How Can the Food Packaging Industry Benefit from Used Machinery?


If your business packages and sells food, you’ve probably already built up a packaging line that’s readily efficient for your needs. If you want to upgrade it though, you might feel like you’re hitting a wall when it comes to budget and finding a good supplier for all of the equipment you need. If you’re stuck, it’s time to consider used machinery. Purchasing used machines for your packaging line can greatly benefit businesses in the food packaging industry, for a variety of reasons.

Purchasing Newer or Better Equipment

When you shop for new machinery, you may be limited to what fits into your budget. This might mean getting stuck with older models or machines that don’t quite fit your needs, but come close enough. When you make the decision to buy used, however, you may have the option to buy a newer or better machine—but because it’s been gently used, it’s offered at a lower price than an older, brand-new machine. Being able to purchase better equipment at a lower price—you can’t get much better than that. Whether you package meat products, snacks, or virtually anything else, used machinery can be a great way to boost your productivity. Some of the products that can be packaged with these machines are:

  • Frozen fruits, vegetables and prepared foods
  • Bakery products
  • Grains
  • Candy, snacks, nuts and chips
  • Pet food
  • Pasta and other dried foods
  • Coffee and tea

Saving Money and Boosting Efficiency

Because used equipment is, in fact, used, it’s generally offered at a lower cost to the next buyer. While used equipment may be cheaper, that doesn’t mean you’re investing in something risky. At High Performance Packaging, we’re proud to offer our clients the best service we can, and that includes offering programs that help optimize their packaging lines’ efficiency. When your line is maintained at optimal efficiency, you’ll reap the benefits—more product packaged in a shorter time means faster shipping and better turnaround, which in turn leads to happier customers. Saving money is always on business owners’ minds, and shopping used equipment inventory can help you do just that. Here, you’ll have options for purchasing used packaging machinery such as:

  • Combination weighers
  • Conveyers
  • Code date printers
  • Label systems
  • Hoppers
  • VFFS and HFFS machines
  • Metal detectors
  • Pallet wrappers

Gaining Access to Professional Training and Support

Purchasing used equipment may mean you’ll have access to great customer tech support, as well. At HP Packaging, we want our clients to feel confident in their investment, which is why we offer operator training, tech support, troubleshooting and maintenance, and an OEE program, which monitors your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). With all of these options available to you, purchasing used machines seems like a no-brainer.

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