How Accessible Packaging Opens More Than Products

Most of us see opening a package as an easy task. Yet for some, like seniors, people with disabilities, or young children, opening a package takes more time and effort. Especially as safe packaging proliferates the food and medical industries, senior citizens are increasingly left behind. Seniors make up the largest and fastest-growing market demographic, so easy-to-open products are a forefront issue for High Performance Packaging.

Easy Packaging Solutions

There is a variety of options open to packaging manufacturers. MultiVac products can implement any one of these to increase product accessibility while still keeping contents fresh and sterile.

  • Base Film Cuts. This is an incision that goes partially into the packaging, but not all the way through, giving the consumer a weak point to exploit.
  • Tear Flaps. An unsealed area extends across the entire package, and the tear flap covers this opening. This is one of the easiest-to-open methods.
  • Thumb Holes. This is another type of tear flap, but a thumb-sized impression is punched into the tear flap. This is great for those with poor vision and muscle control.
  • Peeling Corners. Commonly seen on pre-prepared and frozen food containers, one of the edges sticks up without compromising the contents.
  • Serrated Edges. This is often located above ziplock or zipper bags. The length of the packaging is easily torn, keeping the product safe until its first use.
  • Tear Slit. Similar to the serrated edges, a tear slit has a single weak point on the edge. This is a great method for helping seniors open individually-wrapped medication.
  • Chevron Seals. This is another type of tear flap that is commonly used in wider packages. A V-shaped chevron seal is at the top of the package, so when the consumer pulls on the edge, the brunt of the force is located at the V’s tip. There is no question about the location of the opening flap, which is perfect for medical equipment.

High Performance Packaging provides solutions that address all of our client’s needs. We deliver answers to unique problems and have a range of easily-opened products to address the growing concern of difficult packaging.

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