Essential Machinery for an Efficient Packaging Line

Machines required to run a packaging line

When you’re building up a packaging line, you probably already have some idea of what machines you might need. However, if you’re new to the industry, it can help to have a bit of a crash course to learn about some of the more common machines used in packaging lines so that you have some idea where to start looking.


Of course, conveyers are used in all types of packaging lines, simply because they are ideal from taking a product or package from one place to the next. Some conveyers only take pieces of a package down the line, such as bucket conveyers or bucket elevators, while others are simply tasked with moving product along a line, like takeaway conveyers. Most packaging lines will require the use of a conveyer belt in one way or another.


Different types of filling machines may also be included in many lines. Filling machines such as auger fillers are used for products including powders, granules, and liquids, and are ideal for filling containers without wasting and product.  If your company works with fine powders like talc or flour, which tend to become airborne with some packaging systems, look into using auger fillers in your packaging line to help avoid this.

Form Fill & Seal Machines

Form fill and seal machines are also used in many companies’ packaging lines. Should you need one of these, you can choose between vertical and horizontal form fill and seal machines, which are each used for different products, generally speaking. Vertical form fill and seal machines are used for products that are packaged in multiples—candies, snack products, for example—as well as product that are not ideal for horizontal filling—like sugar. These machines can be used for non-food products as well, though the food industry does use them a lot. Horizontal form fill and seal machines are better suited for heavier items and items that are packaged either one to a container or need to be vacuum-sealed –think frozen pizza or a package of hot dogs. Those products are vacuum-sealed before being shipped off, so horizontal packaging machinery is the better choice.


One more machine that is often used in packaging lines is the weigher. Weighers are what keep your packages consistent in weight, of course—this ensures not only product quality control, but also that your company doesn’t lose out by accidentally putting too much product the packages it sells.

If you’re not sure which machines you should purchase to build your packaging line, the knowledgeable staff at High Performance Packaging is happy to help – contact us anytime.


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