Used Combi Packaging Equipment

used-packaging-machines-are-better for financial reasons
High Performance Packaging strives to offer a variety of exceptional used packaging equipment from reliable manufacturers, including Combi. This equipment is utilized to ensure packaging and inspecting productions run as needed. Learn more about how used Combi packaging machinery from High Performance can be beneficial for packaging and labeling products.

Combi Packaging Equipment Available from High Performance Packaging

Keeping the manufacturing line moving smoothly and efficiently is important to any production, and that’s why High Performance Packaging offers used packaging equipment from Combi to complete processing lines. We offer various Combi packaging machinery, including case packers, case sealers, tray erectors, ergonomic hand packing stations, stretch wrap machines and case erectors. Additionally, Combi produces drop packers, pick and place case packing, horizontal case loaders and packaging machinery intelligence. Many of these products can be used in conjunction with one another for packaging machine configurations. For example, packaging equipment can be used with seamless integration with sealers and erectors.

Industry Applications

Combi packaging equipment from High Performance Packaging can be used to pack and label a variety of items, including health and beauty products, as well as paper products. Horizontal case loaders are used to package cylindrical products, including tape rolls, caulking tubes, paper plates, paper towels, nesting cups, toilet tissue rolls, wrapping paper rolls and more. Drop packers can be utilized for rigid containers, such as shampoo or soap bottles. Combi’s pick and place packaging equipment is used to pack some food products, like tortillas. To ensure all productions run smoothly, companies can use the Combi packaging machinery intelligence.

Why Purchase Used Equipment from High Performance?

At High Performance Packaging, we believe every company should have access to high-quality packaging equipment at an affordable price. Unfortunately, new packaging machinery can often be too pricey, forcing companies to choose lesser quality equipment simply for the lower cost. We offer an alternative: high-quality used packaging equipment from top brands, like Combi. Our equipment can accelerate production efficiency in multiple industries—without breaking the bank. Want to learn more about our line of various lines of used packaging equipment? Contact a representative at High Performance Packaging today.

Available Combi Packaging Equipment