Used Twin Bagger Machines for Industrial Packaging

If you’re considering expanding your packaging line, consider purchasing used equipment from High Performance Packaging. At HP Packing, we supply a number of clients with used machinery from top-known brands, and we’re proud to offer twin bagger machines for industrial packaging lines. Twin tube baggers are a form of vertical form fill and seal machines, and as the name suggests, these machines fill two bags at a time. They are a popular choice for many packaging lines as they run very efficiently and can get a lot done in a small amount of time—some machines can package up to 160 bags at a time. If you’re interested in a twin bagger for your packaging line, consider purchasing a used machine.

Why Is Purchasing Used A Good Idea?

Purchasing used machinery can be beneficial to your business in a number of ways. From a budget standpoint, saving money is one of the biggest reasons people choose used machinery over new. Used machinery from top-name brands can be comparable in price to new machinery from lesser-known, lower quality brands. When you need reliable equipment, purchasing used from High Performance Packaging is the way to get it. We inspect all of our machinery before selling it, and we also offer operator training courses to ensure you and your staff know how to use the equipment. This enables a smooth transition into your packaging line and a boost in efficiency when the new machinery is installed.

Well-Known Brands and a Variety of Machines

When you peruse our selection of packaging machinery, you’ll see the brands you know of and trust, and you’ll be able to purchase those machines for your company’s packaging line. We offer such name brands as:

  • Bodolay
  • HMC
  • KHS Bartelt
  • Weigh Pack
  • Slidell Packaging
  • Hayssen

When you’re ready to expand your packaging line with a twin bagger, contact High Performance Packaging.