Used Bucket Belt Conveyors for Bucket Elevators

In certain industries, simple lateral-moving conveyors don’t quite cut it. For example, if you work in an industry that packages bulk materials, you may need a bulk elevator in order to get the product into its containers, and in turn, you need buckets to contain the product and thus, bucket conveyors. Today the need for more equipment is not always met with a budget that can cover the newest or best machinery, and that’s where High Performance Packaging strives to bridge the gap. We are proud to sell used bucket belt conveyor systems for those who are interested in purchasing high quality equipment without going over budget.

Meyer Bucket Elevator 4

Why Buy Used?

If you’re reticent to buy used equipment and are under the impression that doing so means you would be inheriting another person’s problems with the machines, it’s important to let go of that assumption. The used machinery sold by High Performance Packaging is fully inspected prior to reselling to ensure that it is in full working order and will be a reliable addition to your packaging line for years to come. In addition to getting machinery that will last for a long time, you’ll also be saving money and you may be able to afford even better equipment—if the price of a trusted brand’s new machine is too much, you shouldn’t have to settle for a lesser-brand’s new machine. Instead, purchase that great brand’s equipment, but buy it used. You’ll get years of service without having to sacrifice budget or quality.

Bucket Conveyors and More from High Performance Packaging

At High Performance Packaging, one thing we are consistently proud of is our inventory of well-known brands of packaging machinery. We offer a range of different machines, not just bucket conveyors. As far as bucket conveyors are concerned, we offer some of the brands you know and trust, such as Kamflex and Key Technologies. We also offer corresponding bucket elevators from brands like Meyer, Smalley, Unitrak and more.

For more information about these or any of the other machines we offer, contact High Performance Packaging today.

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