Used Hayssen Packaging Equipment

Hayssen Sandiacre is a manufacturer
High Performance Packaging, we offer first-rate used packaging equipment from leading brands and manufacturers. Hayssen is one of these brands from whom we offer exceptional packaging machinery. See how our selection of Hayssen packaging machinery can be beneficial to companies’ bagging and pouching lines.

Hayssen Machinery Available at High Performance Packaging

Hayssen produces packaging solutions for integrated packaging lines that utilize VFFS baggers, HFFS flow wrappers and packaging feed systems. The VFFS baggers available from High Performance packaging are designed to produce exceptional stand up pouches at high speeds. Machines can produce anywhere from 100 to 200 packages per minute. Hayssen’s HFFS flow wrapping machinery can seal up to 250 packages per minute and can even handle larger or otherwise items that are difficult to process. Additionally these used packaging machines can reduce waste, as well as set-up times.

Applications for Hayssen Packaging Equipment

At High Performance Packaging, we offer used Hayssen VFFS and HFFS baggers machinery that can be used for multiple industry applications. These bags can be used to package food products, such as potato chips, trail mix, animal crackers, pre-packaged salads and meals, cheese products, coffees, teas, pizzas, produce, candies and more. Our line of used Hayssen machinery can also package non-food products, including baby wipes and dog treats, as well as medical and pharmaceutical products, like bandages, needles, wet wipes and more. For all these applications, Hayssen produces a variety of packaging solutions and packaging machinery styles, such as:

  • Flat bottom
  • Doy style
  • One side tuck
  • Pillow
  • Quad pack
  • Gusseted/tucked
  • 3- and 4-side seal
  • C-fold
  • Tetrahedron
  • Saddle bags

Benefits of Buying Used Equipment from High Performance Packaging

To create an excellent, profitable packaging line, companies must use high-quality, dependable machinery. However, the price of new machines often prove to be a challenge for some company’s budgets. This could force them to choose lesser quality machinery that is less efficient and more likely to break. Fortunately, business can choose reliable, cost-friendly used packaging equipment from top brands from High Performance Packaging’s selection. We offer used packaging machinery from Hayssen, as well as many other leading manufacturers, at affordable prices. View our inventory, or get in touch with our team today.

Available Hayssen Packaging Equipment