Hayssen, Matrix & Triangle Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Machines

When you’re shopping around for new or used packaging equipment, it’s not a secret that you have a good amount of choice. So how can you decide which brand to purchase from? If you’re searching for the perfect vertical form fill seal, or VFFS, equipment to add to your line, it may pay off knowing which brands are better known for their VFFS machines.


Hayssen Sandiacre is another big name in the packaging equipment industry. Their VFFS machines offer companies the flexibility and speed of packing up to 200 packages per minute. They currently have 9 available models, including continuous motion baggers as well as intermittent motion baggers. See more Hayssen baggers.


Matrix is an industry leader in manufacturing vertical form fill seal packaging equipment. Since 1988, this company has been known for providing clients affordable solutions for their packaging needs. Their machines serve a range of different industries, and are available to suit different company needs. For example, if speed is the goal, there’s a machine that produces 300 units per minute, or if the product being packaged is heavy, there’s a model that allows bag weights up to 110 pounds. See Matrix VFFS bagger.


Triangle serves primarily the food industries, packaging things like cereals, shredded cheese, coffee, produce, and more in a variety of different bag shapes. Triangle was one of the first companies to manufacture VFFS machines, and though their focus is on the food industry, they do serve other industries as well. They also offer a machine that uses ultrasonic welding technology to seal the bags, which creates 50-80% narrower seals than heat sealing does. See Triangle VFFS baggers.

Depending on what your focus is—speed, versatility, or being able to package multiple products in one bag—and what your industry is, these three VFFS manufacturers likely have a product that will suit your needs.


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