High Performance Packaging’s Guide to Buying Used Packaging Equipment

Buying used rather than new packaging equipment is an excellent business decision. It saves on overhead costs and is also environmentally friendly—a big plus for many consumers. However, there are always risks when buying used equipment. How can you ensure your used packaging equipment is up to the standards you expect?

There’s a right way and a wrong way to buy used packaging equipment. High Performance Packaging offers only the best in used packaging equipment—and here’s how you can tell.

Look at the company’s reputation

How long have they been in business? How many clients do they service? Do they offer services to ensure the quality of their used products? A company that can demonstrate expertise, customer service, and product quality through maintenance programs will likely be a good used equipment dealer. Ask references for information about timeliness, customer service quality, and overall satisfaction levels to back up a company’s claim before making the decision to purchase.

Are the prices competitive?

There are several used packaging equipment companies vying for your attention. Making the decision to buy used packaging equipment can often save your company hundreds or thousands of dollars when compared to new technologies. Look around at what competitors are offering to determine the average price for a piece of equipment. Once you’ve verified the price range, choose a company whose service you can depend on if your equipment malfunctions or something goes wrong.

Look for value adds

Companies that guarantee their products or services, provide maintenance and parts, and offer training programs for clients are offering far more than used equipment. They are offering a relationship to improve your work processes and gain future business. Companies that only act as a vendor may not support the products they sell or understand how the equipment should work.

A vendor that supports your packaging processes will provide assurance that your investment in their products and services meets your needs now and in the future.

Buying used equipment for your company can be a risk when you buy from the wrong vendor. High Performance Packaging takes the danger out of used equipment. With our help, you can make an economical, high quality choice for your packaging. Contact High Performance Packaging today to learn more about our used equipment and other offerings.


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