Used VFFS Machines and Packaging Equipment

Hayssen offer both continuous motion baggers as well as intermittent motion.

If you’re interested in adding vertical form fill seal machinery to your packaging line, but are on a tight budget, don’t fret—at High Performance Packaging, one of our goals is to offer all of our customers the best used form fill seal machines at great prices. Our used VFFS machines are just one of the things we offer, and since these are often such pivotal machines for businesses, it’s convenient that they are priced lower than brand new models to make them more attainable.

Things to Consider with VFFS Machines

Some things to consider when choosing your vertical form fill seal machine include what type of bag, pouch, or package you want to create. VFFS machines have the ability to create a variety of different-sized packages, and their fast changeover means that your packaging line can be more efficient, packaging more products in less time. These machines can withstand harsh environments, and are able to package a wide range of different products. These models can be customized to your specific packaging needs, such as adding optional zipper applicators, ultrasonic sealing, and more.

At High Performance Packaging, We are proud to offer such brand names as:

  • Ishida
  • Ilapak
  • Key-Pak
  • Matrix
  • Rovema
  • TNA
  • Hayssen
  • Taylor Products
  • Wolf
  • Weighpack
  • Woodman

Why Buy from High Performance Packaging?

At High Performance Packaging, we not only offer top notch machinery at affordable prices, but training programs to ensure you and your team are adequately trained on your new machinery. Having ample knowledge of the equipment in your facility is key to getting the most out of your investment. Contact High Performance Packaging today for more information about our machinery.

Available VFFS Packaging Equipment