Used Bagging Equipment and Industrial Bag Filling Systems

At High Performance Packaging, we are dedicated to offering our clients a range of different used packaging equipment that helps make their packaging lines more efficient. One of the most critically important steps in the packaging process is the bagging of the product, and for that reason, it’s essential to have reliable bagging machines. If you’re on a tight budget, however, you might think that you have to settle for machines from brands that you haven’t heard much about. When you shop with HP Packaging, though, you’ll have a selection from some of the top-known manufactures, at lower costs than purchasing new.

Benefits of Used Equipment

One of the most obvious benefits of purchasing used machinery instead of new is that you can save a good amount of money. When buying more than one machine, this can really add up and help you manage your company’s finances a bit more easily. Additionally, when purchased from High Performance Packaging, used machinery is reliable and will last for years to come—we thoroughly inspect all of our machines prior to sale, so you can trust they’ll work properly. We also offer operator training courses so that you and your employees can learn how to use them before implanting them on your packaging line.

Bagging Equipment from High Performance Packaging

At High Performance Packaging, we offer a variety of packaging equipment. Whether you need a twin bagger, pouch bagger, continuous motion bagger, or a form fill and seal bagger, you’ll be able to choose from many different well-known and trusted brands. We have in our inventory names like:

  • Slidell Packaging
  • KHS Bartelt
  • Weigh Pack

Contact High Performance Packaging today to learn more about our used bagging equipment.