Differences Between VFFS Bag Types

Vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machinery is used for packaging many different types of products in a wide variety of bags. Many food and nonfood items rely on VFFS equipment for high-quality packaging. This type of equipment is designed to handle various widths, lengths, and shapes of bags, depending on the specific application. These are simply some of the many bags VFFS machinery is intended to package.

Pillow Style Bag

The pillow style bag is simple, economical, and subsequently popular. Candy, coffee, cereal, fresh fruit, vegetables, hardware, and many other types of products use this bag style for product containment. Their simplicity makes them ideal for high-speed packaging applications, with lower film cost.

Quad Seal Bag

Another popular type of bag for VFFS packaging is the quad seal bag, which is a versatile type of stand-up bag that can hold a wide range of products. It’s most commonly used to hold coffee, candy, snacks, pet food, and candy. Unlike other types of bags, it can hold its shape when placed on shelves and is capable of supporting heavier amounts of product.

Doy Pack

The doy pack bag is a pouch that can stand upright, and is often used to contain premium products such as coffee, pasta, pet food, powders, and snacks. Zippers are applicable on the top of this pouch-style bag.

Stand-up Bag with Carry Handle

This bag’s design is similar to the quad seal bag, except it’s designed for even heavier product fills. This type of package often holds chemicals, cleaning products, pet food, and other denser products. The handle allows users to carry the bag with more ease than other stand-up bags.

Tetrahedron Bag

Tetrahedron bags are designed for smaller single-serve products, intended to stand out while remaining compact. Tea, coffee, spices, candies, nuts, and spices are some of the products that can benefit from this type of bag.

Gusseted Bag

This pouch’s box-like design is similar to stand-up bag models, with collapsible gusseted sides and the ability to either stand up or rest on its sides. This particular bag model is used to handle cereal, nuts, pet food, coffee, candy, powders, and more. Its design makes it ideal for case packing and pallet stacking. Add-ons such as zippers, degassing valves, carry handles, punch holes, and more work well with this design.

Stick Pack Bag

Like tetrahedron bags, stick pack bags are designed for single-serve products. Their thin, accessible design makes them ideal for liquids, powders, and granular products, among others.

Use VFFS Machinery for Many Other Types of Bags

These are simply some of the popular bag designs that VFFS machinery is used to package. Sachets, three-side sealed bags, and others can utilize VFFS equipment in the packaging process to maximize productivity and quality. High Performance Packaging carries a wide selection of top-quality used packaging equipment to implement in your facility, designed to meet the standards of many different industries.

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