How Can a Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machine Benefit Your Business?

Matrix VFFS machine in packaging line

Vertical form fill sealing machines are a ubiquitous fixture in many packaging lines, and it’s not surprising to learn that many companies use them. They are an automatic assembly line product packaging system, and they’re commonly used in the food industry and with many other products. These machines form plastic bags out of a flat roll of plastic film, and simultaneously fill these bags with product and seal the filled bags. VFFS machines are versatile, as they can be used with solids and liquids, making them an ideal machine for many different products. If you’re considering purchasing one for your packaging line, learn more today about how it can benefit your business.

How Do VFFS Machines Work?

VFFS machines offer businesses a fast and efficient way of packaging their products. A roll of plastic film is fed through the machine’s long, hollow conical tube, where the outer edges of are sealed together to form a bag. Then, a horizontal sealing bar clamps across the bottom edge of the plastic, sealing those pieces together. This bag is the lowered onto a weighing table, where the product is filled into the bag, and when the target weight of the bag is reached, the filling stops and the horizontal sealing bar seals the top of the bag, and that bag is cut away from the rest of the roll, ready to advance onward in the packaging line. During the sealing process, the bag may be filled with air from an inert gas supply. This helps protect the product from crushing—take, for instance, a bag of potato chips—and drives out oxygen, which can prevent or slow the growth of bacteria.

How Can They Benefit Your Business?

Vertical form fill seal machines are not only fast and efficient, packaging dozens of packages per minute, but they also maintain consistency with your product – each package will have exactly the same amount of product in it. Many food packages can be filled with nitrogen instead of oxygen, which can extend the product’s shelf life, which is obviously beneficial for your product. The consistency and efficiency of these machines are some of the main reasons that companies purchase them for their packaging lines. Horizontal form fill seal machines are also popular fixtures, and determining which machine is best for your business may depend on what you are packaging. For more information about each type of machine, contact High Performance Packaging today.


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