Used Packaging Zipper Applicators

When you’re considering different ways to seal the packages your products are in, don’t forget to consider zipper applicators. Zipper packages are popular for many products, particularly in the food industry, as they offer customers a way to securely seal the leftover product and not worry about it going bad or stale. They are easy to implement in your packaging system, as well, especially thanks to used packaging zipper applicators from High Performance Packaging.

Why We Offer Used Machinery

At High Performance Packaging, we believe that businesses should have access to the machinery they need most for their products. Unfortunately, the high cost of new equipment can be a serious hindrance to many companies. When you purchase used, you may also be worried that the machines you choose won’t last as long as new machines. That’s simply not true, though—at HP Packaging, the machines we sell have been inspected and cleared for use, and they’ll last for years to come in your packaging line.

We offer used zipper applicators from brands such as AMI REC PRO, Zip Pak Systems, and many more, so your investment will be a good one.

Training Programs

Of course, purchasing new equipment for your packaging line means that you have to spend time learning how to operate it as well. If you install a new machine, it’s important not to have too much downtime while your staff learns how to use the machine safely, properly, and efficiently. That’s why we offer training programs for the machinery we sell. This allows you and your staff to become educated experts on the machinery, so you can hit the ground running when the machine is installed and enjoy optimal productivity.

For questions and concerns about any of our used equipment including used packaging zipper applicators, contact HP Packaging today.

Available Zipper Applicators