How Can a Bucket Elevator Benefit Your Packaging Line?

If you’re in the business of packaging goods into bags or packages, chances are you are always looking for ways to make your packaging line work harder for you and get more done in less time. If you’ve optimized most of the line in your workplace but still want more results, it may be time to consider adding a bucket elevator to your packaging line. Bucket elevators are machines that haul bulk materials (often powders, grains, or similar products) vertically. They can move products from light to heavy, from fine to large pieces, making them ideal for a variety of different products across a range of different industries. Its main purpose is to carry materials from one place to the next, allowing for an efficient process of packaging.

How Can they Speed Up Packaging?

Bucket elevators work to transport materials from one place—for instance, the overall supply stores—to the next station in the packaging process, like the weigher or bagger. They speed up packaging by picking up a designated amount of product in each bucket, then conveying the product up an incline to the next piece of machinery. These help speed up the packaging process as you no longer have to measure out each batch of product, and you also don’t have to worry about wasting product, since bucket elevators are meant to be used with products such as floury or small-sized bulk materials (cement, grits, sand, etc.) as well as coarse, highly abrasive materials—heavy-duty bucket elevators can transport pieces of material up to 120mm in size. In essence, they optimize the way that the products are handled, minimize waste, and ensure speedy delivery to the next packaging machine in the line.

Types of Bucket Elevators

There are a variety of different bucket elevators that are used for different types of materials. For example, there are high-capacity belt bucket elevators, heavy-duty bucket elevators, chain bucket elevators, and high capacity chain bucket elevators. These different machines offer the option of high conveying heights (greater than 175 meters, depending on the type of machine and material), are resistant to wear and to abrasive materials, and make the process of transporting bulk material quicker and easier. At High Performance Packaging, we are proud to offer our customers an array of bucket elevators from some of the industry’s top brand names, such as:

  • Kamflex
  • Key Technologies
  • Meyer
  • Unitrak
  • Smalley
  • FMC Food Tech
  • Allen Systems
  • Deamco

Purchasing used equipment is an ideal way to add top quality machinery to your packaging process without going over your company’s budget.

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