Used Combination Weigher Scales

Multihead weighers, or combination weigher scales, are used in many packaging lines to ensure that a target weight is met for each package filled of a certain product. They are typically used to fill bagged products and are ideal for products that, for example, feature two expensive ingredients and two inexpensive ingredients—such as breakfast cereals. A multiUsed Combination Weighers from HP Packaginghead weigher ensures that not too much of the expensive ingredients gets filled into the bags. These machines are large and often expensive, and for companies that use them, can be cost prohibitive to add more to a line or replace broken or damaged equipment. That’s where we at High Performance Packaging come in.

Why Buy Used?

If you think that buying used equipment is a gamble, or that if you buy used you’ll have to replace the machinery soon thereafter, it’s important to know that here, we thoroughly inspect each piece of equipment before it is resold. This way, our customers know they can trust they’ll get a machine that not only works right now, but will continue working for years to come. Getting used machinery also means you’ll save money—and, what’s perhaps better, is the lower cost could mean you’re able to purchase a brand that is higher quality or more well-known than if you were purchasing a new machine.

Brands We Offer

We know that our customers want the best brands available to them at these costs. That’s why our inventory includes names such as:

  • Bilwinco   (LINK TO BRAND PAGES)
  • Combi
  • Multipond
  • Parsons Eagle
  • Yamato
  • and the original combination weigher manufacturer, Ishida.

Here, you won’t have to compromise or settle for sub-par equipment just to stay on budget. You’ll get top-quality brand names at a fraction of what it would cost to buy new equipment.

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