Used Ishida Packaging Equipment

Combi weighers from Ishida, available from HP Packaging.
High Performance Packaging believes every company should have access to high-quality packaging. We offer used packaging machinery that provides the leading quality companies need for their packaging lines, but at a reduced price from new equipment. Learn more about the used Ishida packaging equipment we offer.

Ishida Packaging Available from High Performance Packaging

At High Performance Packaging, we offer used Ishida equipment that is utilized for accurate and streamlined weighing, packaging and inspecting. We have used Ishida weight and packaging equipment, including multihead weighers, snack food bag makers, case packers, cut-gate weighers and conveyors. We also provide Ishida machinery for retail systems, such as price computing scales, countertop label printers, automatic wrappers, scale printers for pre pack, and more. For food processing, we have Ishida automatic wrappers, weigh pricer labelers, and information multi scales, as well as inline inspection, factory automation and logistics systems equipment.

Applications for Ishida Packaging

Companies can utilize Ishida manufacturing equipment for multiple industry applications. The Ishida used packaging equipment is most commonly used by those in the food industry for processing dry, fresh and frozen food. For dry foods, Ishida machinery can process snack foods, candies, confectioneries, pastas, teas, coffees, biscuits, cereal and health foods. This equipment can also process fruits, vegetables, salads, cheeses and other milk products, meat, poultry, seafood and more. In addition to food, Ishida equipment is also utilized in non-food manufacturing lines as well. The equipment can pack products like toys, books, direct mail, mobile phones, tobacco and much more.

Why Purchase Used Equipment from High Performance Packaging?

Almost all manufacturers want the best machinery used for their packaging lines. Oftentimes, though, the price of new machines can be far too high, forcing businesses to buy cheaper machines that are of lesser quality. Used packaging machines provide companies with an alternative that meets their needs, as well as their budgets.  At High Performance Packaging, we have a wide selection of industry-trusted manufacturers’ machinery, including Ishida products, to complete a variety of projects. To learn more about our selection of used packaging equipment, as well as the other brands we stock, get in touch with our team.

Available Ishida Packaging Equipment