Implementing Loma Systems Metal Detectors, Checkweighers and X-ray Machines

Loma Systems is known as one of the top engineering and manufacturing companies in the packaging industry. Their metal detectors, checkweighers and X-ray inspection machines are used in many different types of packaging facilities for a wide variety of applications. Their equipment complies with international product safety standards and other regulatory requirements, and can accurately identify defective products and eliminate contaminants. Companies like High Performance Packaging restore and recirculate Loma Systems metal detectors and other used packaging equipment because of its sustainability through years of use.

Loma Systems Metal Detectors

Many types of production lines rely on Loma Systems metal detectors for final product inspection before shipping. Their award-winning IQ3 and IQ3+ metal detectors can operate between 40 to 900 kHz, making them ideal for slow-, medium- and high-speed production lines. They are also both UL and CUL approved, the first and only models in the industry to claim this. They are made of some of the toughest materials in the industry as well, which makes them suitable for use in harsh packaging environments. They also use intuitive controls to allow for user-friendly operation.

High-Quality Checkweighers

Loma Systems checkweighers are designed to help maximize the overall efficiency of production lines. Operators have access to a color touch-screen display with easy-to-use menus, with an optimum reject mechanism for defective products. Their networking capabilities can make them a crucial element of packaging facilities, providing detailed technical information that can help companies improve their operations. Like Loma Systems metal detectors, these checkweighers are designed for use in harsh environments.

X-ray Inspection Equipment

If your packaging line needs reliable contamination detection equipment, Loma Systems manufactures x-ray inspection machinery that is useful for many types of products. This X-ray equipment can detect contaminants in packaging, food, and pharmaceutical products, properly identifying unsafe levels of glass, metal, plastics, stone, and other hazardous materials. These machines can also provide final quality checks for packaged products, including counting components, identifying damaged or missing products, measuring product mass, monitoring fill levels, inspecting seals, and more. They are equipped with adaptive array technology to calibrate for optimal detection performance.

Purchasing Used Loma Systems Machinery

The reliability of Loma Systems packaging machinery allows them to last for many years. Packaging companies like High Performance Packaging recirculate used Loma Systems equipment by purchasing, checking, and restoring used machines before reselling them for future use. Trained technicians can inspect used equipment to help ensure that it works efficiently in any facility. Packaging facilities can integrate Loma Systems metal detectors and other machines with many other types of equipment to form an optimal production line. Used equipment from a reputable company is less expensive than buying newer models as well, and there is no reduction in quality after implementing them. A preventative maintenance program can also help ensure that equipment works in your facility for years without breakdowns.

Because of its consistent quality, Loma Systems is one of the many top-level manufacturers that High Performance Packaging trusts. Their machinery is useful for quality assurance in a wide variety of packaging applications, and is available in our product inventory.

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