Used Flow Wrappers for Sale

If you’re packaging a product that can’t be packed into a bag via gravity like with a vertical form fill and seal machine, using a flow wrapper can be a great alternative. Used flow wrappers from High Performance Packaging offer you a convenient way to get your product into packages at an efficient rate, sometimes even at a rate of up to 450 packages per minute.

Why Purchase Used?

Purchasing used machinery may sound off putting at first to you—if you’re unsure of the seller, you may be worried that the machinery you’re buying is not in good condition or will break soon. At High Performance Packaging, however, our goal is to offer all of our customers machinery at a price they can afford, without sacrificing quality. We are proud to offer a range of machines from brands you can trust, including:

  • Campbell Revolution
  • Ilapak
  • Sasib
  • Schib Packaging
  • Sig Pack Bosch

Training Programs and Additional Efficiency

Because we ultimately want our customers to be satisfied with the purchases they make with us, we offer training programs for the equipment we sell. This allows you and your staff to go through intensive training so that when the machinery is installed to your packaging line, you won’t have to waste time figuring out how things work—instead, you can get right to packaging.

For more information about flow wrappers or any of the other machinery we offer at High Performance Packaging, contact us today—we’re happy to answer any questions you may have or set up a time for training on new machinery you want to purchase.

Available Flow Wrapper