Used Form Fill & Seal Baggers

Form fill and seal machinery is one of the most common types of equipment to be used in packaging lines. If you’re considering purchasing these machines, either vertical or horizontal form fill and seal machines, you should also consider purchasing them used. Purchasing used machinery is often thought to be unreliable, but that is simply not the case. At High Performance Packaging, we take extra care to thoroughly inspect all of the equipment we sell before selling it, so that our customers can trust the machinery will last for years to come. If you’re considering expanding your packaging line, purchasing used is a cost effective way to do so.

Benefits of Used Form Fill & Seal Machines

Purchasing new equipment is often seen as the ideal, but for many companies, it’s simply not in the cards, financially. At High Performance Packaging, we believe that every company that wants to use this machinery should have the option to purchase excellent quality equipment. If your budget is limited, you may only be able to afford a new machine from a low-end brand. However, if you expand your options to used machinery, you could be able to afford a used form fill and seal bagger from a better manufacturer. Since we inspect all of our equipment before selling, and because we offer operator training courses, you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re getting a reliable machine at a great price, and that you’ll be able to use it.

Form Fill and Seal Machines from High Performance Packaging

At HP Packaging, we offer a range of form fill and seal machinery, including vertical and horizontal models. When you’re looking to expand your packaging line, you’ll have plenty of options here. Our inventory includes such trusted brand names as:

  • Matrix
  • Mira Pak
  • Eagle Parson
  • Hayssen
  • Ishida
  • Rovema
  • Weigh Pack
  • Wolf

For more information about any of our packaging equipment, including form fill and seal machines, contact High Performance Packaging today.