Used Bulk Product Conveyors & Pneumatic Conveyors

If you’re trying to expand your packaging line but have a small budget to work with, one way to continue expansion is by seeking out used equipment. At High Performance Packaging, our focus is on supplying industries and companies with reliable machines from trusted brand names for their workspaces. Purchasing used equipment, such as bulk product conveyors, can not only save your company money, but it can mean you can upgrade or expand your line sooner, and perhaps even with higher quality materials.


Brands Offered By High Performance Packaging

At High Performance Packaging, we are happy to offer some of the industry-leading brands in packaging machinery. In terms of bulk product conveyors, we offer equipment from manufacturers like Deamco, Dorner, PPM Technologies and many more. If you’re hesitant to consider used equipment, assuming that doing so will mean poor quality machines or that these machines will need to be replaced again soon, it’s important to know that all of our machines are fully inspected prior to being listed for sale. This allows us to confidently sell our machinery to customers, and it also ensures that your machine will stay functional for many years to come. We also offer corresponding machinery—such as bucket elevators and bucket conveyors—from brands like Key Technologies, Meyer, Smalley, Unitrak, Kamflex and more. When you need reliable machinery, you’ve come to the right place.

Other Benefits of Used Machinery

In addition to saving money when purchasing new machines, buying used machines means that you may be able to expand even more, or get a better product overall—if you have a tight budget to work with, used equipment can mean being able to afford a used machine from a top brand, rather than a new machine from a lesser-known or lower quality brand.

Build up your packaging line more easily with used packaging machinery from High Performance Packaging. Contact us today for more information.