Integrating Used Meat, Poultry and Seafood Packaging Machinery

Similar to many other types of perishable food products, meat, poultry, and seafood products require airtight packaging that effectively prevents spoilage. To help achieve this, High Performance Packaging carries top brands of used meat, poultry and seafood packaging equipment. There are various types of used packaging machines available depending on the specific stage in the packaging process.

Product Weighing Machines

To properly weigh and label meat, seafood or poultry products with the correct information, reliable weighers are required. Ishida, Woodman, Yamato and other trusted brands of used weighing machinery are available at High Performance Packaging to improve efficiency and accuracy in low- to high-speed packaging lines.

Vacuum Sealing Equipment

To prevent contamination and bacteria buildup, airtight and watertight package sealing is required for sensitive meat products. MTC and Ultravac vacuum sealers in our list of products can effectively remove air from meat packaging, maximizing the product’s shelf life. Our vacuum sealing machines can keep contaminants, oxygen and moisture out of many different shapes and sizes of meat packaging, whether it’s for poultry, seafood, or red meat.

Some meat products may require shrink wrapping, which is why we also carry shrink wrapping and bundling equipment from ARPAC and other top-level manufacturers.

VFFS and HFFS Packaging Machinery

Depending on the type of packaging, different types of used VFFS and HFFS packaging machinery are available. Hayssen and Matrix are simply a couple of the trusted brands that appear in our inventory, and can provide sufficient packaging for a wide range of meat products.

Why Buy Used Poultry, Meat and Seafood Packaging Equipment?

The most apparent reason for buying used packaging machinery is the lowered costs when constructing or improving a production line. What many companies may not realize is that there are many other potential benefits that come with purchasing used equipment, including various services that maximize the longevity of your packaging operation. Buying new models straight from the manufacturer may seem ideal, but taking the time to locate used models in good condition can provide many benefits that you may otherwise miss.

When you purchase used machinery from a company like High Performance Packaging, you’ll be able to trust that each piece of equipment has undergone inspected to make sure it’s in working condition. Our experts examine and test our products to identify and address any technical issues before reselling. Once you select a used model of any of the machines in our inventory, we offer a host of services to help further improve your facility’s overall performance. Services include performance improvement, preventative maintenance programs, operator training, OEE programs, and troubleshooting. When constructing a new production line, we can also provide line start-up assistance to get it started.

For a free quote or technical details about any of our packaging machinery, including poultry, meat and seafood packaging equipment, contact High Performance Packaging today. We can help you select the most suitable models for your production line, with a large selection of machines intended for packaging food and nonfood products.

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