance Packaging

High Performance Packaging provides the used KHS Bartlet machines used for filling beverage products that the company is most known for. We also offer horizontal form fill seal machines that can be used at high speeds for a more efficient production line. We also have a stock of  pouch packaging equipment with available zipper feeds.

Industry Applications

High Performance Packaging offers used KHS Bartelt equipment that companies use as part of filling lines for a variety of beverage products, including soft drinks, beer, juices, sports and energy drinks, wine, sparkling wine, spirits, milk, sparkling water and still water. This equipment is also suitable for edible oils. Additionally, Bartelt used machinery can be used for nonfood items, such as liquid detergents, motor oil, fabric softeners and more.

Why Purchase Used Bartlet Equipment from High Performance?

At High Performance Packaging, we believe that companies should have access to the highest quality packaging equipment. However, new packaging machinery can be highly expensive and, therefore, may not fit into many company’s allocated budgets. They may then be forced to purchase equipment that is cheaper and of less quality. High Performance Packaging provides a cost-friendly alternative by offering high-quality used packaging machinery. We have a selection of equipment from leading manufacturers, including KHS Bartlet. By purchasing equipment from High Performance Packaging, you’ll save money and still get the excellent machinery you need. Although our equipment is used, it still works as well as new machinery without the high cost associated with newer products. Want to learn more about our selection of used packaging equipment? Contact us today.

Available KHS Bartelt Packaging Equipment