Hayssen: What You Should Know about this Industry Leader

In the packaging machinery industry, there are a lot of different manufacturers that are well known for different reasons and for building different machines. Hayssen is one of these industry leaders, and what better way to find out what your line might be missing than by learning about what Hayssen stands for and what they’re known for?

An Overview

Hayssen is a member of the Barry-Wemiller family of companies. As a global manufacturer of flexible packaging systems, they create machinery that fills and bags thousands of food products including candy, coffee, frozen foods, cheese, produce, snacks, bakery goods, pet food and much more, as well as non-food products. Their goal is to “design and manufacture [systems that] maximize the efficiency and lifetime value of your packaging line,” and based on their longevity in the industry, it’s apparent they’re meeting that goal on a regular basis.

Where Do They Work?

With state-of-the-art facilities in the USA, UK and Italy, Hayssen is able to distribute their machinery to businesses globally. Their product line currently includes a variety of equipment, including continuous motion baggers, intermittent motion baggers, horizontal form fill seal machines, flow wrappers, and integrated packaging systems. They have a diversified product line that allows them to offer a range of different solutions to different industries and companies.

Industries They Serve

In addition to providing machinery for the food packaging industries, they also create equipment that can be used by the pharmaceutical and medical industries, cleaning and other general-product industries. They offer packaging solutions for a range of different package types, including vertical bags, horizontal bags, pillow bags, C-fold packaging, and much more.

A Dedication to Producing Efficient Machinery

Hayssen manufactures machinery that can produce many units per minute—up to 220 bags per minute when filling a VFFS pillow bag, or up to 250 bags per minute for HFFS bags, for instance. Machinery can also be customized to meet your business’ specific requirements, whether that’s a custom bag style, a high-speed production need, or anything else. Hayssen has proven over the years to have the know-how and dedication to providing their customers with excellent quality, reliable packaging machinery.

Why High Performance Packaging Sells Used Hayssen Machines

At High Performance Packaging, we believe that every business should have access to machinery that will help them succeed. For that reason, we believe in offering a way for businesses to get high quality machinery at a lower price than buying new equipment. We sell used, fully inspected equipment at prices that businesses can afford, and the machinery we offer is reliable and will last for years to come. We don’t just stock Hayssen, either—we offer machinery from the top brand names in the packaging industry.

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